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Ukraine’s Information War: Tactics (Part I)

Pervasive Russian propaganda appears to be quite effective not only in Russia itself, but also in some Western countries. Andrii Tymofeiuk explains the Kremlin tactics and recommends how to refute Russian lies. All the fakes must be immediately responded to, and Ukraine has to counterattack damaging the rival’s image.


The Environmental Tax Policy in Ukraine and Sweden

The environmental tax policy is significantly different in developed countries and in countries with transition economies. We discuss such economic instruments like Ecological tax and compare two countries with different levels of ecological policy Sweden and Ukraine, to prove the feasibility and necessity to take action to prevent emergencies and not to eliminate their effects. We offer not to forget the principle of fairness of taxation and take into account the priority of the development of forestry for carbon uptake.


Tackling Corruption through Culture

By Viktoria Repa (Kyiv School of Economics) The third place of MindSketch competition  Economists typically focus on economic incentives to tackle corruption – markets liberalization, simplification of regulation, lustration or better salaries for government officials....


Housekeepers or Homeless

By Vsevolod Nikolaev, Doctor of Economics, Professor “Honorable Mention” in MindSketch competition  Housing provision of citizens is believed to be problematic due to the reduction of new construction, aging housing fund caused by the absence of...