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All You Need to Know about Ukrainian Reforms in 6-Minute Explainer (Video)

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This is a really important video which shows the path of Ukraine through failed reforms, unfulfilled promises and disfunction of previous years to the future, which, we believe, will be prosperous.


Why the American Model is Unacceptable for the Ukrainian Railway Reform

American model’s core is the competition of a number of independent railway companies owning both infrastructure and rolling stock. The infrastructure, even strategic one, is owned by those private companies, and not by the state. Why cannot the model along which the American railways have developed and operate to this day be built into the Ukrainian railway industry?


Ukraine’s Labor Force: Producing Little, with Lots of Education or Why Comprehensive Reforms are Needed

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, Ukraine scores 31st (out of 144 countries ranked) in terms of primary education enrollment rate, 41st in terms of secondary education enrollment rate , and even 13th in terms of tertiary education enrollment rate. But the average wage in Ukraine is low, currently at about 4000 UAH per month, which makes Ukraine the lowest wage country in Europe. Tom Coupe is convinced that comprehensive, rather than narrow, reforms will be needed to allow talented Ukrainians to realize their potential to the fullest, within Ukraine.


Economic Freedoms in Ukraine: What Has Changed after the Maidan

Since the Maidan revolution and replacement of the government, Ukrainians hoped for quick reforms that would bring our country closer to the Western economies. However, for the first half of 2014 Ukraine has lost 2.5 points in the index of economic freedom and now stands at the last place by this indicator among 67 European countries (including Russia and Belarus). This article looks at the Index of Economic Freedom and its components to suggest the most urgent reform tasks.


What Kind of Constitutional Change Does Ukraine Need

The violence in front of the Rada on August 31 during the First passage of the vote on the Constitutional Change is unjustified and reprehensible. Ukraine needs a deep constitutional reform to determine its fundamental law as a sovereign nation, but it does not need a speedy constitutional change imposed from above that may jeopardize the future of the nation as a sovereign and well-functioning democracy.


Open Letter to the Expert Community and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine from the VoxUkraine Group of Economists

The focus on the absolute values of tax rates and level of budget spending unacceptably simplifies the discussion, as it ignores other aspects of the tax reform that are at least as important. Whatever tax revenues a government needs to raise, it should look for tax collection mechanisms that minimally distort prices, production, consumption and distribution of the resources in the economy. This means that taxes should be collected from those commodities and services with inelastic supply and demand, and with low substitution effects (if it is easy to substitute production of a taxed good A to not taxed good B, producers will do so, thereby avoiding paying taxes).


Tax Reform – What’s On the Table

On the 27 August the outline of the tax reform, that has been named one of the priorities by the National Council of Reforms, is expected to be presented. The aim of this article is to analyze what options for the reform are available, what acute problems it is supposed to solve and which reform path is likely to be selected.


How Can Ukraine’s Railways Be Privatized?

As a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure and a driver of economic growth, Ukraine must develop a coherent plan to modernize and improve its railways. The recent reform plan begins to address the issue, but it is far from a perfect solution. Instead, bolder steps are needed to realize progress and avoid the pitfalls experienced with liberalization elsewhere on the continent.


Ukraine Needs Decentralization to Develop Future Democratic Leaders

Reforms for decentralization ask the highest national leaders to relinquish a part of their power, so that locally elected officials can take some responsibility for serving their communities. No political leader is ever eager to give away any part of his power, but decentralization may be the essential key on which the success of all other reforms in Ukraine will depend.