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mp’s USEFULNESS coefficient

Which elected representatives really work for Ukraine’s benefit?

{VoxUkraine is raising funds for a research project to develop a "Coefficient of MP Performance", which will measure which of the MPS truly work in the interests of Ukraine.

We plan to create a system of monitoring of MPs’ performance quality – this will be the first quantitative rating of the People’s Deputies that measures their effectiveness. Ukrainians will be empowered to make a more effective choice in the next parliamentary elections. This project can only move forward with your contributions: we call on you to support this important effort.}

“If you can't measure it, you can't manage it”, the saying goes. This rule can be applied to the Ukrainian Parliament: how can we measure whether a particular MP demonstrates good or poor performance? If we put emotions aside, it is not easy to answer this question because there has been no objective assessment of MPs’ work untill recently. With your support, we can fix this situation.

VoxUkraine will calculate the effectiveness of each of 423 MPs. And now is the right time for such an evaluation: June of 2017 will be the halfway point of the Verkhovna Rada’s 8th convocation. This means election campaigns are coming. We would like the choice of the Ukrainian people for the 9th Parliament to be driven by evidence of real actions taken by politicians, and not by promises and colourful reports

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Article 1. A collation of Ukraine’s best experts has been assembled

It doesn’t matter which faction a given MP belongs to, what s/he says from the rostrum, or how often s/he goes on talk shows: what matters is how an MP votes for draft laws. Thanks to VoxUkraine’s Index for Monitoring Reforms (іМоРе) we already know which of the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada have had a positive impact on the economy. Now we will track how each of the 423 MPs voted for reform laws and calculate the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of each MP.

Article 2. What each MP did: the details

It will also be possible to monitor how COP and its indicators progress over time. You will be able to to learn who of the MPs has been the most active in supporting anti-corruption laws and who has been the biggest “deregulator” for business.

Article 3. Each Ukrainian has a right to know this

We will also gather and quantify the most important facts from an MP’s professional activities. The deputy’s “passport” and rating will be continuously updated throughout the whole term leading up to the next elections. We will also develop an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-share system for the COP metric.

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Article 1. A collation of Ukraine’s best experts has been brought together

We assembled a coalition of 40 leading experts on the reforms of government, public finances, the monetary sector, the business environment, and the energy sector, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Article 2. Regular surveys for more than 2 years

These experts currently evaluate, on a regular basis, the reform laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. We already have 220 laws evaluated.

Article 3. The rating methodology has been tested

We have conducted pilot studies of MPs’ efficiency and developed ratings for the reformist MPs of the 4th and 5th sessions (over the past few months).

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Article 1. The experts have been working pro bono, but that is not enough

A team of nearly fifty people — the iMoRe Editorial Board plus forty experts — will work on the project pro bono. However, even with such broad support the project requires VoxUkraine to hire an analyst and a web-developer.

Article 2. Resources to get stronger before the next election

The project has an annual operating budget of 35,000 UAH, and its initial launch costs amount to 75,000 UAH.

Article 3. Please support this project to give Ukraine the opportunity to make an informed choice

Please support this project if you would like to know how effective each MP is in the reforms process and in national development — and if you want the Ukrainian people to know as well. Help give Ukraine the opportunity to make an informed choice.

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