VoxUkraine is an independent and non partisan analytical platform founded and managed by a group of highly experienced and accomplished economists and lawyers based in Ukraine and abroad. VoxUkraine aims at supporting economic reforms in the country through promoting research-based policy analysis and independent assessment of economic developments, raising quality of economic policy discussion, conducting watch-dog activities and integrating Ukraine into the global network of economists and public policy leaders. VoxUkraine has become a major voice in the Ukrainian policy debate with our authors’ work being published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Financial Times and all top journals in Ukraine. Our contributors also appear on international and Ukrainian TV.

The work of VoxUkraine’s experts is published on its website, VoxUkraine.org, which has become an important resource both for policymakers and media in Ukraine and abroad.

Our projects:

  • VoxUkraine Law — Covering a broad range of legal issues and developments in Ukraine, VoxUkraine Law provides analysis and commentary by leading legal scholars and practitioners.
  • iMoRe (Index to Monitor Reforms) — a quantitative index of reform perception that tracks regulatory changes taking place in Ukraine and evaluates their importance.
  • Rada Report Challenge — a long standing project that urges MPs and members of the Cabinet of Ministers to report their monthly activities, achievements, and challenges to the public.
  • MindSketch — a monthly contest for the best analytical essays on important socio-economic issues. The best essay is awarded a prize of UAH 8,000 and is published on VoxUkraine.org, as well as in leading Ukrainian media outlets.

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