Evaluating the effectiveness of ministries’ work

Evaluating the effectiveness of the government’s work is carried out on a quarterly basis. VoxUkraine team during the analysis focuses on the reform steps of the ministries, because they declare it as a priority. Experts analyze the tasks of the government’s action plan for the current year in terms of quality and efficiency of planning. Assessment is based on a scale from -2 to +2 points. Separately, it is estimated the performance of the government’s action plan in accordance with the approved deadlines. Additionally, VoxUkraine send to each ministry  the information requests to know the legislative work and achievements during the study period. The ministry loses 0.5 points if there is no response. More information of the methodology is available here.

Actual ministries rating
MinisterMinistryEvaluation of the CMU programEvaluation of the implementation of the CMU programInformation requestSummary
Quality jobsPlanning efficiencyAverage
Ministry of Youth and Sports0,102,01,051,00,02,05
Ministry of Foreign Affairs1,002,01,51,0-0,52,00
Ministry of Finance1,032,01,510,00,01,51
Ministry of Education and Science0,272,02,000,0-0,51,50
Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry1,002,01,500,0-0,51,00
Ministry of Defense0,292,01,140,0-0,30,89
Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food0,551,00,780,00,00,78
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade0,952,01,48-1,00,00,48
Ministry of Social Policy0,861,00,93-1,00,0-0,07
Ministry of Infrastructure0,731,00,87-1,00,0-0,13
Ministry of Justice0,711,00,86-1,00,0-0,14
Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services0,890,00,44-1,00,0-0,56
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources0,811,00,91-1,0-0,5-0,60
Ministry of Information Policy0,690,00,35-1,00,0-0,65
Ministry of Healthcare0,881,00,94-2,00,0-1,06
Ministry of Internal Affairs0,802,01,40-2,0-0,5-1,10
Ministry of Culture0,60-1,0-0,20-2,00,0-2,20
Ministry for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons0,60-2,0-0,70-1,0-0,5-2,20


VoxUkraine assesses regularly the effectiveness of ministries. Here you can get acquainted with the analysis of the government’s work

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