CEO position at VoxUkraine

CEO position at VoxUkraine

30 August 2021

VoxUkraine, one of the leading think tanks in Ukraine, is announcing an open competition for the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Responsibilities of a CEO:

  • develop the organization according to its strategic goals set jointly with the Supervisory Board and the team;
  • represent the organization in communications with different stakeholders: Ukrainian government and expert community, media, international organizations, general public;
  • strengthen institutional capacity of the organization;
  • organize processes and operations of the organization, manage staff;
  • generate ideas for the content (publications) of the organization and promotion of this content;
  • fundraise (including  communication with current and potential donors)

An ideal candidate will have:

  • proven experience in managing projects or organizations (in business, government or NGO sector);
  • good understanding of economic and political processes in Ukraine;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • a good reputation among Ukrainian expert community;
  • higher education – preferably in Economics;
  • fluent English

High social capital, i.e. working contacts with policy-makers, opinion leaders etc. both in Ukraine and abroad will be a plus.

Please send your resumes and motivation letters to [email protected] with the subject “CEO vacancy”.

A motivation letter should address the following questions:

  • what would be your first steps in the CEO position?
  • what would you do to increase VoxUkraine impact?
  • how would you highlight the strong sides of VoxUkraine and address weaknesses?

VoxUkraine has an established reputation for impartiality and expertise.

VoxUkraine helps modernize Ukraine via developing economic literacy and raising the level of economic discussion that should lead to better policy decisions.

The main project of VoxUkraine is the online blog where we discuss Ukraine’s economy, social developments, governance and reforms. Everyone can contribute to the discussion and all publications are peer reviewed by the Editorial Board which includes the best Ukrainian economists and lawyers.

Other important VoxUkraine projects are evaluation of reforms (bi-weekly Reform Index and products that use its data, such as MPs efficiency rating); fact-check (fact-checking statements of politicians and blocking fakes on Facebook), and data analysis (writing data-driven stories). We work closely with Ukraine’s central and regional media: we believe that high quality media are essential for democracy and economic development.


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