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We are an independent analytical platform. We help Ukraine move into the future. We focus on economics, governance, social developments and reforms. Neither parties nor oligarchs support us. Quality of our materials is ensured by the editorial process. Here you can find the history of VoxUkraine from its foundation to the present day.

Who are our clients?

For citizens and institutions striving for systemic change. We work for people who trust the facts and analytical approach. For everyone who wants to live in modern Ukraine, a part of the global world.

VoxUkraine Projects

  • Blog

    Analytics about the economy, society and governance in Ukraine. All texts are peer-reviewed.
  • VoxCheck

    We check whether politicians use correct facts and the right context. We uncover lies and manipulations
  • The Reform Index

    Quantitative assessment of the progress of reforms in Ukraine since 2015. Database of reforms
  • Development of Economic Journalism

    We help journalists to tell their readers about the economy in a correct and interesting way
  • Research and analytics

    We study economic and social problems with scientific methods

VoxUkraine team

People who work every day on writing articles, verifying facts, and bringing our content to the audience.

Editorial board

The best Ukrainian economists and lawyers who ensure the quality of publications
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International Academic Board

Provides advice on the organization development
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Supervisory Board

Ensures that VoxUkraine adheres to its strategy, policies and procedures
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Who supports VoxUkraine

More than 2000 Ukrainians have made contributions of different sizes. See who they are on the donor wall.

Apart from citizens, VoxUkraine is supported by institutional donors – international foundations and programs that care about systemic changes in Ukraine. Learn more about them at the institutional donors page.

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