FALSE: Video of the explosion on the missile cruiser moskva

FALSE: Video of the explosion on the missile cruiser moskva

28 April 2022

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A video spread on the Internet of explosions from the Neptune missile strikes on the russian missile cruiser moskva on April 13.

A screenshot of the post

However, this is not true; the video was shot in Norway in 2013 during a missile test.

According to the posts, the leader of the National Corps, Andriy Biletskyi, argued the video showed the moskva. However, in his posts, Biletsky commented on the video as follows: “This is how the moskva and the entire russian navy must burn.” He did not say whether the footage showed the moment of the explosions on the cruiser moskva.

In reality, it is video footage of a Norwegian Naval Strike Missile test in 2013.

The first reports of Ukrainian Neptune missiles striking the moskva appeared on the evening of April 13 during a storm at sea. However, the sea was calm in the video spread on social networks, and the picture was taken during daytime hours.


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