PHOTO FAKE: Signs "Ukrainians are not allowed to enter" are hung in Czech stores

PHOTO FAKE: Signs “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter” are hung in Czech stores

9 June 2022

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Photos of plaques  “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter”, which were allegedly hung in shop windows in Prague, are distributed online _ _. However, these photos were edited, there were no such signs in the windows of Prague stores.

The photos appeared first in the Czech English-language newspaper Prague Morning . Journalists from the publication “Pražský deník” decided to check this news and went to the shops that were in the photo. However, there were no such signs in these stores. Here is a photo of the same store in the photo from “Prague morning” and “Pražský deník” for comparison:

Photo: Prague Morning Photo: Pražský deník

Sellers and owners of outlets confirm that they did not display such signs. Pražský deník asked the Prague Morning newspaper to explain the origin of the photos. The latter insisted that the photos were real, but later deleted the publication.


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