Researches and Analytics

We consider in detail current issues of the Ukrainian economy, business and society. We outline the problem, determine its causes, offer solutions or recommendations, based on data and using scientific methods.

What do we do

Policy impact analysis

We study how different stakeholders will be affected by a change in the rules of the game, identify the pros and cons of government policies, draft possible scenarios. 

Analysis of media environment

Analysis of topics, mentions, narratives, messages in the leading online media. With the help of our own instrument we collect data and analyze them by machine learning algorithms.

Socio-economic research

Research based on big or open data, official sources or own surveys.

What’s on the mind of Ukrainians? Where are the best external evaluation results? Do medical students take their exams honestly? And other questions upon request.

Project Team

Data analysts, fact-checkers, scientists and researchers, experts in different fields. Analytical team is composed depending on the needs of the project.

Do you have a question?

Would you like to order a research? Please write to [email protected] and we will contact you.