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Russia’s Nuclear Threat and Security of Baltic Countries

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10 February 2017

In this article, he analyses the demonstrative boasting of Kremlin with its nuclear arsenal. What is it supposed to mean? Is it merely an attempt to spread panic or does it have to be taken seriously? The author underlines that, since 1999, tactical nuclear weapons have had a clearly defined de-escalation role in Russia’s military strategy. Such a strategy increases the odds of the nuclear weapons being used in an armed conflict. The simulation of tactical nuclear attacks occurred during the military trainings “West”. Despite the assurances of Russian experts, e. g. Dmytro Trenin, that the Baltic countries are not endangered, Marcel H. Van Herpen claims that Russia’s aggression, aimed at the Baltic countries, must not be overlooked and that NATO has to improve its defence.

Full text is available in Russian and Ukrainian.



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