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Our goal till 2025

We want Ukrainians to live better. Economy, society and state should move from the Middle Ages and the Soviet Union to the 21st century. Our role is to keep this focus: to raise the level of economic debate, to develop critical thinking, to monitor reforms, to promote better governance. It takes time. Insistently, step by step, we will increase the availability of everyone who works for the progress of Ukraine to 2025. If you think this is important, support us.

Our goal is UAH 10 million till 2025

The indicator shows how much money we have collected to carry out the plan and how much is left.
9 900 000
UAH 100 000 was fundraised as on November, 2020

What will these funds be used for?

Development of VoxUkraine. The organization will become more powerful. Thanks to your support, we will attract additional analysts, conduct more research, launch new projects, improve our products. Explanations of socio-economic processes for millions of Ukrainians. Thanks to your support, more people will read our articles. We will make our materials brighter, clearer, available in different formats and on different platforms. So we will gradually increase the public demand for quality changes. Implementation of systemic changes. Our research and analytics influence reforms and monitor their implementation. Your support will improve the quality of public administration in Ukraine.

VoxUkraine Community

VoxUkraine is impossible without our readers, authors, experts, partners and, of course, donors – those who support the existence of Vox as an independent institution. This page is our gratefulness for them. Thank you.