The Big Discussion at VoxUkraine: Legalisation of Gambling

What do VoxUkraine economists think of Lyashko’s ideas on gambling


Gambling ban didn’t lead to its disappearance. Just as the alcohol prohibition in the US or prohibition of prostitution and drugs doesn’t destroy the “bad habits”, but only creates a source of income for shady dealers. If the ban worked, we would hardly see news about the closure of gambling dens throughout Ukraine — from Odesa to Kryvyi Rih to Lysychansk.

From time to time, the government announces the fight against gambling, but with little success.

Is gambling addiction a real problem? Certainly. It’s even introduced into he International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organisation under the code 63.0. This behavioural disorder should be treated, just like alcoholism. However, for some reason, the authors don’t advocate for a prohibition law. Perhaps because they are familiar with its negative consequences. Threats of transformation of Ukraine into a fashionable rookery for foreigners are groundless — before the gambling ban there were no gamblers’ queues on the borders with Ukraine, and they won’t appear even after its legalisation. Legalisation of gambling provides state regulation and greater responsibility of the subjects of this business, because in the case of abuse they might suffer financial losses. And, of course, it will fill the state budget, not someone’s pockets.

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