UPDATED. Chronicles of liberation. March 3-8

UPDATED. Chronicles of liberation. March 3-8

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5 March 2022

In the morning of February 24th russia attacked Ukraine in order to occupy its entire territory. Enemy’s missiles and bombs were fired at cities all over the country. For the third day the Ukrainian army has been fighting the invader. Very soon these events will enter the history of Ukraine as the final liberation of Ukraine from russian occupation. And now we follow the news and support people who protect our motherland.

March 9


Great Britain is afraid that russia may invent an excuse to use chemical weapons in the war with Ukraine.


89% of Ukrainians wait for the West to close the sky above Ukraine – Rating group poll


Kharkiv oblast administration: Ukrainian Army completely controls Derhachi town. Occupants  tried to encircle it but our soldiers stopped them and counterattacked. The enemy lost 2 tanks and 2 armoured vehicles.


In Zhytomyr because of the air strike a house and a communal heating station are ruined. This heating station was producing heat for ⅓ of the city. 


Head of the Zaporizhzhya oblast administration Oleksandr Starukh announced that in Berdyansk occupants force journalists to broadcast Russian propaganda on the radio 


During March 8—9 Ukrainian army destroyed at least 8 air goals – 4 Su-25 fighters, 2 helicopters and 2 missiles 


Russia is without Jack Daniel’s. Brown-Forman brand portfolio includes whiskey Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, vodka Finlandia, tequila Pepe Lopez, el Jimador.


In Berdyansk the occupants announced on the radio that in two days city dwellers will be able to get Russian passports and they are allowed not to pay for communal services – report locals. At the same time in Melitopol occupants announce the start of the agricultural season and promise support for “agrarians of the freed regions” and access to the Russian market. 


Russia should be completely cut off SWIFT, and G7 countries should refuse to buy oil and gas from it – says Liz Truss, the UK foreign minister. She promised to intensify work with India and the Gulf countries for further isolation.



In Bilhorodka National Guard, National Police, Emergency service and volunteers help citizens who were evacuated from Vorsel and Irpin.


Melitopol is incredible! Civilians were warned that occupants would fire on them if they went beyond the perimeter of the square but they still went. 


Head of the parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk called for foreign politicians and parliaments to close the sky above Ukraine.


In 13 days “Ukroboronprom” provided more arms to Ukrainian army than in the previous 6 months. All enterprises of the concern work long shifts to provide more weapons and ammunition for Ukraine.


Vice-speaker of Verkhovna Rada Olena Kondratiuk thanked the Polish Senate for the unanimous resolution on the European aspirations of Ukraine.


Bloomberg informs that Germany is opposing turning the Sberbank from SWIFT.


Russian soldiers from the 15th moto-shooters brigade that were captured apologized to Ukrainian people.


Odessa received fire vehicle  Mercedes Unimog from Marseille. It can fight fires in complicated conditions.


A street “named after” Volodymyr Zelenskyi appeared in Washington DC.


Philip Morris puts its planned investments into Russia on hold.


Russian occupants stroke children’s hospital and maternity house in Mariupol. There were mothers with children. The number of dead and wounded is being detected.


The direct strike of Russian troops on maternity houses. People, including children, are tumbled.


Kyiv turned to the Germany Chancellor to help organize a meeting of Putin and Zelenskiy – deputy head of the president’s office.


Evacuation from Hostomel and Bucha is not allowed by occupants. 50 buses with civilians remain blocked. Evacuation from Vorzel is ongoing – people are being driven to Kyiv.


25 buses with over 1000 evacuated people left Sumy. Also 6000 cars are passing through the humanitarian corridor – there are about 20k people in them.


Nestle announced a halt to investment in Russia – Reuters.


OECD expelled Russia and Belarus from its structures.


NATO warned the occupants: if they attack countries that supply weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, this will be a dangerous escalation of the war.


Russian occupants have big logistic problems. Ukrainian Security Service overheard that one of the occupants is complaining to his wife that they were forgotten by their commangers.


Donetsk oblast. In Mariupol in 2 weeks because of shelling and purposeful murders 1170 civilians were killed.


Donetsk oblast. In Mariupol Russian occupants dropped several bombs onto childrens’ hospital. The destruction is overwhelming. One of the buildings where children were treated is completely destroyed. The information on wounded children is being clarified.


Ukrainian men are trying to flee to the EU with newly issued Russian passports. State Investigation Bureau stopped this systematic “support”.


Figma will stop sales in Russia and freeze corporate Russian accounts. Tens of thousands of designers in Russia will stay jobless.


MAGATE doesn’t see a critical impact on security after the electricity was cut off the Chornobyl NPP captured by Russian occupants.


Volunteer from Poland brought tactical waistcoats. He is collecting the needs and will bring the needed supplies again.  


Russian Ministry of defense admitted that drafted soldiers are at war against Ukraine, contrary to what Putin said.


Fights last in Chernihiv oblast, the enemy is encircled. To exit the encirclement they fire at their peer troops that are tied by the Ukrainian army.


Official chat-bot @stop_russian_war_bot helped to destroy 500 of occupants’ vehicles.


Discovery company that among other owns Eurosport channel announced that its stops broadcasting in Russia since March 9th.


Donetsk oblast. In the morning of March 9th Russian occupants fired an Iskander missile to Kramatorsk. The missile was landed, its parts fell to the Shpychkine station at Yasnohirka town. Early information is that no one was hurt .


President signed the laws that strengthen the responsibility for crimes against national security during the martial law 


Victoria’s Secret temporarily stop their work in Russia.


Explosions in Kharkiv oblast do not allow to start evacuation from Izym city – head of Kharkiv oblast administration. 


The SBU captured a secret GPS-navigator of occupants. It contains all the movements and planned points of attack. This navigator belonged to the “elite” 108 storm fighter regiment  that was trying to attack Mariupol from Kostyantynivka side. The data of Russian occupants will allow the secret service to more effectively kill occupants. 


Russia is forcefully leading the vessel “Sapphire” to Sevastopol. Captain of “Sapphire”reported that occupants point their guns at the crew. A Russian captain boarded the ship and took over its commandment.


In Osokorky (Kyiv district) Russian plane was hit by Ukrainian forces and fell. The enemy pilot died.


Ukraine’s foreign ministry head Dmytro Kuleba called the international community to urgently demand from Putin to cease fire and allow maintenance brigades to restore electricity supply for the Chornobyl NPP. Reserve diesel generators will provide electricity for 48 hours, after which the system of cooling of nuclear fuel waste storage will turn off.


The first plane with ammunition for Ukraine left Japan. Japanese military perform this support for a foreign army for the first time.


Humanitarian support (food and medicines) from Zaporizhzhya to Enerhodar was not delivered. Occupants did not let the humanitarian transport behind Vasylivka.


Evacuation from Bucha, Hostomel, Irpin and Vorsel lasts. As of 12:30 the first convoys with evacuated people have already left – reported the head of Kyiv oblast administration Oleksiy Kuleba.


In the morning on March 9th USD and EUR beated their historical maximums  – 120,8 and 129,8 rubles respectively


The EU agreed on the new sanctions against Russia. It added 160 people to the sanction list – oligarchs and members of the Federation council. Banking sector of Belarus is also sanctioned (media report that three banks will be turned off SWIFT). Export of technologies and sea navigation to Russia are banned. Some operations with crypto currencies as well.


7 EU parliament deputies called to stop Putin by imposing embargo on export to the EU of Russian oil and gas 


Head of Donetsk oblast administration Pavlo Kyrylenko reports that Russians fired mines at Novoluhansk village. No one is hurt but houses, gas pipeline and electric line are damaged. 



In a town of Horodnya in Chernihiv oblast which is very close to the border of Russia and Belarus locals went into the street against occupants.


Russian guard troops entered Kherson oblast and illegally captured over 400 Ukrainians  


President Volodymyr Zelenskyi survived over 10 attempts to kill him – Mykhailo Podolyak 


In Demydiv of Kyiv oblast occupants fired at people during the evacuation. A policeman was killed and two people wounded.



Venice commission is preparing to exclude Russia – reports Venice commission member Serhiy Golovaty.



Britain announced new aviation sanctions for Russia: they give the right to arrest any Russian planes and prohibit exports of air or space goods.



Mariupol is at the brink of humanitarian catastrophe. People collect rain water for drinking, cook food on fires in the street and bury dead neighbors in their yards. Those who don’t have relatives who could bury them lie in the streets while communal services pick them up and bury in common graves. 


FSC stopped certification of Russian and Belorussian wood.


Russian occupants cut electric supplies from Chornobyl nuclear power plant – reports Ukrenergo. Without electricity the pumps will not cool the pools of nuclear waste poligon, which means that the temperature there will rise as well as emission of radioactive steam into the air. The wind can bring a radioactive cloud to other regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or Europe. Also, the ventilation at the NPP will not work. All personnel will receive dangerous dozes of radiation. Personnel is held hostage already for 2 weeks. The fighting continues which makes renewal of electricity supply impossible. 


Winston, Davidoff and West leave Russia 


British Imperial Tobacco halts all sales and production in Russia. This is the fourth in the world largest tobacco company that announced at least temporary halt on operations in Russia.


The Times writes that arctic wings in Ukraine will turn Russian trucks into 40-ton freezers.  


Suspline about Isyum city: people are first of all asking for water, and there is no water because there is no electricity to turn on the pumps. There is no gas and no heat, no connection. There is absolutely no public transport – it’s all damaged, including ambulances. People are counting only on private transport.


This night in Andriivka village of Balaklia rayon, Kharkiv oblast, there was an attack of the enemy on border crossing point . 


Skadovsk, Kherson oblast. Occupants entered the city. Local citizens went to the meeting to support Ukraine. Russians did not let local citizens go to Shevchenko monument and stole computers from the city council.  



“Z” means Zelenskyi – the war in Ukraine as illustrated by The Times



World economic forum in Davos stopped its relations with Russia and froze strategic partnership with Russian businessmen.


British company Mothercare specializing on maternity and childhood products freezes its operations in Russia 


British government arrested the first Russian plane after introducing sanctions that allow to arrest any airplane from Russia.


Minister of foreign affairs Dmytro Kuleba called Germany to provide more money to Ukraine and criticized them for delaying the decision after the Russia’s attack.


Heineken NV stopped production in sale of beer of own trademark in Russia joining the wave of companies that leave Russia because of its invasion to Ukraine.


In Kherson Russian occupants are deconstructing the railroad – report eyewitnesses


Two people died and several wounded at the explosion in bitumen production plant in Penza, Russia – TASS.


Intel stops all supplies to Russia and Belarus 


Ukrainian TV broadcast is renewed in Kharkiv – state connection agency 


Ukrainian army destroyed enemy’s base near Derhachy town from where occupants fired at Kharkiv. Head of Oblast administration Oleh Synehubov reports that occupants went back to Russia. 


Finnish wood company  UPM-Kymmene halts buying wood in Russia. UPM-Kymmene is the largest producer of paper for media in the world, fourth largest producer of paper for newspapers and 5th largest – of cellulose paper. 


In Berdyansk occupants damaged the gas pipeline, the city is left without gas. Mobile connection is partially absent – head of Zaporizhzhya oblast administration Oleksandr Starukh.


Lieutenant colonel Yuriy Agarkov, the head of the 33rd moto-shooters regiment from Volgograd was killed in Ukraine .


Russia bears very high losses in Ukraine and calls students to the army – Ukrainian army headquarters 


Ubisoft company froze sales of their games in Russia, followed Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard


Russia rapidly loses military vehicles in Ukraine – CNN



Great Britain banned the export of air and space technologies to Russia 


In Kharkiv oblast the enemy continues to bomb critical infrastructure objects and houses of civilians – reports oblast police


In Kharkiv enemy’s fire killed Yulia Zdanovska. In 2017 she won the European Math olympiad among girls from 44 countries 


Special plane evacuated to Israel 11 Ukrainian children in a hard condition and their parents.


Russian occupants may involve into the war with Ukraine 800 military personnel from unrecognized Transnistria – reports Ukrainian Army headquarters.


Two children born in 201 and three adults died because of air strike on the town of Malyn (Zhytomyr oblast). 7 private houses are ruined. The firing was near 21:00.


Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushin tells that today the evacuation of people will be performed from 10:00 to 15:00.


Baltic countries made an agreement to cut themselves off from Russian energy networks. Turning off Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia from the energy network with Belarus and Russia initially was planned for 2025.



In Chuhuiv rayion of Kharkiv oblast artillery fired at a residential house. An adult and a seven-year-old child died  


A dead boy was found under the destroyed building in Sumy: the number of victims of airs strike grew to 22 


US government will not sanction Russian uranium because the US NPPs depend on it 


Centre for counteraction to disinformation at the Ukraine’s National Defense Council reports: the NBU canceled some restrictions for people. Military personnel can open accounts and verify themselves based on the military documents. Ukrainians that live in territories under the threat of temporary occupation can withdraw funds from their accounts in UAH or foreign currencies without any restrictions (if there is money in the bank branch). Transfer of money to charitable foundations is possible not only in UAH but also in foreign currencies. If the money is transferred from abroad in russian of belarusian rubles, one can exchange this money for other currency in order to transfer it into account of a client.  


The US sends two batteries of missile complex Patriot to Poland within the framework of “operational unfolding” to counteract any potential threat to NATO countries during the war of Russia against Ukraine


IMF may immediately provide to Ukraine $1.4 billion of support to Ukraine. The Fund director Kristalina Georgieva says that this support should soften the shock for Ukraine’s economy.


First deputy Minister of Interior Yevhen Yenin said that foreign volunteers who came to fight for Ukraine will be able to get citizenship.


UN reports that as of March 7th there are 1335 civilian casualties of Russian attack on Ukraine, of them 474 killed. 


Universal Music Group, the largest audio recording label holder puts on holds its operations in russia and closes all offices there – writes Variety


Two stages of evacuation from Sumy ended successfully. 5 thousand people and 1000 private cars are safe – says the head of Poltava oblast administration Dmytro Lunin. 


In temporarily occupied territories of Sumy oblast Russians make “total terror and hell” – says the head of the Sumy oblast military administration Dmytro Zhyvytsky.


Systems of monitoring of nuclear fuel in Chornobyl nuclear power plant stopped data transfer to MAGATE.


Ukrainian army destroyed two battalion groups of the enemy and severely damaged the third one.



Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine is turning the wheel of history: sanctions and exit of companies from Russia make our victory closer and save lives. 


Energy minister German Galushchenko reports that Russians torture the personnel of Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant which they captured. They forced the personnel to record a video that Russian plan to use for propaganda purposes. 


The house of Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usik  in Vorzel was shelled by occupants.


Cloud service Amazon Web Services stopped providing services to the new Russian clients.


Nord Stream-2 is dead. It will hardly be ever reanimated” – deputy secretary of State Victoria Nuland 


During March 8 Russian occupants continued to fire missiles at Ukrainian cities but army vehicles and soldiers practically stopped advancing. However, the enemy still draws plans to capture Ukraine.


Head of Mykolaiv oblast administration Vitaliy Kim sias that Mykolaiv is getting ready for Russian attack and they already ordered 50 buses for captured Russians.


During air strikes on Sumy Ukraine’s sambo champion Artem Pryimenko and his family were killed.


A petition is registered in the EU to prohibit double citizenship of Russians in the EU countries.  


“While we condemn Russia’s assault on Ukraine and the war, we will not allow Hungarian families to pay the war price; thus sanctions should not extend to oil and gas” – Victor Orban 


Fitch agency lowered Russia’s rating from B to C – nearly default.


Poland’s decision to provide MiG-29 fighter jets to the US was not previously approved and became a surprise for Washington from the side of Warsaw.   

March 8


Russian central bank banned to sell currency via bank’s cash offices, and from deposits one can withdraw up to $10 thousand.


The captured Russian military will work to restore the Ukrainian economy – in accordance with the Geneva Convention, said First Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin.


Starbucks closes its facilities in Russia. At the same time, the company promises to support its employees.


Domestos and Dove will suspend imports and exports from Russia.


Former Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili has arrived in Ukraine with Georgian volunteers to fight against Russia.


McDonald’s is temporarily suspending all its restaurants in Russia due to the war against Ukraine.


Replenishing the reserves of the occupying forces, Russia is recruiting mercenaries from private military companies. In particular, it is known that the mercenaries of the Liga (Wagner) company are already taking part in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine as part of the aggressor’s army. This is evidenced, in particular, by the tokens of the destroyed occupiers.


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson said that Western countries will develop an analogue of the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine – Reuters.


Clothing brands Cropp and House Brand have closed online stores in Russia.


The Russian military fired on a bus carrying refugees from Makarov, Kyiv oblast.


The Bank of Russia has decided not to resume trading on March 9, 2022 on the Moscow Stock Exchange in the section of the stock market – the Central Bank.


The UK, following the United States, is giving up Russian gas and oil, according to the BBC.


Biden calls on the Congress to provide $ 12 billion in support to Ukraine.


Russian companies Rosneft and Gazprom cannot repay bond payments, Russian economist Sergei Guryanov said.


The United States has banned the import of Russian oil and gas from Russia – Joe Biden.



The UN denies that its staff was banned from using the words “war” and “invasion” in connection with Russia’s attack on Ukraine.


Kyiv is increasing its resources for defense and is ready for anything – the head of the Military Administration.


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned about not allowing the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and its spread to other countries.


The Member of the Seimas of Latvia Juris Jurašs, who heads the Legislative Committee in the Legislative Assembly, has left for Ukraine to take part in hostilities against the Russian occupiers.


The New York Times is expelling its editorial staff from Russia in connection with the adoption of a new law on criminal liability for “fakes” against Russia.


In the Mykolaiv region the Russian troops shot down a minibus with the caretakers of an orphanage, at least three of them have died and two were wounded.


In Kharkiv, the Russian military killed two people who came to feed the animals at the Feldman Ecopark – the administration of the ecopark.


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary promises that Ryanair will be “the first airline to return to Ukraine” when it is safe to do so.


The process of synchronization of the Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-e is in the final stage and may be completed within a week, said Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko.



For the first time in its history, Japan will provide military assistance to Ukraine, namely a protective weapon for the Ukrainian military, said Ukrainian Ambassador to Japan Serhiy Korsunsky. Japan will provide Ukrainians with bulletproof vests, helmets, tents, winter clothes, medicines, generators, cameras, and various tools for use in emergencies.


Shmygal: In the last 6 days, almost 3,000 trucks carrying 20,000 tons of humanitarian aid have crossed the Ukrainian border. These are mainly food, clothing, medicines and medical supplies, and more than UAH 10 billion went to an account specially created by the National Bank of Ukraine to support the army.


 Tire maker Continental stops production and business in Russia.


Departure by the “green corridor” from Sumy by own vehicles lasts until 19:30 today.


Yum! Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut) suspends investment and development in Russia – the profits will be redirected to humanitarian efforts.


Akamai Technologies, which provides cybersecurity and cloud solutions services, is shutting down in Russia and Belarus.


The Return Alive Foundation donated a Raybird 3 drone to Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance for UAH 18.6 million. The organization says it is the best in its class.


Hackers from Anonymous attacked Russian television. Videos from Kharkiv of the results of the arrival of the “Russian world” were aired on state channels. In the end, there was a call to the population to wake up and protest.


The White House will announce a ban on Russian oil imports today, fuel prices will rise worldwide, but “this is the price of freedom” – Senator Chris Koons on CNN.


Reserved suspended their online store in Russia.


The invaders are holding hostage foreign journalists, British citizens. The media captured the workers in the town of Stoyanka-2 (near Irpen), – said Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov.


The Binance cryptocurrency exchange will not conduct transactions with Mastercard and VISA cards issued in the Russian Federation.


Putin’s next victims could be Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, said the vice president of the European Commission.


The main efforts of the occupiers continue to focus on creating conditions for the capture of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Mariupol, Mykolayiv and access to the administrative borders of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.


Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov appealed to NATO to provide Ukraine with weapons for self-defense.


Since the beginning of the war, Ukrzaliznytsia has delivered 3,383 tons of humanitarian cargo by passenger trains and sent 256 freight cars to different parts of the country. The railway delivers the largest amount of cargo to Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lyman.


A presidential decree has been issued calling for the withdrawal of personnel involved in international peacekeeping and security operations.


Luxembourg has provided 250 million euros in assistance to Ukraine.


The largest US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, has blocked more than 25,000 addresses from Russia which are “engaged in illegal activities”.


Almost 7,000 women – members of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine met on March 8, 2022 not with flowers but with weapons in their hands and side by side with men to repel Russian aggression, fight for the future of their children and the future of Ukraine.


Anton Gerashchenko reports that according to the information available to him, there is a declining mood among the personnel of the RF Air Force. Most pilots from Russia refuse to make combat sorties and bomb Ukrainian peaceful cities. This is also due to the large number of losses (aircraft and helicopters).


Almost 68% of Poles support the potential refusal to buy Russian oil and gas, even at the cost of higher bills.


In the Netherlands, 106 million euros were collected for Ukraine in one day.


Russia wants to stop the work of Nord Stream, a gas pipeline to Europe.


To evacuate the civilians of Mariupol along a single route, the defenders of the city took a number of measures: cleared the roads of mines, removed engineering barriers and more. However, the occupiers did not release children, women and the elderly from the city. The enemy launched an attack in the direction of the humanitarian corridor.


Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushin said that he had received a message in which the enemy demanded that he surrender the city.


Sumy was given a green corridor, the first stage of evacuation has begun.


Disgraced former president Yanukovych addressed Zelensky and called for an end to the bloodshed “at any cost.”.


The World Bank will allocate $723 million to Ukraine.


Australia’s two largest oil companies, Ampol and Viva Energy, have stopped buying Russian oil because of the war in Ukraine.


Russia surpassed Iran and North Korea and became the first country in the world in the number of sanctions imposed on it.


Procter & Gamble suspends investment and advertising in Russia, leaving only “basic hygiene products” on the market. The company, in particular, own the brands Pampers, Ariel, Tide, Lenor, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Mr. Proper, Oral-B, Old Spice.


Pentagon: Putin is recruiting foreign mercenaries for the war with Ukraine.

March 7


A major general of the Russian army was liquidated near Kharkiv. During the fighting near Kharkiv, Vitaly Gerasimov, a Russian military leader, major general, chief of staff and first deputy commander of the 41st Army of the Central Military District of Russia, was killed. A number of senior Russian army officers were also killed and wounded.


In Kherson, the occupiers detained organizers of protests against the occupation.


State Special Communications: The International Legion with volunteers from the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Lithuania, Mexico and India has started operating in Kyiv.


Podoliak: the third round of talks is over. There are small positive developments in improving the logistics of humanitarian corridors. Intensive consultations have continued on the basic political bloc of the settlement, together with the ceasefire and security guarantees.


The rear column of the occupiers was destroyed near Pryluky.


The supply of energy from Russia has been deliberately removed from the sanctions, as there are no other ways to ensure Europe’s energy security, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.


The United Russia party proposes to nationalize the property of companies that are announcing the closure of production in Russia due to the war in Ukraine.


Mariupol has been under siege by the Russian occupiers for 8 days in a row – the city has no electricity, heat, water or communications.


The Polish government has decided to set up a special fund to help refugees from Ukraine. It will accumulate about $1.75 billion. These funds will be used to provide refugees with food and shelter, as well as access to work, social benefits and education.


Hungary has banned the supply of weapons to Ukraine through its territory.


Deloitte has said it is abandoning member companies in Russia and Belarus, making it the last of the Big Four audit companies to announce its withdrawal from Russia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Iryna Vereshchuk: Taking foreign students hostage is exactly what the Russians are doing in Ukraine, blocking their evacuation despite appeals from the leaders of these countries. 2,046 foreign students from 27 countries are stuck in Sumy due to Russian shelling.


Russia refuses any “green corridors” to force Ukrainians to agree to the “humanitarian” of the occupiers This was stated by Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadym Denisenko.


The President of the European Council Charles Michel said that Ukraine’s application for membership in the European Union will be discussed in the coming days.


At least 1,207 civilians have been killed or wounded in Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s aggression – the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


Bloomberg: A number of EU countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, oppose granting Ukraine candidate status this week.


The EU asks the UN to ensure the safety of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The European Union has appealed to the UN nuclear safety watchdog to ensure the safety of Ukrainian nuclear power plants, according to Reuters. The EU also called on Russia to return control of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities.


The Russians began to ease the demands. According to journalist Hristo Grozev, Russia requires Ukraine to: 1) appoint Yuriy Boyko as Prime Minister, while Zelensky remains President; 2) recognize “L/DPR” and Crimea; 3) Give up NATO. Zelensky refused.


Russia damaged or destroyed 202 schools, 34 hospitals, more than 1,500 residential buildings, including apartment buildings. Absolutely without light, water, heat more than 900 Ukrainian settlements – Podoliak.


The European Union is preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia – they will focus on technologies in the defense industry, ships and ports. Some of them could be approved as soon as Tuesday.


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that a trilateral meeting of Turkish, Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers will take place in Antalya on Thursday, March 10.


For several days in a row, reports have been circulating on social media that a woman shot down an enemy drone with a can of cucumbers in Kyiv. Most consider it a “military fable”. It is a real story.


The Russian general who ordered the bombing of Kharkiv comes from the Kharkiv region – Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova.


The third round of talks with Russia is scheduled to begin at 16:00 Kyiv time – OP Adviser Mykhailo Podoliak.


The Russian government has approved a list of foreign countries that are “hostile to Russia”, including Australia, Britain, the EU, Iceland, Canada, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Korea, San Marino, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Japan.


The Russian government has told the UN International Court of Justice that Russia has no interest in defending itself against accusations that it has violated the Genocide Convention.


Russian authorities have instructed the FSB to prepare punitive operations in captured Ukrainian cities in order to break the resistance of the population, according to the Financial Times, citing European intelligence services and analysts.


At night, Ukraine received a letter from Russia with a proposal to declare a regime of silence from 10:00 on March 7 and open humanitarian corridors from Kiev, Kharkiv, Sumy route to Russia and Belarus – said the Minister of Reintegration Vereshchuk. Ukraine responded by sending its vision for humanitarian corridors and said it was ready to open them at 10 a.m. on March 7.


The UN International Court of Justice in The Hague is beginning hearings on Ukraine’s lawsuit against Russia on genocide charges, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reports.


Tonight in the village of Vyazivka in the Zhytomyr region, the Church (Pokrovska) of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, built in 1862, was cynically destroyed by Russian invaders.


New Zealand has imposed sanctions against Russia. The list includes more than 100 officials, including Putin, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.


In the Zaporizhia region, Russian Kadyrov soldiers fired at a tank and moved the car of Ukrposhta employees who were delivering pensions, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A man and a woman died on the spot.


in Lutsk they developed a catapult for a Molotov cocktail and named it “JaVolyn”.


In the Black Sea, the military of the Armed Forces lined up a Russian ship, said a spokesman for the Operational Headquarters of the Odessa OVA Sergei Bratchuk. Tonight, the Ukrainian Armed Forces sent a Russian corvette of project 22160 “Vasily Bykov” to the bottom of the Black Sea. This is one of the newest Russian warships in the Black Sea Fleet.


The Russians shot dead the head of the Gostomel village council, Yuri Prilipko, while he was distributing bread and medicine to people. The occupiers also wounded Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk.


Irpin and Bucha near Kyiv remain under siege without water, food, light and the opportunity to leave – civilians are killed in their yards. People are hiding in basements, there is almost no connection with them, because the city has no electricity.


The United Kingdom will provide an additional $ 00 million in aid to support Ukraine’s economy.


South Korea suspends transactions with Russia’s Central Bank.


Thousands of people in Washington have demanded that the skies over Ukraine be tightened and that sanctions against Russia be tightened.


In Russia, a priest from Kostroma is being prosecuted for linking to a “No to War” petition on the parish’s website and an anti-war sermon.


The US House of Representatives is “studying” how to ban Russian oil imports, and Congress is going to provide $10 billion in aid to Ukraine.


Britain, along with its allies, is demanding that Interpol disconnect Russia from its system.


Jared Isaacman, an American businessman and commander of the SpaceX Inspiration4 crew, brought aid to the Ukrainian military.


Russia is recruiting troops in Syria, hoping that their experience of fighting in urban areas will help take Kyiv, four US officials said in a WSJ comment.


Pentagon: Russia has sent 95% of its forces to Ukraine and fired more than 600 missiles. Ukrainian forces are stifling Russian attempts to advance into Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernihiv. The Russian column, which stretches for 65 kilometers near Kyiv, is standing still. The United States does not believe that a Russian naval landing operation to capture Odessa could begin soon. The airspace over Ukraine is not captured.


Ukraine successfully counterattacked in the Luhansk direction. Fighters of the Allied Forces in the Luhansk direction hold their positions and have made several successful counterattacks, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces.


The OSCE Office in Mariupol was shelled, the Mission is finally leaving Ukraine.


The Russians attacked Kharkiv on March 6, at a time when President Volodymyr Zelensky was declaring it a hero city. The Russians shelled Kharkiv with artillery.


From the territory of the Republic of Belarus through the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone fuel and other material resources are supplied to the occupying forces

March 6


Despite the war, 52% of Ukrainian companies continue to operate, albeit with minor problems. 27% of companies have suspended, but want to resume operations. Most businesses support the army or the Territorial Defense.


Ukraine has suspended exports of socially important products – frozen beef, meat and meat offal, wheat, oats, buckwheat, millet, sugar, salt.


“This is a key battle in the coming days,” an Interior Ministry adviser said, adding that the Russian occupiers had mobilized a large number of troops from villages and towns near Kyiv.



Visa and Mastercard have left loopholes that allow to bypass sanctions and continue working in Russia, – said the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.


Poland will not send fighter jets to Ukraine and will not allow the use of its airfields. 


TikTok temporarily suspends work in Russia due to the law on “fakes”.


On February 28, near Kyiv, an enemy DRG opened fire on a car belonging to British SkyNews journalists. One correspondent was wounded and two bullets hit the operator in a bulletproof vest.


As of the evening of March 6, at least 4,359 people were detained at anti-war rallies in Russia, more than at last year’s January 23 rally in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.


Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk says more than 2,000 foreign nationals studying in Ukrainian universities in Ukraine cannot leave the shelling of the Russian occupiers.


After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the real loss of independence threatens other post-Soviet countries that did not have time to become part of the transatlantic security system, writes Thomas de Waal of Carnegie Europe.


Ukraine has appealed to the UN Security Council to deploy a peacekeeping force to protect critical industrial infrastructure.


Western sanctions have led to Russians losing their jobs and thus their livelihoods. Ikea closure – 15,000 jobs. The plant in Togliatti (Renault-Nissan) is shutting down due to lack of imported spare parts – 35,000 jobs. The Avtotor BMW assembly plant had 3,500 jobs.


The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced strikes on Ukrainian enterprises in the defense industry.


Local councils in all regions of Ukraine are appealing en masse to NATO member states to close the skies over Ukraine.


Denis Shmygal signed an official appeal to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Japan to terminate the membership of Russia and Belarus in the International Monetary Fund and all World Bank organizations.


Eight missiles fired at a civilian airport in Vinnytsia were launched not from Russian-occupied Transnistria but from the Black Sea, and information about a missile attack from the occupied part of Moldova is false – the Moldovan Ministry of Defense.


Putin is ready to continue dialogue with Ukraine if it meets all “known Russian demands.”


A cruise missile was shot down over the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv. It damaged the window and almost broke down the door. In addition, the occupiers are preventing transportation to the hospital.


Nvidia has announced that it will stop selling its products in Russia.


Russia’s rating is at the “junk level”, it may declare a default – Fitch S&P and Moody’s forecasts.


Crimean Tatars in Chongar (Crimea) went to a rally demanding the deoccupation of the peninsula.


Two Russian Tornado-C missiles were launched in the Donetsk region and hit buildings in the private sector, the National Police of Ukraine. The occupying forces of the Russian army fired missiles at the city of Pokrovsk. Previously, the occupiers wanted to blow up the railway station, but the fighting elements fell mostly on the private sector of civilians. Each of the missiles contains 646 (!) Cluster munitions that can detonate at any moment.


Since the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, more than 140,000 Ukrainians have returned home. Most of them are men.


Putin told Macron that he was not against an Ukraine-IAEA-Russia meeting in a third country or by video link.


The Russian occupiers fired “Grad” at the territory of the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, where a nuclear plant is located, in the active zone of which 37 nuclear fuel cells are loaded.


Evacuation in Irpen: Russians covered the family with mortar fire, two children died. According to Radio Liberty, the Russians opened mortar fire on civilians as they tried to leave the city. Eight people were killed in shelling by the Russian military.



Almost 20,000 foreigners from 52 countries enlisted as volunteers in the war against Russia, said Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.


The first British Royal Infantry volunteers arrived in Ukraine to fight the Russian enemy.


The second attempt at a “green corridor” for civilians again ended in shelling by the Russians – in Mariupol, the occupiers thwarted the evacuation.


Special funds are being formed in Ukraine, the task of which is to rebuild the country after the destruction caused by the Russian aggressor.


Ukrzaliznytsia is recalling its refrigerated trains, which it had previously set aside to collect the remains of dead Russian soldiers – the cars stood for three days, but the bodies of the Russian military have not been loaded.


In the United States, an unknown donor transferred $1 million to the Ukrainian army.


President Zelensky: Russia is preparing to bomb Odessa.


Thousands of Nova Kakhovka residents protested against the occupiers.


A big rally against the war and in support of Ukraine is taking place in Almaty.


The Russian army tries to attack Nikolaev and to advance towards the South Ukrainian NPP – Arestovich.


More than 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine moved to neighboring countries in 10 days.


The Prosecutor General’s Office has launched the website warcrimes.gov.ua – the main platform for gathering evidence of Russia’s crimes.


SSU: The Ukrainian security officers have destroyed a group of Russians near Mykolaiv. They turned out to be former Ukrainian servicemen who betrayed their homeland and in 2014 joined Russia. In addition, the Security Service seized documents of the Russian military. These are tables of call signs, mobile phone numbers, flash drives, SIM cards and personal documents of Russian invaders.


Zaporizhzhya NPP remains under the control of Russian occupation forces. There are 2 active power units in the network, another unit is under repair, the others are stopped. Operational personnel monitor the condition of power units and ensure their safe operation.


Putin’s mistake in trying to seize Ukraine is likely to cost him power in the next 12 months – Bloomberg.


During the war, almost 4,000 new families were created in Ukraine and 4,311 babies were born.


100,000 people joined the territorial defense force throughout Ukraine.


The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 06.03 were approximately: personnel – more than 11 thousand people, tanks – 285 units, BBM – 985 units, artillery systems – 109 units, MLRS – 50 units, air defense – 21 units, aircraft – 44 units, helicopters – 48 units, vehicles – 447 units, light speedboats – 2 units, tanks with PPM – 60, UAVs operational and tactical level – 4.


The CCD of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine confirms the information of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine that the occupiers activated a large network of bots on social networks, trying to sow panic and despair in the people of Ukraine.


In support of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Russian propagandists write that Ukraine allegedly had a “nuclear program” that intensified in 2014.


The Chilean government has withdrawn invitations sent to Russian companies to participate in the FIDAE International Exhibition of Military and Aerospace Equipment.


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson addressed the world leaders and outlined a six-point plan to support the pressure on Putin and further assistance to Ukraine. The politician wrote about this in an article in the New York Times.


Planes of Russian oligarchs have become more frequent in the UAE. Ukrainian intelligence suggests that they are taking their valuables there.


3,000 American veterans have expressed a desire to fight for Ukraine as volunteers.


Russia’s Defense Ministry has ordered the burial of its soldiers in mass graves with the assignment of numbers, in particular in Belarus.


According to local residents, the occupiers cannot evacuate people from Bucha and Hostomel, near Kyiv, and the civilians are shooting even civilians.


The Operational Command North of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has released a document stating that the Russian Army Command has decided to confiscate the passports of servicemen fighting in Ukraine so that they cannot be identified after capture or murder.


The International Motorcycle Federation has banned Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in international competitions under the auspices of the organization.


Poland could provide Ukraine with MiG-29 fighters and Su-25 attack aircraft, receiving instead from the United States F-16 fighters – The Wall Street Journal.


Russians are advised to take foreign currency in cash, because the cards of the local system “Mir” are accepted in only 7 countries and 2 pseudo-republics. Today these are Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South Ossetia and Abkhazia.


Azerbaijani Airlines suspends all flights to Russia. The Azerbaijani airline Buta Airways also refuses to fly to Russian cities.


THE ECtHR HAS DECIDED IN FAVOR OF UKRAINE ON ALL FUTURE COMPLAINTS AGAINST RUSSIA. In particular, the European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to guarantee the safe passage of humanitarian aid. The relevant decision has been approved for all future complaints of Ukraine against Russia, said the judge of the European Court of Human Rights from Ukraine Hanna Yudkivska.


General Staff: The occupier intends to seize another important infrastructural object – the dam of the Kaniv HPP.


The Dutch beer concern Heineken has announced the cessation of beer exports to Russia, as well as new investments in the country.


Rosguard cars were spotted in a column of broken vehicles of the Russian occupiers near Kharkiv. They had a large number of shields, batons and protective equipment to disperse demonstrations.


On Friday, Shell bought a shipment of Russian oil at a record discount. This agreement was criticized by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba. The British-Dutch company Shell responded to this criticism, according to the company’s official Twitter account, Censor.NET reports. And she said that the proceeds from the agreement will be sent to a special fund to help Ukraine. The company has admitted that it cannot completely abandon supplies from Russia in the short term.


EU countries must completely get rid of their dependence on gas, oil and coal from Russia through diversification, energy efficiency and the transition to renewable energy sources. – Ursula von der Leyen.

March 5


In Russia, Roskomnadzor has blocked about 10 other media outlets, including regional media outlets and Radio Liberty projects: Sever.Realii, Siberia.Realii, Kavkaz.Realii, Idel.Realii, Faktograf, Marcho Radio and Azatlyk.


194 people, including 126 civilians, 5 of them children, died from injuries resulting from shelling and fighting in the Kharkiv region. 433 were injured, 312 of them were civilians.


In the Kharkiv region, the Armed Forces seized 30 units of Russian equipment.


On March 5, enemy aviation in the city of Lebedyn destroyed gas stations (tanks without fuel) and damaged windows in a five-story apartment building.


In Melitopol, the Russian military fired on an ambulance transporting medicines.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba discussed with the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken the urgent strengthening of Ukraine’s defense capabilities.


During the execution of special tasks, three intelligence agents were killed – employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: Dolya Oleksiy Ivanovych, Chibineev Valerii Viktorovych, Kireev Denys Borysovych.


The SSU thwarted the Kremlin’s plans for new “people’s republics” in western Ukraine. The “Federal Republic of Ukraine” was to include the following oblasts: Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Lviv, Ternopil, and Chernivtsi.


The Ukrainian military blew up a bridge on the dam across the Seversky Donets in the village of Stary Saltiv in the Kharkiv region. This was done in order to cut off the Russian invaders’ way to the regional center. 


Today in Volnovakha, Colonel Volodymyr Zhoha, a member of the DNR army, commander of a separate Sparta reconnaissance battalion of the Guards, was liquidated.


The mayor of Energodar on his Telegram-channel said that Russian troops have not left the city – they control the perimeter and are at ZNPP.


The National Bank of Ukraine reports that as of March 5, a total of almost UAH 10 billion has been transferred to the special account opened by the National Bank to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The third round of talks will take place on Monday, March 7.


The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi spoke in an online conference with representatives of both chambers and both parties of the US Congress.


Volodymyr Zelenskyy told President Erdogan that he was ready to meet with Putin in Istanbul or Ankara. This was reported by a spokesman for the President of Turkey.


In Bucha, the Russian occupiers shot dead three volunteers as they tried to help the locals with food.


In Belarus, men are fleeing abroad en masse. They are afraid that the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will order them to fight against Ukraine.


According to the US State Department, as a result of the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia in Ukraine, as of today, 700,000 people have been forced to flee violence, and every day more and more of them.


90% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine will withstand Russian attacks. 98% of Ukrainians trust the Armed Forces. 95% support President Zelensky – the group “Rating”.


The Russian Defense Ministry accused the Ukrainian authorities of unwillingness to continue the ceasefire and announced the resumption of the offensive from 18:00 Kyiv time.


The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine confirms that the resistance does not disappear even in the temporarily captured cities of Ukraine. Peaceful residents of Melitopol and Kherson go to spontaneous rallies against the occupiers.


Today, about 400 people have been evacuated from Volnovakha and surrounding villages.



In Hostomel, the occupiers killed 80-year-old Mykola Mamchur, who refused to feed them. The Ukrainian pensioner was shot dead on the doorstep of his own house.


In Kyiv, a woman shot down a Russian drone from a balcony, throwing a jar of cucumbers at it.


The Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy appeals to the President of Ukraine to immediately sign a law that will help protect the country’s cultural heritage and the lives of its citizens.


In the Mykolaiv oblast frontier guards along with servicemen of ZSU and NMU have detained two enemy pilots.


In Borodyanka in the Kyiv region, the Russian military has captured a psychoneurological dispensary, said the head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Oleksiy Kuleba. According to him, there are 670 people in the hospital, and it is not yet possible to evacuate them.


Forbes reports that in ten days Ukrainians destroyed Russian equipment worth $3 billion.


The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine confirms that a split has begun in Putin’s entourage. Western sanctions against Russia’s elite, which is known to be the foundation of Kremlin power, have shaken Russia’s oligarchs’ faith in their idol.


RUSSIA. In Nizhnekamsk, workers at the Hemont plant went on a spontaneous strike because they were not paid part of their salaries due to the sharp collapse of the ruble.


Air defense specialists of one of the brigades of the Operational Command “North” aptly neutralized the enemy Russian UAV, which recorded information for the enemy.


Students of Russian universities are forced to record videos in support of the aggressive actions of Russian troops. Young people hand out “cheat sheets” from which to read the laudatory text. Thus, the enemy hopes to raise the morale of the population and reduce the degree of protest mood inside the country.


For a long time, Russian troops tried to pass through Makariv, in the Kyiv region, towards the capital. However, the military has pushed the enemy further north and is preparing to move towards the borders of Ukraine. Currently, the fierce side continues there, as well as along the line of defense, which runs north of Kyiv.


In the Kyiv region, the prosecutor’s office has launched criminal proceedings over the shelling of a car by the occupiers, which killed two people.


Italy has frozen two villas of Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov worth 8 million euros, as well as the villa of oligarch Alisher Usmanov.


On March 5, an IL-96-300 plane of the Russia special unit, the Kremlin’s presidential plane, took off from Russia for Washington. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the flight from St. Petersburg to Washington is to pick up the Russian diplomats who are expelled from the country by the United States.


During the detention, the Security Service of Ukraine shot dead a member of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation, Denis Kireev. He was suspected of treason.


Due to the non-observance of the ceasefire by the Russian side, the evacuation of civilians is canceled.


Spanish clothing retailer Inditex has stopped trading in Russia and is closing 502 stores and online sales. The group includes such brands as: Massimo Dutti, Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho, Uterque.


The Russian military carried out an air strike on Bila Tserkva – almost 20 houses were damaged, there are victims.


KHERSON. The occupiers left the city center. A video of protesters driving on a stolen APC under a Ukrainian flag has appeared on the Internet.


The website fightforua.org has been launched, which contains all the necessary information for citizens of foreign countries who want to join the International Defense Legion of Ukraine.


The Singapore Foreign Ministry announced the introduction of sanctions against Russia.


Russian invaders use silence to move forward during the evacuation of civilians.


In Irpin, the Russian military blew up railway tracks and an empty evacuation train that was going to pick up people from the city, Irpen Mayor Oleksandr Markushin told Suspilne. The train workers are alive, the evacuation from Irpin will be continued by buses.


Herashchenko: more than 2,000 people came to the rally against the Russian occupiers in Kherson.


Reznikov: More than 66,000 men have returned from abroad to defend Ukraine.


In Crimea, civil servants continue to be forced to publish posts on personal social media accounts in support of Putin.


Paypal has suspended work in Russia.


From 9 am a ceasefire is announced and humanitarian corridors will be opened for civilians to leave Mariupol and Volnovakha.


Workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have remained at the station for ten days after it was captured by the Russians. Slavutych Mayor Yuriy Fomichev said: “They have split into two groups, changing each other, but they are tired morally, physically and emotionally. People eat sparingly, have limited medication and find it very difficult. Communication with them is limited and there is still no guaranteed green corridor to replace the entire shift. ” He also stressed that all equipment passing through the Chornobyl zone transports radioactive dust on wheels to the entire territory of Ukraine further in the direction of Kyiv, and this has been happening constantly for several days.


Major Western media that stopped working in Russia: CNN, CBS News, Bloomberg, ABC News, BBC, CBC.


More than 1.2 million refugees have left Ukraine after the large-scale Russian invasion, according to the UN.


Reuters / Ipsos: About 74% of Americans believe that the United States and NATO should close the skies over Ukraine to protect it from air strikes by Russia. About 80% of those polled believe that the United States should stop buying Russian gas and oil.


A Belarusian paratrooper was detained in the Volyn region, who claims to have sided with Ukraine.


According to Ukrainian intelligence, in the near future the enemy will intensify information operations against Ukraine. Without fulfilling the task of military blitzkrieg, the Russian Federation is turning to openly terrorist methods of conducting hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, the Russian occupiers are paying considerable attention to intensifying information and psychological operations.

The Central Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warns that in the near future a comprehensive and large-scale injection of fake news by the enemy is expected, which will be carried out with the involvement of the full range of modern media.


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: The enemy intends to reach the administrative borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts and further create a land corridor with the occupied Crimea.


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russian troops continue to focus their efforts on the encirclement of Kyiv and Kharkiv, try to break through the defenses of Mariupol and advance in the direction of Zaporizhia. Due to the worsening weather in the Black Sea, Russian troops have now withdrawn ships with which they planned to land a naval landing in the Odessa-Zatoka area.


Prime Minister Denis Shmygal called on the IAEA and the EU to send peacekeeping teams to all five Ukrainian nuclear power plants.


Management of Zaporizhzhya NPP is under the control of Ukraine.


Kering has announced the closure of boutiques of its brands in Russia. The companies own luxury brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Brioni and Pomellato.


The head of the Russian “Aeroflot” Mikhail Poluboyarinov left his post and, most likely, Russia. He has not been in touch for several days.


Ukraine called for closing the skies at a meeting of the UN Security Council.


Since the beginning of the invasion, Russian soldiers have wounded more than 840 children in Ukraine, – Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov.

March 4


In recent days, NATO has significantly lost its image in Ukraine – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.


Hostomel in the Kyiv region is under the control of the Ukrainian military. In the last two days in the city, Russia has lost more than 50 troops.


In the Kharkiv oblast, the Armed Forces launched a counteroffensive. The occupiers lost almost all offensive resources – the head of the regional state administration.


Booking has stopped showing accommodation in Russia.


Russia has blocked not only Facebook but also Twitter, Roskomnadzor has announced.


Montenegro has joined EU member states and closed its airspace to Russian aircraft. Now in Europe, the sky is open to Russia only in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, and in the partially recognized state of Kosovo.


On March 3, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine held a plenary session, during which 14 laws and one Resolution were adopted. The adopted laws are designed to strengthen the defense capabilities of Ukraine and make life easier for citizens who are forced to live in conditions of war. In addition, the adopted laws significantly increase the responsibility for hostile propaganda, collaborationism and aiding the aggressor.


Porsche has donated one million euros to provide emergency assistance to people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


The European Investment Bank condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and has approved €668 million in financial assistance.


Thousands rally in support of Ukraine in the center of Tbilisi.


Zelensky held talks with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi (UAE) on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.


The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: The main efforts of the occupiers were focused on the encirclement of Kyiv and the weakening of resistance in the settlements it blocked. The occupiers also continued to launch missile and bomb strikes on settlements. Chernihiv carries out heroic defense. In the area of ​​the settlement of Mykhailo-Kotsyubynske, Chernihiv oblast, a column of up to 200 units of equipment and manpower is standing in front of a water barrier. The bridge across the river was destroyed. Defenders of Kyiv continue to repel the enemy’s attack, defeat its offensive group and hold certain borders.


Ukraine will become a contributor to the NATO Joint Center for Advanced Technology in Cyber Defense (NATO OCPTC). “Ukraine’s participation in the work of the Center will strengthen the exchange of cyber-experience with other participating countries. Ukraine can share valuable first-hand experience with some cybersecurity adversaries that can be used for further research, training and coaching, ”said Colonel Jaak Tarien, Director of NATO’s Joint Center for Advanced Technology in Cyber Defense.


The President of Ukraine held talks with the IMF. “The Monetary Fund must take the lead in financing the reconstruction of our country,” Zelensky said.


The Russian branch of the BBC suspends work in the country. The new law threatens their journalists with imprisonment.


Pro-Russian People’s Deputy Nestor Shufrych of the Opposition Platform – For Life party was detained while trying to photograph the positions of the Supreme Court. The day before, Shufrych took part in the air of the Russian TV channel “First”, where he said that he had always advocated for the neutral status of Ukraine.


Logistics company FedEx suspends all services in Russia and Belarus.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine drove out occupiers from Mykolaiv, fights proceeded in the suburbs – the chairman of the Mykolaiv regional state administration Vitaly Kim declared it.


In Kherson, people with Ukrainian flags took part in a rally.


EPAM is closing an office in Russia and allocating $ 100 million to support Ukrainian employees.


At a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on Allies to act before it is too late and not allow Putin to turn Ukraine into Syria.


Microsoft stops selling goods and services in Russia.


The Ukrainian economy has halved due to the war – the NBU.


Ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russians killed each other in the Kyiv oblast. Near Severinovka, the Russian occupation forces went into battle with the Russian occupation forces. They destroyed 9 tanks and 4 armored personnel carriers with friendly fire.


Michelin freezes work on all its projects in Russia.


The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Gennady Laguta, says the occupiers did not approve the “green corridor” for the supply of humanitarian aid to the Kherson region – “the Russians say they will provide humanitarian aid themselves”.


Stoltenberg: NATO is not a party to this conflict. NATO has no plans to go to war with Russia.


The Kremlin has refused a direct conversation between Putin and Zelensky – Peskov.


German Chancellor Scholz is holding talks with Putin on humanitarian corridors in Ukraine, said Podoliak, an adviser to the OPU chairman.


NATO will discuss the introduction of a no-fly zone over Ukraine today, 4 March. The discussion will take place during the US-led military alliance summit.


The IAEA Director General stated his readiness to go to Chernobyl to monitor the situation with nuclear power plants in Ukraine.


The UN Human Rights Council has established an International Commission for Investigating Russia’s Crimes against Ukrainians.


IAEA chief Rafael Grossi has denied Russia’s accusations against Ukraine of alleged attempts by Ukrainians to develop nuclear weapons.


Under threat of dismissal, teachers in the occupied Crimea are being forced to spread posts on social networks in Crimea in support of the Russian army’s actions in Ukraine.


Groups of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have been withdrawn from naval bases with the task of striking the surface forces of the Navy, but they are attacking civilian ships and their crews, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said. Russia is preparing to land a naval landing on the Gulf – Black Sea section. 40 km east of the Black Sea are two large landing ships of Russia.


Nord Stream 2 AG has filed for bankruptcy, – media.


In the 8 days since the Russian aggression against Ukraine began, Ukrzaliznytsia has evacuated more than 1 million citizens from hotspots.


Throughout the Kherson region, the occupiers cut off mobile networks Vodafone and Kyivstar – the head of the regional state administration Gennady Laguta.


Russian occupation forces have used at least 95% of their battalion and tactical groups, and are suffering losses in all operational areas – Polissya, Siversky, Slobozhansky, Tavriya and in the environmental zone – Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov.


Russia plans to involve servicemen of the reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine.


Panasonic Group stops working with Russia. Swarovski and Netscout, a leading developer of innovative solutions for analyzing and diagnosing network and application performance and cybersecurity, also left Russia today.


The self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has signed a decision to amend the Constitution. The main changes are the renunciation of neutrality and the release of the President from responsibility for any actions he has taken in this position. The changes will take effect on March 15.


Autodesk, the largest developer of software for construction and mechanical engineering, stops working in Russia.


Zelensky spoke with the Prime Minister of Japan about the occupiers’ nuclear terrorism.


47 people died as a result of bombing by Russian aircraft in residential areas of Chernihiv on March 3. Systematic shelling of residential neighborhoods throughout the city continues.


During the eight days of the war, 28 children were killed and 64 wounded by the Russian occupiers.


Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has made a large donation to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund.



The largest VPN services responded to the request of the cyber police to stop cooperating with the aggressor. Services KeepSolid, ProtonVPN, Windscribe, filter traffic and block Russian propaganda sites. In total, more than ten VPN-services provide assistance to cyberpolice, prevent DDoS-attacks on Ukrainian web resources. In addition, Proton and KeepSolid VPN services transfer up to 30% of their own revenues to the needs of the Ukrainian army. Vpnunlimited service provides a year of free use of its services for citizens of Ukraine.


The Russians are gradually reducing the demands during the negotiations, they realized that they could not achieve their political goals by military means – Arestovich.


Russian oligarch Mikhail Watford was found hanged on his estate in Surrey, – Daily Mail.


Twitter and Facebook are blocked in Russia. And on the website of Roskomnadzor there is already a complaint to YouTube regarding the dissemination of “misinformation”.


Russian troops have begun using cluster bombs banned by the Geneva Convention in peaceful Ukrainian cities.


The Romanian Foreign Ministry says that Bucharest has offered NATO to expand its military presence on Russia’s border and increase military spending from 2 to 2.5% of GDP.


The Russian occupiers have taken control of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, they control the administrative buildings and the passage to the nuclear power plant. The plant’s staff continues to work on power units, ensuring the stable operation of nuclear facilities. Radiation background is normal.


AMD and Intel have officially confirmed that they have suspended supplies of all products to Russia and Belarus amid international sanctions. User, server and graphics processors were restricted.


Energodar Mayor Dmytro Orlov recorded a video message in which he stated that there were no casualties among the civilian population in the city. Energoatom notes that the appeal could have been recorded “under the barrel of a machine gun.” “Similar videos may appear from other ZNPP leaders detained by the occupiers in the administrative building,” they said.


The State Duma unanimously adopted in the second and third readings an introduction of a sentence of up to 15 years in prison “for fakes about the Russian army.” The document may come into force tomorrow.


US Senator Lindsay Graham on Fox called for the elimination of Putin.


Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia offers mediation during talks between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Minus 9,166 Russian soldiers – the General Staff of the Armed Forces publishes the approximate number of casualties of the Russian army from February 24 to the morning of March 4.


The petition to NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine received more than 1 million votes – 109% of the target.


The state of emergency in the Czech Republic is starting today due to the influx of refugees from Ukraine. “About 30,000 refugees from Ukraine have already arrived in the Czech Republic. To more effectively organize their deployment in our country, the government is announcing a state of emergency on Friday, March 4,” said Czech Prime Minister Petro Fiala a few days ago.


In Kherson, on the morning of March 4, the occupiers began broadcasting 24 Russian TV and 3 radio channels via the T2 set-top box, Public correspondents report. The all-Ukrainian marathon is broadcast on UA: Kherson TV channel. Other regional channels are down. The situation is similar in the districts of the region.


Now the streets of Energodar are quiet, but due to damage to the heating system during the shelling, the city was left without heating – the mayor of Energodar Dmitry Orlov.


The Times reports that there have been at least three assassination attempts on President Zelensky in the past week. Two different groups were sent to assassinate the Ukrainian president – mercenaries from Wagner’s pro-Kremlin group and Chechen special forces. Each time the assassinations were thwarted by Russian FSB officers who oppose the war with Ukraine, the newspaper writes.


The site of the Zaporizhzhya NPP has been seized by the military forces of the Russian Federation – the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine. Operational personnel monitor the condition of power units and ensure their operation in accordance with the requirements of technological regulations for safe operation. There are dead and wounded among the Ukrainian defenders of the station.


New sanctions from the US Department of Commerce: added bans on more than 90 organizations and individuals to the list of export restrictions against Russia.


Boeing will provide $ 2 million in emergency humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


At 06:20 the fire in the training building of Zaporizhzhya NPP in Energodar was extinguished. There are no victims.


Airbnb has stopped working in Russia and Belarus.


ZAPORIZHZHYA OBLAST. At 05:55 a fire in the training building (size 60×40 m) of Zaporizhzhya NPP in Energodar was localized in an area of 2 thousand square meters. There are no previous victims.


Residents of Energodar, home to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, are not currently being evacuated – and evacuations will be complicated by Russian troops.


No radiation leak was recorded at the station. The representative of the press service of the Zaporizhzhya NPP Andriy Tuz said that the threat of radiation spread was not noticed. This is confirmed by experts from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The service also stated that it is almost impossible to blow up this power unit. Firefighters are working on the territory of the NPP to put out the fire in the administrative part of the station.


The Presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Joe Biden had a telephone conversation about the situation at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant.


A team of investigators from the International Criminal Court in The Hague has left for Ukraine to investigate a collective international lawsuit against Russia over its war crimes.


As a result of shelling outside the NPP, one of the buildings of the training complex continues to burn. The fire covered 3, 4, 5 floors of a five-storey building. The occupiers do not allow the SES units to start eliminating the consequences of the fire. In Energodar, one of the six power units is operating at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.


In a conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky, Boris Johnson stated that he was convening an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in the near future due to the situation around the Zaporizhzhya NPP, the press service of the British Prime Minister reports.


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that the Russian occupiers were shelling the Zaporizhzhya NPP from all sides. Kuleba stressed that if ZNPP explodes, the consequences will be 10 times worse than Chernobyl.


The Czech Ministry of Defense will additionally send weapons and ammunition worth 17 million kroons (about 22 million hryvnias) to Ukraine.


The Russian military fired on the power units of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, a fire broke out – a representative of the station’s press service Andriy Tuz.


The Russian occupier is running out of missiles – General Staff. To carry out missile strikes on objects on Ukrainian territory, the Russian invaders used almost all the ammunition of the Caliber missile complex which was intended for the offensive operation in Ukraine. Currently, the enemy is replenishing stocks. According to available data, the enemy brought into the territory of Ukraine most of the group created to attack Ukraine. Out of 117 completed and equipped BTGs, no more than six remain, which are not on the territory of our country, the moral and psychological condition of these units is at a low level.


A number of opposition and Western media sites have become inaccessible or partially accessible in Russia, including Medusa, Radio Liberty and Deutsche Welle. Facebook and Twitter work with issues, the App Store and Google Play applications are blocked.


A truck with six lions, six tigers, two caracals and an African wild dog from a reserve near Kyiv arrived at the Poznan Zoo in Poland.


In Melitopol, Russian channels showed a staged video of how the aggressors were allegedly welcomed in the city – in fact, people greeted the occupiers with Ukrainian flags and shouting “Go home!”.


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba called on foreign partners to make a decision on the immediate provision of combat aircrafts to Ukraine.

March 3


In Kherson, the Russian occupiers may “hold a rally” in their support: people and cars are being brought to the city.


In Energodar of the Zaporizhzhya oblast a column of the Russian equipment is moving in the direction of the NPP, shots are heard – the mayor Orlov.


A wounded Ukrainian pilot was taken prisoner, and Russian propagandists recorded a video with him. In it, he talks about the implementation of combat missions, how he was defeated, and how well the Russian occupiers treat him.


70 of the 480 missiles fired in Ukraine during the first week of the war were launched from Belarus.


A bill has been submitted to the State Duma of Russia to call up for military service those who have been prosecuted for participating in unauthorized rallies against Russia’s participation in wars abroad.


EU rail companies offer Ukrainian refugees free travel. Citizens with a Ukrainian passport or ID card are exempt from paying for train tickets to Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Belgium and Denmark.


Refugees from Ukraine received the right to live and work in the European Union for three years. The EU provides for the right of citizens and residents of Ukraine and residents to live, work, receive medical care, housing and education immediately for up to one year, without the need for lengthy asylum procedures. If the conflict continues for a long time or the refugees cannot return safely, this status can be extended for another two years.


The United States is imposing sanctions on Putin’s spokesman Peskov, 19 Russian businessmen and 47 people associated with them. Among them are Alisher Usmanov and the Rothenberg brothers.


Ukraine is waiting for a new batch of Starlink terminals, which was adapted for the Ukrainian military. SpaceX has updated software to reduce energy consumption. Mobile roaming has also been enabled.


The United States is “not interested” in closing the skies over Ukraine, as it means that the US military would have to shoot down Russian planes, which will provoke a direct war with Russia, said White House spokeswoman Psaki.


90% of Russian troops are already in Ukraine. The United States sees this as a sign of Russia’s military weakness.


Roskomnadzor demands that Telegram remove resources that publish data on Russians killed during the war with Ukraine.

About 3,000 people remain in the frontline town of Volnovakha in the Donetsk region, where fighting is taking place. The city suffered significant damage from shelling by the Russian occupiers. It has no water and electricity supply at all.


Fierce battles between Ukrainian defenders and Russian occupiers are taking place on the streets of Energodar in the Zaporizhzhya oblast. The occupiers opened fire on the city. Invader tanks enter the city. At least two civilians were injured in the shelling of Energodar.


Zelensky said he was ready to talk to Vladimir Putin on an equal footing about any issues that concern the Russian government.


Ukraine did not get the results it had hoped for during the talks, said Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the head of the President’s Office. According to him, the parties agreed on humanitarian corridors for evacuation of people and delivery of medicines in the areas of the most active hostilities, as well as a temporary ceasefire during the evacuation. The third round of talks between Ukraine and Russia will take place in Belarus no earlier than March 7.


Ukraine will receive 4,500 M-72 LAW grenade launchers and 7,500 hand grenades – Minister of Defense of Canada.


In Kherson, the occupiers seized a local TV center and plan to spread Russian propaganda.


Volodymyr Zelensky: The Russians brought with them mobile crematoria so as not to return the mutilated corpses of soldiers to their mothers.


Zelensky appealed to the West to send military aircraft to fight the Russian invasion, otherwise the Russians “will go to the Berlin Wall.”


Belarusian paratroopers ordered to attack Ukraine. But as of now, they are hiding in the woods.


Chernihiv region. As of 6:20 p.m., the bodies of 33 dead and 18 injured were removed from the rubble as a result of air strikes in Chernihiv. Rescue work has been suspended due to the shelling. – DSNS.


Hungary has unblocked the supply of powerful NATO air defenses to Ukraine.


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky once again offers the head of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, to hold a direct dialogue.


“Kyiv will not make concessions on territorial integrity in negotiations with Russia,” the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said.


Russian federal TV channels showed Zaporizhzhya talking about Kharkiv and claimed: “Everything is fine in Kharkiv, we are not bombing anyone.”


The Kherson regional state administration claims that the Russian media are spreading fakes that the Kherson region is allegedly asking to “accept the region to Russia.”.


Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia have begun.


After a conversation with Putin, Macron said that the Russian president seeks to capture all of Ukraine, and that “the worst is yet to come“.


A convoy of 100 units of Russian equipment is moving into Energodar, Mayor Dmitry Orlov reports. Minutes later, he reported that the occupiers had fired on civilians at the checkpoint.


SSU: the offensive nature of the Russian occupiers has slowed down, the military is increasingly surrendering. For example, in the area of Nikolaev the Armed Forces neutralized the Russian landing party which tried to land. Some of the occupiers immediately surrendered. In a conversation with his mother, a Russian paratrooper told her where he had actually fought. At the same time, he asked that the mothers of soldiers go out to protest with demands to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine.


Russian warships sank a peaceful merchant ship Helt near Odessa – it belonged to an Estonian company and flew under the flag of Panama. Earlier, Ukrainian authorities pointed out that Helt was captured by Russian sailors – they used this ship as a shield


Putin told Macron that there was no rocket attack on Kyiv, and that it was all an “anti-Russian disinformation campaign.”


A no-fly zone, “green corridors” and the introduction of peacekeepers: The Verkhovna Rada asked for help from the international community. The parliament supported the appeal to the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the European Parliament, international organizations and their parliamentary assemblies, foreign parliaments and governments to urgently protect the civilian population of Ukraine from armed attacks by Russian invaders. The Verkhovna Rada also appealed to the UN Secretary General to mediate in ending the war.


The head of the NBU Kyrylo Shevchenko said that Ukraine has already received $15 billion in aid during the war.


The Russian Federation mobilized the population of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and formed assault units from them – Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.


In Vilnius, the streets where the Russian Embassy is located will be named Heroes of Ukraine. Now the memory of the Heroes of Ukraine will be immortalized on the business cards of all employees of the Russian Embassy in Lithuania.


Українські ППО збили російський літак, який намагався обстріляти електропідстанцію у селі біля Затоки Білгород-Дністровського району Одеської області.


Ukraine is asking the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to ask NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine’s nuclear facilities.


Dmytro Kuleba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: “Russian barbaric tactics of war are to manipulate the suffering of the civilian population, which they themselves inflict. Lavrov is now accusing Ukraine of preventing the evacuation of civilians.’


The large Russian convoy, which has caused alarm among military experts, is still standing in place about 18 miles (29 km) from Kyiv. The Pentagon says the convoy has “remained in a dead end,” but it’s hard to say exactly why. In particular, among the possible versions – bad roads and wet ground.


Most members of the Russian elite are currently evacuating their relatives from Moscow to Georgia, Israel and the UAE, according to Ukrainian intelligence. Russia’s top political leadership continues to panic and distrust Putin. It is also suggested that the probability of nuclear conflict (not war) is present, but small.


Navalny’s team announced the start of indefinite anti-war protests across Russia.


“The least we can do is agree on humanitarian corridors,” said David Arahamia, a member of the delegation negotiating with Russia.


SSU: In the Russian village of Popovka, which borders the Krasnopil district of the Sumy region, the Russian “Grads” have been targeted towards the Russian Federation. The SSU assumes that the occupiers are preparing a provocation by shelingl their territory in order to accuse Ukraine of attacking the civilian population of Russia.


The European Union has just signed a Memorandum with Ukraine on providing 1.2 billion euros in macro-financial assistance. Ukraine and the EU have signed a memorandum unlocking the first tranche of € 600 million in macro-financial assistance to Ukraine. In addition, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced the allocation of at least 500 million euros for humanitarian aid in connection with the war in Ukraine


Enemy aircraft struck the southern suburbs of Kiev. The village of Hatne near the border of Kyiv was hit by a powerful air strike from the Teremka massif. Private houses there have been badly damaged, according to the Kyiv regional police. There is no information about the victims yet, police and rescuers are working on the spot.


Russian troops are again bombing the peaceful city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region – Deputy Mayor Vladimir Matsokin.


The EU is considering disconnecting banks in Belarus from the SWIFT-Reuters financial system.


Russian troops launched an airstrike on a residential area in the center of Chernihiv. Windows, damaged walls and ceilings were broken in apartment buildings.


The Biden administration has asked the US Congress to approve $32.5 billion in support of Ukraine.


The yacht Amore Vero was arrested in France. It is believed that it belongs to the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin.


Morgan Stanley Capital International – an index that reflects the situation on the world stock market – no longer considers Russia a country suitable for investment.


The head of the State Special Service Yuri Shchigol and Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov appealed to the French government and communications administrator to stop broadcasting Russian television channels with the satellite operator Eutelsat and thus stop spreading false information about the events in Ukraine.


Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky: The bloc of “Russian proposals” in negotiations with Ukraine consists of military-technical, humanitarian-international and political units. According to him, talks are expected at 14.00 (Kyiv time).


According to ZN.UA, the Belarusian military column, which has already lined up in the village of Mykhailo-Kotsyubynske, Chernihiv region, refuses to move towards Ukraine.


On March 3, Russian President Putin submitted to the State Duma for ratification a protocol amending the agreement on CSTO peacekeeping activities, which provides for the introduction of the concept of “coordinating state”, reports TASS. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin: In this way, Putin is trying to come up with reasons to leave his troops in Ukraine.


Adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak noted that the price of the open sky for flights over Ukraine was a million refugees from the country and the destruction of historic centers of Ukrainian cities.


Zelensky: “Ukraine meets the first foreign volunteers”, the first 16 thousand of them are coming to the country. ​​They are from 16 countries, including Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Israel and others.


“We have seen so many try to destroy us. They couldn’t. We’ve been through so much! And if someone thinks that, having overcome all this, Ukrainians will be frightened, broken or surrender -they know nothing about Ukraine. And they have nothing to do in Ukraine. Go home. Protect Russian-speaking people. Not all over the world, but in your country. ” – Zelensky.


Roskomnadzor demands that Google stop disseminating to Russia “false political information about Russia’s special operation in Ukraine” through contextual advertising. The occupiers believe that this “distorts the perception of events and creates protest moods”.


The Ukrainian military liquidated Russian Major General Sukhovetsky.


Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, reports: Border guards together with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the line of the state border of Ukraine in the Sumy Region.


As of the morning of March 3, 34 civilians were killed by Russian shelling in the Kharkiv region. Another 285 people, including 10 children, were injured


The Verkhovna Rada Committee unanimously supported the bill on the nationalization of property and assets of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Not only Russia’s assets but also the assets of its legal entities operating in Ukraine will be seized.


Ukraine could become a candidate for the EU “tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week” – said Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Marcin Pszydach. Pszydach says the initiative is supported by 10 EU countries and promises to “persuade” Berlin and Paris to agree to Ukraine’s status.


The Center for Counteracting Disinformation reports up-to-date information from Energoatom: ALL UKRAINIAN NPPS ARE WORKING STABILLY ON STAFF REGIME. As of 9:00 am on March 3, 2022, the existing nuclear power plants of Ukraine are operating safely and stably. There are no violations of the conditions of safe operation. Radiation, fire and environmental conditions at NPPs and adjacent territories have not changed and are within current standards.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that 38 countries around the world have made the largest-ever appeal to the International Criminal Court in connection with Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine.


Steam, the world’s largest digital video game store, has turned off all major payment methods for users in Russia


Ukraine demands to ban the indexation of materials from Russian scientific journals in the international bibliographic and abstract databases Web of science and SCOPUS.


Ukrzaliznytsia provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with refrigerated wagons to transport the dead Russian occupiers.


The dollar renewed its historic high, rising above 110 rubles – trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange.


In Energodar, the occupiers asked them to enter the city for a short time to take a photo against the background of ZNPP for a report. This was stated by NNEGC Energoatom Chairman Petro Kotin. According to him, the occupiers are leaving and trying to negotiate with the leadership of the city of Energodar. “They say that it is enough for them to enter the city at least a little bit, take a photo against the background of ZNPP and send a report to the leadership,” Kotin said.


The German Ministry of Economy has approved the supply of 2,700 Strela anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine from the former reserves of the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic – DPA.


“By a majority vote of the Board of Directors of Echo of Moscow, a decision was made to liquidate the Echo of Moscow radio channel and website,” Alexei Venediktov said.


Ukrzaliznytsia has made all trains from the east to the west of Ukraine evacuation trains and closed the sale of tickets for them – these trains can be used free of charge by passengers who need to leave the hotspots.


WORLD. The Paris Museum of Wax Figures Greven has removed the statue of Putin – the museum says that it can be replaced by the statue of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.


An information platform for the international audience about the war in Ukraine has been launched. The war.ukraine.ua project was created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and its main purpose is to provide verified information on the situation in Ukraine, specific ways to support Ukraine, as well as to show the human dimension of resistance.


WORLD. Kazakhstan has declared neutrality in the war in Ukraine. “The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has nothing to do with Kazakhstan. We do not support either side, “said Deputy Defense Minister Sultan Kamaletdinov.


The Ukrainian military defeated Russia’s first tank army near Kharkiv. The first tank army is an elite group of the Russian army. It was her units that performed at parades and received the latest technology.


WORLD. Russia and Belarus are not allowed at the 2022 Paralympics, even in neutral status. Athletes from these countries will not be able to compete in the Paralympic Games in Beijing.


Russians complain about the lack of money and problems with the issuance of currency – banks attribute this to the growing demand and complex logistics due to Western sanctions.


WORLD. Polish President Andrzej Duda has said that his country is not going to go to war with Russia – he believes that Polish soldiers will not have to fight.


The price of Brent oil, between the coasts of Norway and Scotland, exceeded $ 118 per barrel for the first time since 2013. The Russian war in Ukraine caused supply problems in all commodity markets. At the same time, the demand for spot consignments of Russian Urals oil is almost non-existent, and the Urals discount to Brent has reached record levels.


KYIV OBLAST. Katyuzhanka. A column of enemy vehicles stopped. They have no fuel or ammunition. Ready to surrender.


The International Federation of Cats (FIFe) has also imposed sanctions on Russia.


The team of the American channel CBS witnessed explosions in Kyiv when the presenter was finishing the broadcast. News producer Justin Redman called it “the biggest explosion we’ve ever seen.” On the night of March 3, four explosions were heard in Kyiv, heard in different parts of the capital.


National Police: In the Black Sea Operational Zone, naval groups of the Black Sea Fleet continue to fire on civilian ships and capture sailors.


According to a poll conducted on March 1, 93% of Ukrainians support President Zelensky’s activions.


Russia will hold an all-Russian open lesson “Defenders of Peace” for schoolchildren on March 3. They are going to talk about the so-called “liberation mission in Ukraine” and why it was necessary.


The petition to NATO to close the skies over Ukraine received one million signatures.


ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan: The International Criminal Court has launched an investigation into possible Russian war crimes against Ukraine.


KHARKIV. During the shelling, Russian invaders damaged a cathedral.


During the day on March 2, anti-aircraft missile units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 3 planes and 2 helicopters of the Russian occupiers.


More than 70 global companies have protested Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine and stopped working with the aggressor.


According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia intends to declare martial law on March 4 – Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleskiy Danilov.


During the day, on March 2, the crews of Su-24m and Su-25 fighter jets helped destroy columns of Russian military equipment and manpower in Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions. During the day, anti-aircraft missile units destroyed three enemy aircraft and two helicopters.


Zelensky: Signed a decree conferring the title of Hero of Ukraine on fifteen servicemen. Some of them – posthumously.


Sednivska territorial hromada is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe and is asking for a “green corridor” to be organized for the supply of basic necessities. The community found itself under occupation – the worst situation was in the village of Chernysh, whose residents did not leave the basements for 7 days. The power supply was cut off four days ago.


WORLD. The World Bank has suspended all its programs in Russia and Belarus.


An employee of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine was killed in the shelling of Kharkiv – OSCE Secretariat in Vienna.


The international rating agency Fitch has downgraded Russia’s long-term rating from BBB to B.


The main thesis of the Pentagon report is about the war in Ukraine. Russian troops have lost momentum in recent days, but this does not mean that they have no strength left. Russia is not recruiting any additional troops to engage them in the operation in Ukraine. There are no signs of Belarus preparing for the attack. The Ukrainian Armed Forces retain a significant part of their combat potential.


Russia continues to detain participants in “anti-war” rallies: 724 people a day.


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