UPDATED. Chronicles of liberation

UPDATED. Chronicles of liberation

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28 February 2022

In the morning of February 24th Russia attacked Ukraine in order to occupy its entire territory. Enemy’s missiles and bombs were fired at cities all over the country. For the third day Ukrainian army has been fighting the invader. Very soon these events will enter the history of Ukraine as the final liberation of Ukraine from Russian occupation. And now we follow the news and support people who protect our motherland.

March 1


Russia Alfa-bank is expecting a jump in inflation of up to 20-30%


Arestovych: the enemy has used up 2/3 of their potential


Ukrainian forces shot down two russian helicopters near Kyiv


The head of the Mykhailivsk Amalgamated Hromada Volodymyr Rykun, from the pro-russian Opposition Platform – For Life party, has capitulated to the occupation forces and allowed the enemy to recuperate and rest before their siege of Zaporizhzhya.

Berliners have provided Novograd-Volynskyi with humanitarian help, says the city council of Novograd-Volynskyi on their Facebook page.


Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov says: «The enemy is bordering on exhaustion while Ukrainian resistance forces only get stronger each day. When driven into a corner, Kremlin’s rats become particularly desperate, crossing the line and throwing away any and all moral and legal wartime obligations».


Khersonian authorities report the shelling of apartment complexes by russian forces. Two nine-story buildings were targeted, some apartments were destroyed. A fire started in one of the buildings. Four people were injured.


The russian flag raised in Ivankovo, Kyiv Oblast, has been removed.


WORLD. The shelling of civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv breaks wartime law, comments Josep Borrell..


Hungary supports Ukraine’s accession to the EU.


The next round of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine could happen as early as the 2nd of March.


The operator company of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Nord Stream 2 AG, is considering bankruptcy – Reuters. 


In the city of Kupyansk, Kharkiv Oblast, which the mayor allowed to come under russian control, local residents have started a protest


A video of Russian soldiers surrendering near Kharkiv has been released.


KHARKIV. During the shelling of civilian infrastructure by Russian forces an Indian student was killed.


KYIV OBLAST. A bridge on the Irpyn river near Kyiv has been blown up.


State science-technical center of nuclear and radiation safety DP Derzhatomrehuliuvannya «Occupants are experiencing significant internal and external exposure in the Chornobyl exclusion zone»


KHARKIV, At least 10 dead, over 20 injured, rescuers and volunteers have saved around 10 people from under the rubble. Works are ongoing to clear the ruins.


KHARKIV OBLAST. The residents of Kupyansk, the mayor of which has surrendered the city, raised a Ukrainian flag near the town hall.


The first dead and injured soldiers have started to arrive in Russia – Ministry of Health.


SUMY OBLAST. Russian helicopters have crossed the border near the Ryzhivka village. According to intelligence, they are intending to deliver and aviation strike on Konotop. 


Near Chernihiv, columns of military equipment marked with the “O” marking (signifying they are Belarusian) have appeared. They were stopped by civilians.


Lukashenka has claimed that if Russian forces did not attack Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, Ukraine would be bombing belarusian cities.


Anonymous Telegram channels, possibly administered by Russian intelligence agencies, have are sharing conspiracy theories about the reasons for the war.


Phone messages of a Russian soldier killed in the Kyiv Oblast include him telling his sister the war isn’t going to last long and his girlfriend telling him to “not spare” Ukrainians.


AFU: The airbase in Berdyansk, where a large amount of Russian forces were concentrated, has been struck with a Tochka-U.


In Kupyansk local residents have started to resist the occupation forces. The enemy is attempting to break crowds with the use of grenades.


Zelensky: for the time of martial law, General Mykola Zhernov was made head of the Kyiv city administration. Vitaliy Klitchko will remain mayor.


Kyiv will immediately recall the ambassador of Kyrgyzstan for consultations regarding the justification of the armed agression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine – Zelensky.


Ukraine will immediately recall the ambassador of Georgia for the attempts to prevent volunteers from providing help and the amoral position regarding sanctions – Zelensky. 


KHERSON. The occupation forces are attempting to conduct an “evacuation” of the local population. The authorities warn against falling for such provocations.


Head of the Accounting chamber Valeriy Patskan is initiating the annulation of Ukraine’s external debt, which is currently 1.6 trillion hryvnias or 57 milliard US dollars. 


In the Sumy oblast enemy vehicles are driving around villages with white flags and shooting at civilians – Authorities. 


«Tonight our anti-air defense systems shot down a rocket over the Darnytsk district of Kyiv. It fell apart in the air. Counter-diversion measures in the capital continue 24/7. Constant surveillance is our top priority now.», – Khariton Starsky, press-officer of the quick reaction brigade.


KHERSON. Occupation forces have blown up a water canal.


WORLD. Visa Foundation will grant $2 millions to the UNICEF foundation for humanitarial help for Ukrainians. It will also double its employees’ donations for up to $1 million to the UNICEF and Red Cross foundations.


KHERSON. Russian troops are currently walking the city streets. In every district there are roughly 30-person groups of occupants.


A column of armored vehicles crossed Trostianets, Sumy Oblast.


Near Sumy, the occupation forces have crushed


Kherson. At the entrances to Kherson occupants settled their block posts. Kherson will stand to the enemy and remain Ukrainian – said the Mayor Ihor Kolybanov before the attack on the city 


Kherson. The attack on Kherson begins. Eyewitnesses say that the enemy is going from the airport to Mykolaiv highway near the food-processing plant.


Genichesk mayor and rayon head: Genichesk has only legally elected Ukrainian government.

01: 40

Sumy oblast. In Okhtyrka city bodies of killed people are taken from destroyed building – three vacuum bombs were trown at the city. Sumy oblast continues to resist because its the northern forpost of Ukraine. 20 Russian Grad missile launchers, 96 tanks and 8 fuel machines were destroyed by Bayraktar. 


Starlink Satellites are launched in Ukraine: download speed is 100-200 Mb/second.


Ukrainian army headquarters: in the Black sea due to weather conditions, the probability of naval assault operation in the next 24 hours is low. Ukrainian army supported by artillery and Bayraktars holds the line. 


Ukrainian army headquarters: Russia plans to add the best Belarusian forces to the operation. They are staged along the Ukraine’s border. Army, operational and special aviation flies from Belarus. The probability of invasion of Belarusian troops remains high – Center for defense strategies. 


WORLD. Our partners provide us with 70 Mig-29 and SU-25 planes. They will be able to base on Polish airfields if necessary. Ukrainian pilots will implement army flights from there. 


Canada will supply anti-tank weapons to Ukraine and ban imports of Russian oil.


Zelenskiy awarded the “Hero of Ukraine” title to 12 Ukrainian combatants.


Ukrainian ambassador at the UN General Assembly Serhiy Kyslytsia advised Putin to spend his last days in a bunker and shoot himself as Hitler did.


The prosecutor of the Court for International Criminal Affairs has initiated an investigation on Russian invasion to Ukraine  .

February 28


State Special connection service: Ukrainian operators turned off the connection to occupants by blocking access of phones with Russian numbers to their networks.


Kyiv. Maxar Technologies satellites made a photo of moving occupants’ military convoy near Kyiv.


Donetsk oblast. Russian troops with the help of aviation shelled electricity networks in Mariupol, the city is partly without electricity – city council.

Kharkiv: occupants’ troops continue shelling of the city, they started to blow up electricity stations.


Zelenskiy signed an order on temporary visa-free regime for foreigners willing to enter the International legion of Ukraine’s defense. It will be effective since March 1 until the end of the martial law.


WORLD. Heads of Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia support immediate granting to Ukraine the candidate country status. Their common statement at the Czech president web-site


WORLD. European parliament on March 1 will adopt the resolution calling the EU institutions to work on granting candidate status to Ukraine. Meanwhile they will continue to work on the integration into the EU single market.


Zhytomyr. Tomorrow residents will learn how to burn Russian tanks using Molotov cocktails – mayor.


Occupants have food portions that expired in 2015.


Kyiv oblast. During the fire at the oil terminal in Vasylkiv the head of the railway station together with local government managed to transport 16 cisterns with oil into a safe place to avoid harsh consequences.


Valeriy Zaluzhny: Russia has fired 113 missiles at peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine since the start of the open invasion. .


NV: in five hours Russian and Ukrainian delegations could not reach an agreement on stopping Russian aggression against Ukraine. Russian side insisted on giving so-called L/DPRs control over the entire territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Ukrainian side absolutely did not agree to that.


Kharkiv oblast. In Dergachy the policy destroyed two tanks of Russian occupants. 


Kharkiv. On February 28th during the shelling upper levels of 2 16-level apartment buildings were destroyed. 35 people were evacuated, 8 wounded


Ukrainian army headquarters: Belarusian army started to move to Ukraine’s border to Volyn direction.


WORLD. EU Commission and European electric networks union agreed to start the process of urgent joining Ukraine to the single EU energy network. This process will take several weeks.


WORLD. The EU introduced new indivirual sanctions – for Dmitry Peskov, Olga Skabeeva, Anton Krasovsky, Sergey Roldugin, Alisher Usmanov, Mykhailo Frydman and 20 other Russians.


Kherson. Occupant’s convoy destroyed


WORLD. Norway will send to Ukraine 2 thousand anti-tank M72 weapons to protect itself from Russian aggression.


WORLD. Head of German Foreign Ministry warns against fast adoption of Ukraine to the EU.


Kyiv oblast. An attack on Vasylkiv. A hostel is ruined by missiles. Whether there were people is unknown. Primary information is that people were evacuated  


Reznikov: we offer to Russian soldiers a choice: to die at an unlawful war or a full amnesty and 5 million rubles of compensation if they lay down weapons and surrender.


Kyiv oblast: missile strike (Vasylkiv, Bila Tserkva, Kalynivka) ruined a 5-storey building and two 5-storey apartment buildings. Rescue teams go there – Emergency service.


Kharkiv. 87 residential houses were damaged by shelling, 87 families suffered .


Ukrainian army commander in chief Valeriy Zaluzhny: Russian occupants start using Ukrainian symbols to deceive Ukrainians. This is a violation of international humanitarian law!


WORLD. Croatia will provide Ukraine with weapons worth EUR 16.5 million, will send weapons and protective gear for four brigades. These are rifles and machine guns which Ukraine requested .


Russian army fired missles at Vasylkiv city near Kyiv 


Russian vehicles enter Brovary town near Kyiv – local deputy Oleksiy Doroshenko 


Occupants’ shelling of Kharkiv killed 9 people and wounded 37, including 3 children. 


The EU will transfer to Ukraine the satellite intelligence data on Russian troops movements.


Kupiansk mayor that surrendered the city to occupants was captured – 24 TV channel. 


At 18.40 in Zhytomyr explosions were heard. In a minute air attack alert was on. Reporters of Suspilne TV say that there was about 10 explosions in the city, aircrafts were heard, At about 19:15 the alert was cancelled. It was announced again in 30 minutes and cancelled at 20.04.


There was a missile strike at military radiolocation centre in Brovary. Our block post was nearby – Herashchenko. 


Belorussians say that up to 20 helicopters flew to Kyiv from Belarus during the last 10 minutes.


WORLD. FIFA and UEFA suspended Russia from international football on the club and national team levels.


Head of Donetsk oblast military-civil administration Pavlo Kyrylenko said that Russian occupants shot the regular but on February 26th near Volokhiv Yar city in Kharkiv oblast.

There were 7 residents of Donetsk oblast on the bus – 4 women and 3 men. Now they are considered missing or dead since there is no connection with them since February 26th. Residents of Volokhiv Yar say that there are dead in the bus – says Kyrylenko.


Missiles towards Vasylkiv


Sumy oblast governor Dmytro Zhyvytsky informs that Bayraktar destroyed about 100 enemy vehicles.


In Chernihiv direction 4 KAMAZ of occupants with weapons were destroyed. 


Mykhailo Podolyak: negotiations with Russian delegation were hard but without any ultimatums. Russia, unfortunately, does not look objectively at destructive processes which it launched.


Kyiv. A few minutes ago there was a powerful explosion. At the outskirt of Brovary there was an air attack towards Kyiv. 6 wounded are reported.


Rashists fired missiles in response to negotiations in Pripyat. Ukraine has put strong conditions – complete withdrawal of Russian forces from the entire Ukrainian territory. Before the next negotiations Russia wants to raise the stake – surround Kyiv and Mariupol.


Russia closed its sky for foreign airlines. The prohibition taken as a response to Western sanctions affects carriers of 36 countries. 


WORLD. Minister of transportation of Great Britain asked all ports of the world to ban entry to any Russian ships.


Putin when speaking with Macron told about the conditions of stopping the war against Ukraine. Kremlin has three conditions: acknowledgement of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, resolving the tasks of “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine” and ensuring its “neutral status” .


Ukrainian and Russian delegations have held the first round of talks and are going to their capitals for consultations. Soon the next round of negotiations will follow. 


A bus in Vasylkiv picks up women and children for evacuation! 


Russia: Russian residents are prohibited to transfer currency abroad to pay for loans. Potentially this may place at the risk of default the majority of the Russian external debt.


WORLD. Macron talked on the phone first with Zelenskiy and then with Putin. French president called Russian one to stop attacks on the peaceful population of Ukraine.


Zaporizhzhya oblast. Russian army convoy turned back when they saw Energodar residents before it.


Zelenskiy signed an application for the EU membership. 


Zaporizhzhya oblast. Occupants are firing at Berdyansk port. Before that people went into the central square of the city and forced occupants to leave.


Russia: Putin issued an order for exporters to sell 80% currency revenues received after January 1st 2022. Currency deficit in Russia is looming.


Bayraktar drone liquidated Russian Buk near Ivankiv village in Kyiv oblast 


Ukrainian government approved the salary of UAH 100k per month to combatants, and families of killed soldiers will get a lump-sum payment of UAH 15 million.


About $13 million worth of cryptocurrency donations for Ukrainian army are collected  – Fedorov 


Hungary will not send troops or weapons in Ukraine and will not allow transit of lethal weapons through its territory 


In the future business will be able to refer to the letter of the Chamber of Commerce that defines the war as force-majeure .


Donetsk oblast. Fight for Mariupol. Azov battalion has destroyed 2 armoured vehicles and 1 “Tiger” tank.


Kherson oblast. Residents of Vesele and Kozatske were evacuated to Nova Kakhovka.


Chernihiv. Houses, historical sites and surrounding villages are shelled by missiles. Occupants try to destroy a historical city that by its existence debunks the quasihistorical myths invented by Putin.


Parliamentary factions leaders plan to confiscate the assets of Russian enterprises.


Chernihiv oblast. Residents of Dobryanka village came to the Belarussian border with a flag singing the anthem. They told to neighbors that they are not wanted here.


Zaporizhzhya oblast. Russian army starts to flee in Berdyansk.


Third round or Ukraine-Russia negotiations. So far no details.


Sumy oblast. From Pidlypne village Russian army goes home having abandoned its vehicles.


WORLD. Great Britain, Poland, Latvia, Israel, Denmark and Croatia allowed volunteers to fight for Ukraine.


Kyiv oblast. Russian troops drive through Prypiat. Putin is crazy putting the entire world on the brink of nuclear catastrophe.


Kyiv oblast. Ukrainian army blocked the enemy in Borodyanka and don’t let them go to Kyiv.


SSU blocked the web-site which sent to the enemy coordinates for bombing of Ukraine. 


Kharkiv. Shelling continues


Kharkiv. Because of today’s shelling of residential areas 11 civilians were killed, dozens wounded, the numbers are not final – head of Kharkiv oblast administration Oleh Synegubov.


Zaporizhzya oblast. Berdyansk that is temporarily occupied by Russia. People went into the streets, stand near the tanks and shout “Glory to Ukraine”, tell them in their faces to go to hell, call Putin a fucker. Russians were afraid and hid in a building, they are afraid of the shelling. 


Azov movement leader: our army blocked the enemy in Borodyanka. Occupant’s tanks cannot go to Kyiv. Enemies convoyes were slowed down by “Uragan” missile vehicles in Chernihiv oblast. 


Kyiv oblast: paratroopers near Bila Tserkva – Russians want to move their vehicles to Kyiv from Obukhiv and Odessa directions.  Local territorial defense is ready to fight, Azov battalion is clearing the terrain to the east of Bila Tserkva. As of 12:30 15 enemies were killed.


Ukrainian army destroyed the headquarters or a commander point of the 96th intelligence brigade and captured some documents.


Conflict Intelligence Team: Russians use civilian walkie-talkies that are easy to intercept. Russian army uses practically no means of radioelectric fight. 


The NBU reports that over UAH 1 billion was transferred to the special account for the army support. 


Kyiv oblast. A convoy of occupants was destroed in Bucha town, – Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk. 


Ukrainian and Russian delegation started negotiations 


Kyiv oblast. Occupants started shelling to Bila Tserkva.


Russians prohibited to broadcast negotiations of Ukraine and Russia in Gomel oblast.


Chernihiv oblast. Enemy convoy stopped by missile fighters “Urahan” near Khoroshe Ozero village. Enemy’s losses are being clarified.


Chernihiv hypermarket and nearby houses are burning.


Russian stock exchange fell in 2 minutes, Sberbank is practically dead! 


Sumska oblast. Oil terminal exploded in Okhtyrka city.


Ministry of Health: because of Russian aggression 352 civilians were killed, of them 16 children, more than 2 thousand civilians were wounded, of them 45 children.


Sumy. Enemy vehicles are approaching the city from all sides. There is a threat of street fights.


Kyiv oblast. Colonel of Russian special forces Kostyantyn Ohiy is killed.


Chernihiv. Intensed shelling of streets Belova, Rokossovskoho, Dotsenka, Pukhova continues 


Sumy oblast. Near Okhtyrka Russians on an armoured vehicle shot civilians that were driving a civilian car, took the car and went to Chupakhivka.


Luhansk oblast. Very complicated situation in the Hirska community, in Zolote and Hirske. Firefighters work in Novoivanivka and Novotoshkivske. Nyzhne is almost destroyed. There so no light, water, gas.


Kyiv is completely controlled by Ukrainian army, it is possible to enter the city, clashes in some city outskirts – advisor to the head of the president’s office Podolyak. 


Donetsk oblast. Ukrainian army, National Guard and Azov battalion destroyed rashist plane (probably SU-25) that yesterday has fired four times at the left bank of Mariupol and Sartana settlement.


Chernihiv oblast. Belorussian soldiers were noticed in Ichnya and Horodnya.


WORLD. American exchange Coinbase has frozen deals with cryptocurrencies in Russia – exchange web-site  


Google Maps blocked 2 funcions in Ukraine to protect Ukrainians. These functions provide some information to Ukrainians in real time.


Ukraine turned to the EU for the urgent admission under the new special procedure – Zelenskiy.


Zelensky announced that former combatants will be released from jails to protect Ukraine.  


Ukrainian delegation arrived at the Ukrainian-Belorussian border to negotiate with representatives of Russian Federation.


World hacker networks Anonymous that is officially at war on the Ukrainian side against Russia reported on deleting web-sites of bank networks in Belarus.


Kyiv oblast. Due to shooting in Borodyanka two supermarkets were burned (Fora and ATB).


Zaporizhzhya oblast. During the night of February 28th there was a heavy fighting in Tokmak city. Many enemies were killed and they moved back to Tokmak southern outskirt. Now there are Russian surveillance troops in the city.  


A Russian occupants convoy was noticed today in Mikhanovychy (Minsk Raion, Belarus).


Zaporizhzhya oblast. In Berdyansk Russian soldiers killed a civilian who did no give them his mobile phone to call home.


Russian defense ministry says that Russian army took control over the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and surrounding territory. Press-secretary of Energoatom Leonid Oliynyk denies this and says that power plant is fully controlled by Ukraine and works stably. 


Total approximate losses of the enemy during Feb 24- 06:00 Feb 28: 29 planes, 29 helicopters, 191 tanks, 816 armored vehicles, 74 canons, 1 Buk complex, 21 Grad missile vehicles, 291 lorries, 60 cisternes, 3 drones, 2 vessels, 5 anti-aircraft complex, people – about 5300  


Donetsk oblast. Russian occupants again made an air strike on Sartana settlement. There is no information on destructions and casualties at the moment.


Russia is afraid of anti-war protests, Red Square is closed.

WORLD: Poland agrees to serve as a transportation hub for supply of weapons to Ukraine from other countries 


WORLD. The EU applies sanctions to the Russian central bank: ruble has shown record devaluation, Russians panic


Luhansk oblast. All large cities of Luhansk oblast are under control of Ukraine. At the same time there is no opportunity to evacuate people from destroyed Shchastya.


WORLD: Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs says that Russia occupied South Kuril islands.  


WORLD. First volunteers go from Croatia to Ukraine to fight the Russian army – a reporter of Croatian TV channel Ivan Chorkalo 


Kyiv oblast: an enemy convoy was destroyed near Makariv town.


Khersonska oblast. Kherson oblast administration warns that Russians plan to organize a fake “evacuation” from Kherson wearing Territorial Defense uniform and covering themselves with a “live shield” to send military vehicles to Kyiv.


WORLD. Ukrainian combatants from the French foreign legion will arrive to Ukraine.


Reznikov: yesterday was a real breaking point. The war became European


Kyiv oblast. Russian occupants burned a history museum where 25 paintings of a famous Ukrainian painter Maria Prymachenko were exposed.


Kharkiv oblast. Because of shelling there are fires in the two apartment buildings, they are already liquidated – head of the Vysochany community 



WORLD. The centre for counteraction to disinformation at the Ukraine’s National Security Council confirms that Ukrainians from the French Foreign Legion can enter Ukraine fully equipped.


Kharkiv. Anti-air artillery is constantly working, shelling on the airport and residential areas of the city 


Cyprus closes its air space for Russian planes


Explosions in Kyiv and Kharkiv again. Several previous hours were calm.


Australia imposed sanctions against Putin, foreign minister Lavrov, defense minister Shoigu and the prime-minister Mishustin and the Minister of Interior Kolokoltsev . 


State enterprise “Luch” provided Ukrainian army all the products produced for exports. Tens of Skif and Korsar anti-tank missile weapons that were planned for foreign buyers were provided and are used by Ukrainian army.  Skif can hit a goal in up to 5 km, Korsar – 2.5 km.


Chernihiv. A missile hit an apartment building in the centre of Chernihiv city. There is a fire in two lower levels. The number of wounded is unknown.


Ukraine filed a lawsuit against Russia to the International UN Court asking to issue an executive order on temporary measures against Russia 


WORLD. The US will provide Ukraine $54 million for the support of those who suffered from Russian invasion – state secretary Blinken.


Fighter planes from Belarus fly towards Ukraine 


WORLD. Ukraine has to enter the EU, this country is one of us, we want to see it in the European family – head of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen.


Kyivska oblast. The enemy tries to advance to Kyiv from Polissya region by making a pontoon bridge via the Irpin river near Demydiv town. Another attempt of occupants to capture Irpin town was unsuccessful. 


65.16% of Belarusian citizens voted “yes” at the “referendum” about amendments to the Constitution, the decision is approved – head of Belarus electoral commission  


WORLD. This is the end to special relations of Russia and Germany. Putin’s war means a decisive turn in the German foreign policy – Olaf Sholtz. 


Luhanska oblast. Ukrainian army attacked the convoy of enemy vehicles near Makarov.


Kharkiv – a powerful explosion, allegedly at the airport.


Arestovych. The enemy lost 4000 people, 27 planes, 26 helicopters, about 150 tanks, over 700 armoured vehicles, about 70 cannons, 1 Buk complex, 4 missile launch vehicles, 2 military vessels. 


Arestovych: the enemy has stopped moving to Kyiv from the North, some departments move back. It’s quiet in Chernihiv and Sumy. An attempt to capture Kharkiv during the day failed. Mariupol is standing strong. Berdyansk is occupied. There were air strikes at Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Zaporizhzhya.


Kherson. A Russian occupants using Ukrainian military uniform want to use the citizens of Kherson as a living shield to capture Ukrainian cities – reports Kherson oblast administration  

February 27


WORLD. Dmarket, a marketplace for trade in NFT and In-game Metaverse items, has frozen all  accounts of users from Russia and Belarus. It sent $4,5 million to support Ukrainian army.


Ukrainian web-site “Look for yours” for relatives of killed and wounded Russians was blocked in Russia.


Mykolaiv. Russian occupants shoot missiles at Mykolaiv airport – head of Mykolaiv oblast administration Vitaliy Kim.


WORLD. PayPal frose transfers to Russian banks.


The EU will provide Ukraine with lethal weapons for EUR 450 million.


Kharkiv oblast. Mayor of Kupiansk city Hennady Matsygora that was elected in 2020 from Opposition Block party surrendered the city to Russian occupants. An hour later the prosecution office filed a treason case against him 


National Guard and police have an order to shoot marauders without warning  – Zhytomyr mayor Serhiy Sukhomlyn.


Russia planned to capture Kyiv in 1 day and even prepared a propaganda article about this for RIA news. This article was found in web archive.


UN Security Council asked for the General Assembly meeting, it should start within 24 hours.


Russian occupants captured all the administrative buildings in Berdyansk – acting mayor of Berdyansk Oleksandr Svidlo.


EU will supply fighter planes to Ukraine – Josep Borrel


Missile attack on Zaporizhzhya airport. 


Army headquarters report that in Chernihiv oblast Russian draft soldiers are ready to lay down the weapons and give up. 


WORLD. Albania closes its air to Russian planes


Kherson oblast. Fighting in Kakhovka.


Norwegian Oil Fund known as Government Pension Fund Global will sell its Russian assets worth $2,83 bln. Russian assets of the Fund include shares of 47 companies and government bonds totaling about 25 bn kron  ($2,83 bn).


Kharkiv oblast. Near Ohurtsivka village Russian military vehicles are parked (coordinates provided)


WORLD. A Ukrainian Taras Volodymyrovych yesterday drowned the yacht of the vice-president of Rosteh, a weapon producer, that was parked in Mallorca port. 


WORLD. Denmark will allow volunteers to go to war in Ukraine against Russia 


Kherson oblast. Grads are shooting from Nova Kakhovka


Zaporizka oblast. Russian military equipment came into Berdyansk. Locals inform that occupants rob supermarkets and shops for food. Occupants run out of fuel and look for it. 


Kharkiv. A long-expected convoy with anti-tank NLAW, SMAW-D, Javelin, Stinger and other weapons arrived to Kharkiv


Ministry of health reports: in four days Russian occupants killed 16 Ukrainian people 


WORLD. Hungary provided to Ukraine 100 thousand liters of fuel and 28 tons of food


Mykolaiv oblast. Ukrainian army shot down Russian plane that flew from Crimea. The plane fall 150 km from Mykolaiv. 


Luhansk oblast. Shchastya and Stanytsia Luhanska are at the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. Occupants have destroyed a lot of houses and apartment buildings, infrastructure. People are constantly in the basements. On February 26th Russian occupants captured Stanytsia Luhanska, Krymske and Markivka .


Zhytomyr oblast. Bayraktars destroy enemy’s military convoys. Russian Buk was destroyed near Malyn. 


Russian Defense ministry for the first time admitted losses in Ukraine – “they are much lower than Ukrainian” .


Chernihiv. A missile hit a Youth center at the central square of the city. 


Legendary Ukrainian pilot nicknamed “Kyiv’s Ghost” have already shot down 10 Russian planes. 


Losses from the burned oil terminal in Vasylkiv (Kyiv oblast) – UAH 810 bn (~$29 bn). Ukraine is preparing a law suit to the UN international court to fully compensate the environmental loss because of the shooting to the terminal.


Air attack alert almost in the entire country.


Kharkiv. Enemy vehicles are destroyed. 15 enemies were killed, 4 captured. Ukrainian army, National Guard, police and territorial defense are fighting with occupants. 


Latvians are ready to provide asylum to Russian soldiers who refuse to fight against Ukraine.


National Guard captured 5 people that were filming positions of Ukrainian army in Kryviy Rih. 


WORLD. The EU applies sanctions against Lukashenka regime and restricts trade in mineral fuel, iron and technologies СВІТ. 


100 thousand citizens were mobilized during 2 days. A half of them volunteered to territorial defense unit. Commander General Zaluzhny.


Kharkiv oblast. Balaklia where military warehouses are, is attacked from the air. Houses were significantly damaged, no information on dead and wounded.


World. For the first time in its history the EU will finance purchase and supply of weapon to Ukraine – EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen.


WORLD. EU will ban Russian propaganda channels Russia Today and Sputnik in all its countries.


WORLD. EU completely closes its air space for Russia – EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen.


Donetska oblast. Head of Donetsk oblast military-civilian administration Pavlo Kyrylenko reports that Volnivakha is at the brink of humanitarian catastrophe. 


Zhytomyr. Zhytomyr airport was hit by missile that flew from Belarus. After Lukashenko asserted that missiles would not fly from Belarus. 


Cyberspecialists are making massive cyberattacks on web-resources of Russia and Belarus. Now the web-sites of Russian investigation committee, Federal security service, Sberbank and other important governmental and critical information systems are down. 


Zelenskiy: my talk with Lukashenko was very concrete. I don’t want missiles, planes and helicopters flying from Belarus to Ukraine. He assured me about this. 


In Mykolaiv the National Guard stopped ATB chain long vehicles where Russian occupants were hiding. There was a fight, all occupants were killed. 


Referendum in Belarus – Belarusians spoil bulletines and go to the streets shouting “Glory to Ukraine!” and “No to war!”.


16 children were killed in Ukraine in the 4 days of war – Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.


The largest crypto exchange Binance donated $10 million for humanitarian needs of Ukraine.


Kherson. In Chornobaivka Russians broke into warehouses of a helicopter division, changed into Ukrainian uniform and will try to enter Kherson and Mykolaiv under disguise. They will ask citizens where army personnel lives. 


The country is relatively calm, except for Volnovakha and northwestern outskirts of Kyiv. Russian army tactically backed down at some places – advisor to the President’s Office head Arestovych.


Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church archbishop Epifani asked Moscow patriarch Kyrill to bring the bodies of killed Russian soldiers to Russia  


Kyiv oblast. Russian occupants attacked airport Hostomel and burned Mriya – the largest and most powerful plane in the world produced in Ukraine.


Sumy oblast. In Konotop the enemies broke into meat production plant. They are changing into civillan clothes – reports Sumy oblast military administration  


Russians rush to withdraw cash from ATMs because sanctions can significantly devalue ruble. 


Army headquarters: Near Pryluky Ukrainian army destroyed Russian tank squadron – everyone is killed. Russian occupants lose a lot of their people in Kyiv oblast.  


Lukashenko called Zelenskiy. They agreed that Ukrainian delegation will meet the Russian one without any prior conditions at the Ukraine-Belarus border near Prypiat river. 


Minister of foreign affairs of Great Britain Elizabeth Truss says she will definitely support British people who would be willing to come to Ukraine and fight against Russians.  


Putin shifts his defense forces into the escalated regime. Russian media “Novaya gazeta” and “Dozhd” write that this can imply the use of nuclear weapons.


Sumy. Military administration reports that at the side of the Sumy airport Russian occupants fired at the civilian car. There were two adults and three kids, one of them an infant. A women was shot in the head and died.  


Chernihiv. The secretary of Chernihiv city council Oleksandr Lomako: Russians hit the centre of Chernihiv. They wanted to destroy the city council, the missile fell into the yard between oblast dental clinic and a 9-storey apartment building at Mahistratska street.  


Lviv oblast. The line to the Krakovets border checkpoint at Polish border is 25 km


Donetsk oblast. Speaker of Donetsk oblast administration Ignatchenko says that Volnovakha city is controlled by Ukrainian army again. 


Kyiv obalst. Ukrainian artillery destroyed so called V group of Russian occupants. In Bucha town near Kyiv over 100 enemy vehicles were destroyed.  


Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ukraine filed a lawsuit against Russian Federation to the International UN Court in Hague and a request for the Court order on temporary measures against Russia. Ukraine demands that the Court organizes urgent hearings and issues an order to Russia to immediately stop illegal invasion in Ukraine. Russia will be responsible for its actions before the Hague Court.


One of the richest men in Russia, owner of the Alfa Bank Mykhailo Frydman condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He was the first large Russian businessman to publicly do this. 


Russians captured two peaceful Ukrainian vessels near the occupied Crimea: “Afina” tanker and “Princess Nicol” bulk carrier. Crews are not responding.


MARIUPOL. In Mariupol Ukrainian troops killed the group of Russian technical scouts. 


 Zelenskiy asked Switzerland to organize negotiations in order to stop the fire. 


Russian soldiers in Chernihiv region are killed and demoralized – reports the “North” operational headquarters


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that his country plans to significantly reduce consumption of Russian gas or abandon it altogether. To do this, Germany will build two LNG terminals. Germany is the largest consumer of gas from Russia – the share of Russian gas in its consumption exceeds 50%.


WORLD. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kisida has said Tokyo would join the United States, Britain, the EU and Canada in blocking some Russian banks’ access to the international SWIFT payment system.


KHARKIV. Kharkiv is completely under the control of Ukraine.


WORLD. Taiwan’s largest chipmaker, Taiwan’s TSMC, has stopped supplying chips to Russia.


WORLD. Romania will provide military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. The country is also ready to treat wounded Ukrainians in its military hospitals.


Kyiv. A terrorist act in a housing complex Rivermall by Russian gunmen (of them there were Russian Ortodox Church representatives) was averted. One suspect is detained. Two more are looked for. 


KHARKIV REGION. Chuhuiv is completely controlled by Ukrainian troops. Ukrainian flags are on all administrative buildings. The offensive of the Russian aggressor continues in the Lipetsk, Vovchansky, and Belgorod direction.


KHERSON REGION. In Nova Kakhovka, the mayor is negotiating with the invaders to provide a “green corridor” to residents of Vesele and Kozatske villages, where people have been left without electricity, water, and food.


VINNITSYA. Police and officers of the Security Service of Ukraine detained an enemy saboteur, who marked the route of movement for the enemy.


Foreign doctors can be involved into work in Ukrainian health care facilities during martial law. – Ministry of Health


KHERSON REGION. The occupants are robbing the branches of Privatbank.


Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia in the International Court of Justice in The Hague.


KHERSON REGION Chaplyn village head Oleksiy Faustov reports: In the Kherson region, the village of Chaplynka is under Russian flags. The situation in the village is relatively calm.


WORLD. The Czech Republic will send more than 8 million euros in aid to Ukraine


“We will have a lot of work to do with you.” Zelensky called on Ukrainians abroad to return home


SUMY REGION Okhtyrka is under the control of the Armed Forces!


RIVNE REGION A group of saboteurs was detained in Dubno.


SUMY REGION Aviation scatters children’s toys, mobile phones and valuables filled with explosives.


KYIV REGION A Russian column is moving in Ivankov


Frederik Pleitgen: The Russians are going back to Belgorod. Maybe a retreat, maybe a rotation.


KHARKIV. In the area of HTZ hung the Russian military (black uniform and sewn St. George’s ribbon).


Reznikov: As of the morning of February 26, the Armed Forces killed more than 3,000 Russian servicemen and captured more than 200,000. More than a hundred Russian tanks and seven helicopters were destroyed.


LUHANSK REGION Krymske, Markivka are also temporarily occupied.


KYIV. Sabotage and Reconnaissance groups are being neutralized in the capital, and there are no Russian troops, Mayor Klitschko said.


Curfew hours in Kharkiv have been changed from 18:00 to 06:00.


The Kremlin, through Ambassador Gryzlov, insists that Minsk join the “military operation”, ie the war against Ukraine.


Luhansk region Stanitsa-Luganska is occupied by Russian troops.


Disclaimer. The occupiers’ landing did NOT land in Brody – Ukrainian aviation worked – the Security Service of Ukraine in Lviv region. 


Ukraine asks the Red Cross to help remove the bodies of Russian soldiers.


KYIV. Sabotage and Reconnaissance Groups was detained in Solomyanskyi district. After that the unknown man in black took away means of communication from the car


KYIV. Russian Sabotage and Reconnaissance Groups is attempting to land on the left bank.


LVIV. Mayor Andriy Sadovy: “A Russian landing party landed on 3 helicopters in the Brody area at 9 am. About 60 people. “


KYIV REGION Rescuers rescued as a result of a car crash from a destroyed bridge, 4 four people were injured and 1 child died.


KHERSON REGION The Ukrainian military defeated a column of occupiers between Ranensk and Oleshki.


WORLD. 27 countries have agreed to provide assistance to Ukraine. It includes ammunition, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, and non-lethal aids such as medicines.


Cyprus has stated that it will not block Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT. Ukrainian diplomacy continues to work 24/7 and seek important decisions to protect Ukraine from Russian invaders.


KYIV. Numerous cases of pasting “announcements” on locks to check the apartments from which the owners left have been recorded in Kyiv, the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security reports.


On February 25, the engineer of a separate battalion, sailor Vitaliy Skakun, blew up the bridge with him to delay the advance of the Russian tank column. Today, President Zelensky posthumously awarded Vitaliy Skakun the title of Hero of Ukraine


KYIV REGION Near the village. Parking on the international highway Kyiv-Chop blown up bridge. Now it is impossible to drive from Kyiv to Zhytomyr.


MELITOPOL. There is heavy enemy equipment in Melitopol and clashes continue. From 20:00 last day until 8 am we have 14 wounded of our military. A column of enemy vehicles marched towards Primorsk.


MELITOPOL. Heavy Russian equipment remains in Melitopol and clashes continue. According to the head of the State Administration, there are 14 wounded soldiers in the city.

On the morning of February 26, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Melitopol was under full Russian control, and the Ukrainian side did not confirm the information.


Ministry of Health: As a result of the actions of the Russian occupation forces, 198 civilians died, including 3 children. 1115 people were injured.


KYIV. At night, the Ukrainian air defense shot down a Russian missile fired in the direction of the dam of the Kiev reservoir, the Ministry of Infrastructure said.


KYIV. Kyivites are asked not to cross bridges across the Dnieper. Russian Sabotage and Reconnaissance Groups are trying to land on the Left of shore of Kyiv. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ukrainian military is in control of all the bridges in the capital and will open FIRE AT DESTRUCTION on all targets that will try to cross the bridges towards the Right Bank.


After long night battles, the Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured the Kyiv HPP from the Russian army, which is now operating normally, Energy Minister Galushchenko said.


This morning at 3:50 Ukrainian air defense shot down a Russian missile, which was heading in the direction of the dam of the Kyiv Reservoir, which is located north of Kyiv.


TROSTYANETS. Horde sniper on the station building, Russian tanks in the city.


KYIV. Kyiv Metro has switched to shelter.


KYIV. At 08:30 in Solomyansky district on the street. Volynska, 69 as a result of the munition fire broke out in two warehouse buildings, the fire spread to nearby garages


KYIV. The fire in warehouse buildings and garages in Solomyanskyi district, which was caused by a shell, was localized on an area of 700 square meters. According to preliminary information, 2 people died. 


Russian Sabotage and Reconnaissance Groups is constantly working and attempting to land on the left bank of the city of Kyiv.


The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have not gained any operational and tactical advantage over the past 24 hours, which indicates that Ukraine is winning. This was stated by the adviser to the head of the President’s Office Mykhailo Podoliak.


ALIENATION ZONE. Russian troops have staged a simulated air battle over the Chernobyl zone, while Ukraine is not conducting any hostilities there, the Coordination Headquarters of the Exclusion Zone said. 


KYIV. In Solomensky district of Kyiv (Volynskaya street 69) there was a fire in two warehouse buildings on an area of about 700 square meters with further distribution on the nearby garages. The fire arose as a result of ingestion. The body of a security guard of one of the warehouses was found.


KYIV. The missile of the invaders hit a 24-storey residential building at the address: str Lobanovsky, 6a, in Solomensky district of the capital. There was a destruction of the house from the 17th to the 21st floor. The 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors were checked – there were no victims.


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