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VoxUkraine Fundraising Call

6 October 2015

If you like what we are doing, here is the way to help us continue doing it and become better:

PayPal [email protected] or

KSE’s Paypal account at [email protected] 

(KSE can provide a letter to make your donation tax deductible in the US)


PrivatBank: 5168755612648168

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Receiver account: 29244825509100 

Receiver card number: 5168755612648168

Реквізити для платежів у гривні:

Отримувач платежу: Благодійний фонд “Київська школа економіки”

Банківські реквізити: п/р 26004201358463,

МФО 300528 в АТ “ОТР Банк”,

Ідентифікаційний код за ЄДРПОУ: 35133288,

Неприбуткова організація (ознака неприбутковості 0005)

Призначення платежу: Благодійний внесок,

підтримка проекту VoxUkraine

USD Account: 

Beneficiary: CF Kyiv School of Economics

Account #: 26004201358463

Beneficiary’s bank: OTP Bank

43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033


Corresponding Bank: USD, The Bank of America N.A., New York, USA, 6550275660, BOFAUS3N

Payment details: Charitable donation, support of VoxUkraine Project 

VoxUkraine is committed to independent nonpartisan and high-quality analysis of the developments in Ukraine. We would like to become self-sustainable and stay financially independent from any specific organization, granting agency, or an individual. We are asking for your financial support!

Although the editorial board and contributors volunteer their time to produce analytics and articles, VoxUkraine has substantive operational costs including fees to copy editors, translators, designers, and programmers, office rent, and salaries of non-volunteer editorial and research staff. We pay proper taxes too.

We would like to fundraise 100,000 UAH. So far, we have raised 32 700 UAH (Tuesday, October 6, 2015).

Specifically, if we reach the fundraising objective fully or partially, we will use the funds to produce the following analysis:

The first local elections after Euromaidan – one of the most important events in Ukraine which might determine the destiny of the country. We want to conduct analysis which will allow more Ukrainians to make a better choice.

ip1)   Ukrainians deserve to know whom of the candidates have already shown real results and who has nothing to offer  except promises.

For this we want to check the programs of the parties that they have prepared a year ago and make a ranking of fulfilling the promises. 

(Objective: 20 000 UAH. Reached. )

iph2) We would like to make a ranking of the programs and promises of the key parties and candidates for the local elections.

(Objective: 20 000 UAH. 50% reached)

ipho3) A deserving candidate must hold a clear position with respect to most crucial questions for the society. Simplistic slogans are not enough.

We want to ask key parties and candidates about their position on local issues such as communal services, educational and healthcare reform, energy savings, and, of course, on national issues such as Donbass, Crimea, decentralization, NATO, Russia, land market, tax reform, pension reform, etc. 

(Objective: 20 000 – 60 000 UAH)

ipho4) If the raised amount exceeds 100 000 UAH, we can produce quality video-infographics, similar to the one we produced in September (Cost: 50 000-150 000 UAH)

5 Reasons why you should support VoxUkraine even if you do not care about any of the above!

  • VoxUkraine is independent

VoxUkraine unites some of the best economists and lawyers who have built a recognized career and reputation on the West or in Ukraine and who are volunteering their efforts without any commercial interest. Strategic advice to VoxUkraine is provided by its Advisory Board of top level academics and reformers who are also contributing their time for free.

VoxUkraine is not linked to any political party, and has a board that is diverse in its views, affiliations and location. This allows VoxUkraine to argue in the interest of Ukraine, rather than in favor of this or that vested interest.

  • VoxUkraine has a measurable impact

VoxUkraine has thousands of readers on its website, and many more readers through publication of VoxUkraine content in other media. VoxUkraine is cited widely and we receive continuous feedback from policy makers about their reading of VoxUkraine content. We are thankful to the independent media that have been perusing VoxUkraine content– Liga.Business, Ukrainska Pravda, Hromadske, Espresso.TV, 5 channel, Pershyi Natsionalnyi, 1+1 Media, Voice of America, Persha Shpalta, Kyiv Post, Evropejska Pravda, Economichna Pravda, Novoe Vremja, Petr I Mazepa, Forbes, Zerkalo Nedeli, Delo, Kraina, Tuzhden, Levuj Bereg, The Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Washington Post Monkey Cage, TheWorldPost (at Huffington Post), the Atlantic Council, and the Carnegie Centers.

  • VoxUkraine brings the debate in Ukraine to a new level

The analytical capacity of VoxUkraine is unrivalled within Ukraine since it brings together the best minds from international academia, local think tanks and business. This allows VoxUkraine to bring a better analysis to the Ukrainian debate and makes decision makers more inclined to listen. Here is a small sample of some of our most recent activities we are especially proud of:

  1. Video Time To Be Different shown at the Yalta European Strategy about the reforms in Ukraine so far. It has been seen by the Ukrainian government and the state department, as well as multiple diplomats.
  2. Multiple of interviews and appearances by VoxUkraine on Ukrainian TV:
    Tymofiy Mylovanov about the parliament for the 5 channel and Hromadske.TV;
    – Persha Shpalta cites iMoRe;
    Olena Bilan about Reforms for Voice of America;
    Yuriy Gorodnichenko on Hromadske;
    Ilona Sologub on decentralization (UKR).
  3. A briefing and a memo at the Atlantic Council on the progress of reforms in Ukraine.

  4. Review of economic reforms for the Ukraine Reform Memo of Carnegie Endowment for the International Piece.
  • VoxUkraine is timely

The recent developments in Ukraine make the current times a crucial point in the development of Ukraine. During the last several months VoxUkraine has been publishing articles devoted to the “topic of the week”. Each topic is defined in advance with the help of the Project Management Office, major Ukrainian think tanks, IMoRe experts and Editors of the top outlets.

  • VoxUkraine leverages your support

VoxUkraine is and will remain a volunteer activity. While your support will allow VoxUkraine to expand its capacity and professionalize its functioning, it will continue to draw on a large network of experts who continue to volunteer their knowledge and time to promote accountability and transparency of the Ukrainian government, facilitate informed public debate on key policy decisions, work to strengthen democratic institutions, and raise the level of economic analysis.