Welcome on Board! | VoxUkraine
16 June 2017

We are happy to inform you that the editorial board of VoxUkraine is expanding! Oleksandra Betliy and Oleh Nivievskyi have joined us, while Maria Repko agreed to become our guest editor.

Oleksandra Betliy is a leading researcher at the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultating. She specializes in the areas of fiscal and social policy, tax revenue forecasts, and healthcare and labour market reforms. Oleksandra graduated from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy / EERC (now Kyiv School of Economics). She has also taken a financial programing course at the International Monetary Fund.


Oleh Nivievskyi is a senior economist of the Kyiv School of Economics’ project “Support of Agricultural and Land Relations Reforms in Ukraine.” He is one of the best Ukrainian experts on land issues. He deals with applied research and development of agricultural produce markets, as well as the assessment of impact of governmental economic and regulatory policy. Oleh Nivievskyi holds a PhD in agrarian economics and applied statistics (University of Göttingen, Germany, 2010). In 2004, Oleh graduated from the master’s degree program at Kyiv School of Economics.


Maria Repko is a deputy director of the Centre for Economic Strategy. She coordinates research in the sphere of economic policies  aimed at ensuring macroeconomic stability in Ukraine, in particular, monetary and fiscal policy, as well as financial sector policy. Maria has graduated from the master’s degree program in management from Kyiv National Economic University and holds an MA in Finance from the Ukrainian Institute of Stock Market Development.

We are sure that the expertise of new Editorial Board members will further improve quality and depth of  our analytics!

The editorial board of VoxUkraine is a collegiate body which controls the quality of the publications. The posts published on the VoxUkraine website pass review process: two editors check the key data, the facts, and the logic of the submitted posts and decide whether they fit for publication. The Editorial Board includes 17 highly competent Ukrainian and foreign economists and lawyers. Guest editors and independent experts can also take part in the review process.



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