A Frozen Reform: What To Do With More Than 10 Mln Ha of State-Owned Agricultural Land

6 July 2016

The state owns more than a quarter of all the agricultural land in Ukraine and uses there resources very inefficiently. While the previous coalition government at least had a plan on how to reform the industry, the incumbent government seems to be planning to preserve the status quo. This may create significant corruption risks in the State Geocadastre and large rents to the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences. What can be done to push this reform forward? Read the analysis by Sergiy Kubakh, Oleg Nivievskyi, Denys Nizalov and Pavlo Kulynych.

Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

By: Sergiy Kubakh, Oleg Nivievskyi, Denys Nizalov and Pavlo Kulynych, participants of the Project “Capacity Development for Evidence-Based Land & Agricultural Policy Making in Ukraine”


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