Congratulations to Tymofiy Mylovanov, new Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture

And a statement on the possible conflict of interest

On the 29th of August 2019, the IX convocation of Verkhovna Rada during its first session has appointed Tymofiy Mylovanov, a cofounder and a member of  VoxUkraine International Advisory Board,  Minister of  Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture.

VoxUkraine Editorial board and employees heartily congratulate Tymofiy on the appointment. We are content that his deep understanding of economic processes, experience, adherence to principles and strategic vision will give a powerful boost to the Ministry and will stimulate economic development of Ukraine.

We would like to remind that Tymofiy Mylovanov had left the VoxUkraine Editorial Board in July 2018. Tymofiy holds no executive positions at the PO VoxUkraine, therefore his appointment is not an obstacle to his work as a member of VoxUkraine International Advisory Board.

To avoid the conflict of interest, as of 30.08.2019 Tymofiy is removed from the pool of iMore experts.

VoxUkraine editorial policy does not forbid Tymofiy, as well as any other individual regardless  of their position, publish articles on website, provided such article meets approved quality criteria and is approved for the publication by two editors.

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