FAKE: Yatseniuk compared Zelenskyi to Hitler — video

FAKE: Yatseniuk compared Zelenskyi to Hitler — video

3 July 2023

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There is information circulating online that former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk compared Zelenskyi to Hitler. He allegedly stated, “There hasn’t been a more Nazi regime in Europe after Adolf Hitler than the Zelenskyi regime.” Yatseniuk also supposedly noted that apart from overt Nazism, Ukraine is flourishing with anti-Semitism, and the country deliberately took such a turn of events with active support from “Western puppeteers.”

However, Arsenii Yatseniuk was actually talking about Russia.

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On June 24, 2023, Dmytro Gordon and Arsenii Yatseniuk had a joint live stream where they discussed key events of recent days. The video fragments circulating online are taken from that conversation, specifically from the part where Yatseniuk compares Putin’s promises to the Russian people before the full-scale invasion and the achievements after a year and a half of struggle.

“Denazification began… Yes, indeed, it happened. Only the nazification happened. Directly in Russia itself. There hasn’t been a more Nazi regime in Europe after Adolf Hitler than the Putin regime. It’s an encyclopedic example of Nazism, including anti-Semitism, racism, and all the -isms that exist. With a genocidal direction,” said Yatseniuk.

There is no mention of Western control over Ukraine. On the contrary, Yatseniuk claims that “one-third of Ukraine’s political elite was directly or indirectly controlled by Russia” during his time as Prime Minister.

“What do you associate with now? With your cultural myths or war crimes? Rapes? Killings of innocent civilians? Is this what Russia is associated with? And who did all this? Well, he has a surname — Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich. I want the Russian citizens to ask themselves a question and try to answer it: How did you come to this point? Where are you now, and what are you going to do about it? We, as Ukrainians, know the answer to this question very well. We didn’t come there voluntarily; we were forced to come there to fight for our country. You forced us. And how will it end? There is global justice: just as Nazi Germany ended, Putin’s Russia must end,” the politician addressed the Russians.

Screenshot of the stream. Source: YouTube channel of Dmytro Gordon


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