FALSE: Photo of the explosion on one of the Russian flagships on May 6, 2022

FALSE: Photo of the explosion on one of the Russian flagships on May 6, 2022

9 May 2022

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The alleged photo of the explosion on one of the Russia’s flagships on May 6, 2022 is being spread in network.


Screenshot of the post

However, this is not true.

Google reverse image search shows that the photo appeared on the Galician Correspondent website. There is a following caption to the photo: “Photo – collage of the Galician Correspondent”. It was made to illustrate the publication about the destruction of Moskva cruiser by the Ukrainian military.

If you look at the details of the photo, you can see that it is a collage. The fire on the cruiser looks unnatural. There are unpainted parts of the sky around the ship’s parts, and the lines of the fire are very clear. 

Part of a collage

In addition, 121 is a number of the Moskva cruiser. A reverse search in TinEye allows you to determine, which photo with the explosion was used for the collage. It appeared on photo banks in 2016. 

Search results in TinEye

On May 6, the media reported that Admiral Makarov, the Russian frigate, was on fire near Snake Island, but official sources did not comment that information. On May 7, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that Bayraktar had struck a Russian landing ship of the 11770 Serna project and two Tor anti-aircraft missile systems near Zmiiny Island.


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