FALSE: russia targeted the Beskid tunnel with a missile attack

FALSE: russia targeted the Beskid tunnel with a missile attack

10 June 2022

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The network spreads information that during the missile attack on the Lviv region on June 1, 2022, the russian military damaged the Beskid tunnel. However, this is not true. The information was denied by the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration (LRMA) Maksym Kozytskyi and the chairman of the board of Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksandr Kamyshin. 

The Beskid tunnel. Source — Hromadske 

The information appeared in the Russian media and was also published by Anton Gerashchenko, Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Gerashchenko wrote about the damage of the Beskid tunnel in his telegram channel, but then edited the post. The head of the Lviv RMA Maksym Kozytskyi indirectly mentioned this in his telegram channel: 

«Yesterday, a telegram channel spread fake information about this missile strike. Many telegram channels, media and people reposted this fake, and then the original source edited the information». 

Alexander Kamyshin wrote that the railway infrastructure in the Lviv region was destroyed as a result of a missile strike by the russian federation, and «information about the attack on the Beskid tunnel is not true».


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