MANIPULATION: Erdoğan made a statement that Turkey would not participate in the "show" around Ukraine

MANIPULATION: Erdoğan made a statement that Turkey would not participate in the “show” around Ukraine

31 May 2022

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Information that the president of Turkey Recep Erdoğan said «Turkey has no plans to get involved into the «show» connected to the situation in Ukraine; Turkey will continue to develop its relations with russia» has been spreading on the internet. However, this is a manipulation: Erdogan’s words were taken out of the context.

On the May 23d, 2022 Recep Erdoğan presented the results of a meeting of the Turkish government. In his speech Erdoğan noted that Turkey provided Ukraine with concrete support but will continue to develop its relations with russia. Here is Erdoğan’s quote about the show in full: «In a word, we provided the most serious, concrete and useful support to Ukraine, we clearly stated that we would never accept encroachments on its territorial integrity and sovereignty, even in the war north of the Black Sea, about which there are great discussions. We boldly told that to russia on every platform and at every level where Turkey has any relations with russia. Instead of participating in a show, which in no way helps to resolve the crisis, we are making the most sincere efforts to reach a ceasefire and peace in the region, maintaining political and humanitarian relations with russia».

Russian media omitted Erdoğan`s words in order to create a misconception that Turkey has no intention to be involved in finding solution to end the war in Ukraine.The truth is that Erdoğan said he strives to find real solution to end the war. 

On February 24, Turkish President Erdoğan said he supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Even before the war Turkey was selling to Ukraine «Bayraktar» drones, deliveries of which continued after February 24th. In late February Turkey closed the Bosphorus and Dardanelles to russian warships. In early May 2022, Erdoğan said that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Turkey has already sent 100 trucks with humanitarian aid. 


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