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Statement Regarding the Attacks on the Former NBU Governor Valeria Gontareva

17 September 2019

The banking sector reform has been the most successful reform in Ukraine. No other sector thus far has undergone such deep institutional transformation. Success of the reform has been internationally recognized.

Privatbank case was the pivotal case of the entire banking sector reform. Privatbank’s resolution  served as a test on whether the same rules apply to everyone or whether, as for many years before, there can be exemptions. The NBU and the government passed the test showing that with respect to the long-term health of the banking sector there should be no compromise.

There is a high probability that recent attacks on the former NBU governor Valeria Gontareva (burning car of her daughter-in-law, searches in her flat, burning her house) are related to her professional activity and specifically her leadership in implementation of the banking sector reform.

Thus, there comes the test for the new authorities. Their reaction to these incidents and swift actions to investigate them would show that the government acts in the best interest of the country. Absence of such a reaction would demonstrate to all people who are willing to reform Ukraine what they are to expect if they succeed. Because almost any genuine reform in Ukraine implies stepping on oligarchs’ toes or touching vested interests.

The new president and the government have to very clearly show that their primary interest is equal rules for everyone, the well-being of the country and its every citizen, and not of just some influential persons.

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