The Art of Small Steps: How Did the 2019 Med Graduates Pass their Exams

Which universities are better at preparing Ukrainian and foreign students to taking KROK exams

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Tetyana Тyshchuk, VoxUkraine

Viktoria Kovach, KSE, Ministry of Healthcare (Ukraine)

Soon, graduates of Ukrainian schools and colleges who dream of becoming doctors will have to decide which university they want to study at. This choice is just as hard for future doctors from other countries who come to Ukraine to receive medical education.

Despite all the unexpected hardships they have faced since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, applicants must decide which university to entrust with their future.

In order for entrants to have more information about the quality of education in medical universities, it is necessary to understand which universities better train future doctors. We analyzed how the 2019 graduates passed the exams.

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