The Supervisory Board members’ decision concerning the dispute among the members of organization

The controversy between Tymofiy Mylovanov and Olena Shkarpova is constructively resolved


VoxUkraine is an organization that has been developing very fast. Lately, our work has been heavily focused on institutionalizing VoxUkraine. Recently, the organization conducted its general meeting and formalized its management by creating a Supervisory Board. At present, the Supervisory Board consists of Yuriy Horodnichenko (chairman), Olena Bilan, Oleksandr Zholud, Ilona Solohub, and Serhiy Plokhiy.

The Supervisory Board of VoxUkraine has examined the situation recently emerging between VoxUkraine’s co-founder Tymofiy Mylovanov (currently not a member of the Supervisory Board) and VoxCheck Project leader Olena Shkarpova and formulated the following recommendations:

  1. It is advisable to speed up the development of VoxUkraine’s communication strategy, including a policy on external communications of the staff and the editorial board, in particular in social media. Until such policy has been developed and approved, we recommend that VoxUkraine’s employees and members of its governing bodies abstain from comments and publications relating to VoxUkraine’s financial status, structural changes, appointments or dismissals, and internal processes.
  2. Quality is the highest priority of VoxUkraine. Annual audits are a mandatory component of all VoxUkraine projects. We recommend that an off-schedule audit of VoxCheck be conducted in July, focusing on the risks specified by Tymofiy Mylovanov.
  3. Within the framework of VoxUkraine’s institutionalization, the formal powers of the staff, editorial board, and administrators should be brought in compliance with the work they are actually performing. Since Tymofiy Mylovanov, on account of his heavy workload, does not actually edit texts under the VoxCheck Project, we recommend that his membership in the project be terminated. At the same time, as the founder of VoxCheck, Tymofiy Mylovanov will remain a methodology advisor to the project.

VoxCheck is a highly labor-consuming project. Volunteers, employees, and editorial board members check more than 600 statements per quarter. Sometimes they make mistakes; however, they always publicly acknowledge and correct their errors.

As a component of the VoxUkraine Project, VoxCheck is aimed at enhancing the quality of economic discussion in Ukraine.

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