Recommendations to authors

Please send your text to [email protected] with the subject ‘submission’. Include into the letter your contact information, current or previous position and affiliation, degree (if applicable) and a link to your web-page or social network profile (if applicable). Please include the same information into the file with the text.

It is important that you reveal conflict of interest – for example publication of similar texts elsewhere or receiving any remuneration related to the text. You will receive a response asking you to sign a no-conflict-of interest statement or reveal the conflict of interest. An editor will contact you in 2-3 days and either reject the article or offer to work on the text. Text quality is the only selection criterion.

The article should be up to 1500 words long. The text should clearly state its main idea. As a rule, a text has three parts: formulation of the problem, spectrum of solutions and the proposed solution. Arguments in the article must be sound and logical. All references or quotes should be clearly marked as such. Plagiarism is absolutely unacceptable. Please provide the sources of data, tables and graphs.