VoxCheck debunks russian disinformation on Public Broadcasting TV (Suspilne)

VoxCheck debunks russian disinformation on Public Broadcasting TV (Suspilne)

20 March 2022

Since the beginning of the war, VoxCheck has been monitoring dozens of russian Telegram channels and media around the clock. The results of the monitoring and debunking of russian disinformation can be read in the stream “Review of provocations and disinformation in russia“, in the Telegram channel “Anthology of Lies,” and on the Facebook pages VoxCheck and Vox Ukraine.

Now revealing russian lies, fakes, cynicism, and provocations will be available to the audience of regional branches of Public Broadcasting (Suspilne). New videos will be broadcast daily on TV channels. The videos will be released during the information marathon.

In each video, we consider 4-5 key theses of russia’s disinformation over the last day based on the results of our monitoring and debunk them based on open and official sources of information.



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