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VoxUkraine announces changes in team leadership and extention

12 December 2018

Dear readers, partners and friends of VoxUkraine! From January 1, 2019, the current Executive Director and editor-in-chief Borys Davydenko voluntarily relinquishes his positions. However, he will remain part of the team: Borys has been appointed member of the VoxUkraine Supervisory Board. Ilona Solohub will take over as the new Executive Director and science editor, withdrawing her membership in the Supervisory Board. The general meeting of VoxUkraine members that was held on December 6 approved these changes.

VoxUkraine was created by leading economists and lawyers in 2014, in the aftermath of the Revolution of Dignity. In the years since then, the analytical platform VoxUkraine has made its way from a group of volunteers to an institutionally developed organization with a transparent structure, built-in processes and procedures.

“I am confident that I have been most useful to the organization precisely during the period of its making, in the past three years. At present, Vox is in good shape. I am sure that Ilona Solohub will effectively develop the organization at the stage of stable development,” Borys Davydenko says.

“We are grateful to Borys for his important contribution to the buildup of VoxUkraine. To his successors he leaves a strong organization; but he remains a member of the team. And we are proud that VoxUkraine keeps fostering talents and opening new career opportunities,” comments VoxUkraine’s co-founder and Supervisory Board Chairman Yuriy Gorodnichenko, professor at University of California, Berkeley.

“The mission of VoxUkraine remains the same: we work towards enhancing the quality of economic decisions through development of a professional discussion. And we do so in an honest, objective and independent way. Owing to Borys, the organization has achieved institutional stability. But most importantly, it brings together wonderful people sharing common values and working as one team,” Ilona Solohub says.

The most important things about Vox

VoxUkraine is an association of economists and lawyers sharing a common goal: to raise the level of economic discussion in the country. More than four years ago they initiated a blog that quickly grew into an open platform for discussing socially important problems. Anyone can publish an article on Vox, provided that it conforms to quality standards, presenting logical arguments, relying on facts and research results. VoxUkraine also develops projects such as iMoRe – Index for Monitoring of Reforms, VoxCheck – fact-checking of statements made by politicians, VoxConnector – quality content for regional media, etc.



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