Big Gas Battle at Shuster-LIVE: Tymoshenko VS Prohorenko and Julia Kovaliv. Who was wrong

What is really worth Ukrainian gas? Whether Ukrainian gas production is sufficient for the needs of the population?


What is really worth Ukrainian gas? Whether Ukraine produced gas is a sufficient amount for the needs of the population? How Naftogaz earns on sale of gas for the retail customers? Is Russian gas cheaper than European? In a 60-minute speech at the Shuster-LIVE, Yulia Tymoshenko raised a lot of gas issues that are important to many Ukrainians. VoxCheck selected the most important topics from her speech and figured out whether Tymoshenko was right or wrong. In the the next article we will check the speech of the CEO of the state gas company “Ukrgazvydobuvannia” Oleg Prokhorenko, as well as Deputy Minister of Economy Yulia Kovaliv.

Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian

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