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Editorial policy of “Vox Ukraine” blog

Review and Quality Control Procedures

The quality of our articles is one of the core values of Vox Ukraine. To ensure the highest quality, we always adhere to the following rules:

1. Each article must be based on facts and logically connected data. The most common logical chain consists of “the problem — solution options — proposed solution”.

2. All articles undergo a review process. This means that an article can only be published after it has been edited by two members of the editorial board in collaboration with the author and signed for publication:

— When an article is received by Vox Ukraine, the website administrator or the editor-in-chief identifies the first editor of the article among the members of the editorial board.
— The first editor may (1) reject the article, (2) approve it for publication, or (3) request revisions from the author (usually, the third option is chosen).
— The first editor may request independent reviewers to evaluate the article.
— After the first editor has signed the article, the second editor may either sign it or provide their comments, to which the author must respond.
— In exceptional cases, Vox Ukraine may publish articles that have not gone through the review process. In such cases, a disclaimer is added to the article, explaining the editorial board’s reasoning for this decision.
— If the author refuses to work on the editors’ comments, the article is rejected.
— If plagiarism is found in the article, it is rejected.
— The article is published together with information about authors: a photo and a short biography (3-5 sentences).

3. The selection of editors depends on the sphere of their expertise. If no member of the editorial board has the relevant experience, the editor may request external experts to review the material. In doing so, they must ensure the absence of conflicts of interest with the external reviewer. To avoid conflicts of interest, editors do not edit articles related to their employers.

4. Each long-term project (such as “Vox Check”, “Reform Index”) must have its own editorial board, which ensures the quality of publications and provides intellectual support.

Quality of Editorial Articles

1. Editorial articles are the result of collective work by the Vox Ukraine editorial board.
2. Only members of the editorial board can propose topics and write editorial articles.
3. An editorial article can only be published after it has been signed for publication by all members of the editorial board.

Do you want to become “Vox Ukraine” author?

If you share our values and are willing to adhere to our quality standards, please read the tips for writing articles and submit your material to us.