FAKE: Coronavirus victims smoke on a truck between filming sessions

7 April 2021

Fact check within the partnership with Facebook 

The video and its screenshots showing the plastic bags in the shape of human bodies on a truck are spread online. In one of the bags, there is a man smoking. The other two men are fixing the bags. The comments along these publications claim that this is the depiction of “the third wave” or that “the coronavirus victims have a smoke break”.

Publication, distributed in the social network


However, the video is not related to the pandemic.

In fact, this is a shot from a video of a Russian artist Husky for the song “Never Ever” («Никогда-нибудь»). Vasya Ivanov, the music video production designer, shared the backstage filming process at TikTok, and this is the video misleadingly presented in the social networks as pandemic-related. 

Shot of Husky’s video


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