Mykhailо Minakov

Mykhailо Minakov — president of the Foundation for Good Politics, assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies in the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, speaker in Ukrainian School of Political Studies. Majored in the fields of medicine, history, philosophy, political analysis and project management. Since 1998, he has taught in a Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, also working for international programs for education and development. He has a 14-year experience in teaching and working for Ukrainian and international organizations (UN, George Soros Foundation, Eurasia Foundation, V.Pinchuk Foundation, etc.) Mykhail Minakov is a Doctor of Philosophy. He completed training programs at Harvard University, the Aspen Institute, Cambridge University, the Open Society Institute (Central European University), Dresden University. Author of three books, more than fifty articles on political and cultural analysis, philosophy and history. Mykhail Minakov is a secretary to the Ukrainian Kant Society, member of the editorial board of the journal “Krytyka” and “Ukrainian Humanitarian Review”.©CENTREUA