Russian invasion of Ukraine. Statement from VoxUkraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine. Statement from VoxUkraine

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24 February 2022

Dear readers and partners,

This night Ukraine has been attacked by Russia from multiple directions – from Belarus and occupied Donbass, from Crimea and the sea. Missiles were shot at airfields and military bases, as well as houses of peaceful citizens all over Ukraine. However we stay in Ukraine with our families and friends, we work, we support our army that protects us and we believe in peace.

Please support Ukraine by spreading the word about this dreadful aggression. Do not believe Russian fakes that is protecting itself. The war of Russia against Ukraine is completely Russia’s choice. It’s an attack not on Ukraine but on the entire Western world.

Please write to your MP, your senator or party representative, call for your government to impose the hardest sanctions on Russia for launching the war in the middle of Europe. We must stop the aggressor before it ruins the world order system – otherwise no place on Earth will be safe.

We are intensifying the fight against fakes through our channels from now on Twitter, Viber, Telegram and FacebookWe are on our land and we will not give it up!


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