Todurov’s Effect: Does the ProZorro System Help Fight the “Tradition” of Medicines Procurement

Photo: nikesidoroff/depositphotos
14 February 2017

At the beginning of the year, a scandal about purchases of Cefopectam in the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine broke out. The institution and its head Borys Todurov were accused of purchasing medicines at inflated prices. The Centre for Improvement of Procurement of Kyiv School of Economics analyzed all tenders for Cefopectam (Cefoperazone and its combinations), Cefazolin, and Propofol within the last year. What’s happening on the medicines market and what’s the problem? We analyzed all tenders for the purchase of Cefopectam, Cefazolin, and Propofol within the last 12 months.

Full text is available in Russian and Ukrainian.



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