VoxCheck is a fact-checking project. We monitor and verify the statements of politicians and opinion leaders which they deliver to a wider audience, for example, in interviews to leading media or at political talk shows. The project goal is less lies by politicians and more critical thinking by voters.

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How VoxCheck works

We base our work on the “click and check” methodology. Everything is transparent. Anyone can check our arguments and sources. Today the project database contains over 9,000 statements by politicians and over 800 refuted fakes. Every month we add about 100 refutations to the database. The quality of checks is ensured by the editorial board of the project. For publication, every text must be approved by two editorial board members. Detailed description of the methodology is here.


Poynter Institute (IFCN)

Since March 23, 2018, VoxChesk has been a signatory to the Code of Ethics of the International Fact Checker Network of the Poynter Institute, the largest professional community of fact checkers in the world.


VoxCheck is a member of Facebook fact-checking program, thus we tag false content distributed by users of the platform.

«Forbes Ukraine»

VoxCheck is a fact-checking partner of Forbes Ukraine. We verify facts for publications of this media.


We fact-check politicians and experts live on the social-political show «Countdown» of UA:First channel (public television)

Project team

The project team includes the project leader, heads of sectors, fact checkers, video editors and members of VoxUkraine Editorial Board.

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VoxCheck Editorial Board

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