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Fact-checking project. We follow and check statements being communicated to the broad audience by politicians and influencers at interviews for major mass media or political talk shows. The aim of the project – less lie in the politicians’ statements and more critical thinking of the electorate.

How VoxCheck Works

Our work is based on “click and check” approach. Anyone may check our argumentation. Everything is transparent. As of today the database contains more than 9000 statements by politicians and nearly 600 refuted fakes. The quality of verification is ensured by the project editorial board. Before any materials are published they shall be approved by two members of the editorial board. The detailed description of the procedure may be found here.

VoxCheck Partners

Poynter Institute

Since March 23, 2018 VoxCheck acceded to the Poynter Institute Code of Ethics – the largest professional community of fact-checkers in the world.


We are a member of Facebook Fact-checking Program under which we identify and refute false content spread by the users of the platform.

«Forbes Україна»

VoxCheck is a fact-checking partner of “Forbes Ukraine”. Within this cooperation we ensure factual verification of the publisher’s materials.


We ensure fact-checking procedure during the live broadcast of social and political show “Zvorotnyi Vidlik” for UA:Pershyi (social television).

VoxCheck Editorial Board

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