Five failures of putin’s blitzkrieg in Ukraine

Five failures of putin’s blitzkrieg in Ukraine

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8 March 2022

In two weeks of war with Ukraine russia has done a lot of damage but it is no closer to its goal of capturing an independent state than it was on February 23rd. The army that was calling itself the second in the world now looks pathetic in the eyes of the world. Western media write that putin is looking for a scapegoat who would bear the responsibility for the blitzkrieg failure. Meanwhile we describe five main failures of the aggressor.

#1 Losses without any gains

During 13 days russian occupants were not able to gain a prolonged control over any Ukrainian city and come closer to the capital. Their losses are huge: no less than 12 thousand people, 1036 armored vehicles, 303 tanks, 48 planes, 80 helicopters, 120 artillery units – total worth $14.2 billion. Ukrainians are paying a very high price for resistance. But our unity and spirit become stronger every day leaving the enemy no chance.

#2 Talkative captives

At first, captured russian occupants said they were going to the military exercises and didn’t know that they would participate in the war and kill civilians. Now in many videos they call themselves occupants and murderers. It’s hard to tell how sincere they are when they condemn their leadership for issuing criminal orders. However one thing is clear – they see that their cruelty and destruction in Ukraine have nothing in common with “liberation”.  

#3 Creating a military camp in the Chornobyl nuclear power plant territory 

Occupants tried to force Ukraine to make concessions and scare the world. They are shelling a working nuclear power plant (Zaporizhzhya NPP in Energodar) and made a military camp in the Chornobyl NPP territory. This is their strategic mistake.  According to the State Scientific-Research center on nuclear and radiation safety, occupants who are staying in the territories contaminated by radiation while not observing personal safety rules, are getting high doses of radiation. This may result in the increased number of oncological diseases in the future.

#4 The article «Advance of Russia and the new World»

On February 26th at 8am at the “Ria Novosti” (Russian state-owned media) web-site an article “Advance of Russia and the new World was published. The author of the text Piotr Akopov provides a very detailed story about “the solution to the Ukrainian question” that would be achieved shortly by Putin. This article should have become the result of Ukraine’s defeat and explained to the world the idea of the “great liberator”. When russia faced the Ukrainian defense, they forgot to remove the article. Later they removed the text from the web-site but there is a copy in the archive. 

#5 Parade uniform

Ukrainian army found in Irpin (a suburb of Kyiv) warehouses with russian parade uniform. Everything suggests that the horde planned to organize a large parade in Kyiv to celebrate what they call “the solution for Ukrainian question”. Blitzkrieg failed. The found uniform will become one more artifact of the putin’s plan.   


Obviously putin was mistaken. But this doesn’t make russia less dangerous. the polls show that about 70% of russians support the war against Ukraine. And this is not only propaganda (although of course it played a role). The fact is that for russians the idea of the russian empire is much closer than the idea, for example, of high quality healthcare services for themselves. Thus, propaganda seeds reached the fertile soil. Therefore, all 140 million of russians are responsible for murders of Ukrainians.

In some sense Ukraine is lucky that russia is headed by a weak and dim-witted person with doubtful education. It would be much worse if russian leader was energetic and competent person that would be able to defeat high-level corruption and create a strong army. Thus we do not advise to hope for a coup in russia, which could bring this type of person to the top. One doesn’t need to expect mass protests in russia either. In the USSR popular uprisings required ten years of war in Afghanistan, of them five years of “glasnost” policy. Russian threat to the world will disappear only together with russia – for example when it partitions into nation states.



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