Reform Index 169: urban planning and distant identification of TOT residents

Reform Index 169: urban planning and distant identification of TOT residents

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27 October 2021

Reforms Index is +0.6 points of the possible values ​​from -5.0 to +5.0 for the period from September, 13 to September, 26, 2021. The index was +0.2 points in the previous round.

Chart 1. Reforms Index Dynamics

Chart 2. Reforms Index and its components in the current round

New procedure for maintenance of the urban planning documentation, +2.0 points

Laws require the authorities of every territorial community to have a comprehensive plan of spatial development. This document is also a master plan of the settlement, documentation on land management and urban planning. It must ensure the sustainable development of the territorial community and balance the interests of the state, community and private interests. 

Comprehensive plans of spatial development must be checked by a mandatory examination. The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers №952 of September 1, 2021 determined the procedure for execution of such an examination. 

Information about the Reforms Index project, the list of Index experts and the database of the regulations assessed are available here.

The government has regulated the pharmaceuticals distance trade, +1.5 points

Pharmaceuticals trade via the Internet with delivery to the end consumer requires special regulation. Many pharmaceuticals must be stored in special conditions – temperature, protection from light, etc. Such conditions must be provided during the delivery of drugs. Therefore, the rules governing the retail, storage and delivery of other goods cannot be applied to pharmaceuticals. 

In order for people to be able to buy pharmaceuticals via the Internet and at the same time to have a guarantee of the necessary storage conditions compliance, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution №1002 from September 22, 2021.

The new rules require the drugs delivery to be made exclusively from the pharmacy to the end users.

Electronic drug retailer companies must have the following:

  • arranged premises for storage of formal orders,
  • own website in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet,
  • own delivery service and equipment that ensures compliance with the necessary conditions of drugs storage during delivery or an agreement with the postal operator that has the appropriate equipment,
  • electronic payment system or mobile POS-terminals for electronic payments at the place of service.

The rules also establish a standard form of contract about the delivery of pharmaceuticals to the final consumer. 

Resolution about the distant identification of the temporarily occupied territories’ residents to receive pensions and social benefits, +1.3 points

The residents of the temporarily occupied territories regularly come for identification to the government-controlled territory to receive pensions and social benefits. During such trips, the Russian occupation regimes create obstacles for these people and block the work of the CPAD (check-point of arriving and departure).

Government Resolution №964 from 09.15.2021 introduces the possibility of distant electronic identification of the residents of the occupied territories. The one can pass it in the personal profile of the portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine with the help of “Diia. Signature” (“Diia ID”), the qualified electronic signature. Such a possibility will be equated to the physical identification of the recipient. 

Expert`s comment

“It seems to be a very good decision especially in case of Covid. Any time there can be another Cover wave and crossing points can be closed again. This causes stress and a certain level of uncertainty. The higher standards of service Ukraine delivers to inhabitants of occupied territories the more they will remain loyal to the state. There is no need to force people to travel long distances to collect their money.”

– Agnieszka Piasecka, governance expert

Chart 3. Value of Reforms Index components and number of events

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