Reform Index №197: the law on women in the army and the procedure for comprehensive recovery of territories

Reform Index №197: the law on women in the army and the procedure for comprehensive recovery of territories

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15 December 2022

In issue 197 (issue 190 before the audit) of the Reform Index, 7 changes have been included for the period from October 10 to October 23. The Reform Index for this period is +0.9 points, with values ranging from -5 to +5. In the previous round, the Index was +1.1 points.

Chart 1. Reform Index Dynamics

Chart 2. Reform Index and its components in the current round

The law on women’s voluntary military registration, +2.0 points

Last year’s Defense Ministry order on military registration of women (No. 313 of October 11) rocked society as it listed over 300 professions comprising a significant part of employed women.

In addition to this innovation being a surprise to society, the fulfillment of the order presented a potential problem due to territorial military registration centers’ unreadiness for such a workload. Women had to be registered by October 1, 2022. Considering this, the beginning of a full-scale invasion, and women with children leaving abroad, in September 2022, the Defense Ministry postponed the effect of the order until October 2023. However, this did not resolve (but postponed) the issue of whether all Ukrainian women should really be subject to military registration.

According to Law 2664-IX, women with medical or pharmaceutical specialization “are subject to military registration as persons liable for military service.” Women trained in other specialties from the list approved by the Defense Ministry “are entered into the military register of those liable for military service if they so wish.”

It should be noted that according to current laws on military duty and military service, registered women can be drafted into the army during the war.  In peacetime, women can only be drafted into military service voluntarily (under contract).

Information about the Reforms Index project, the list of Index experts and the database of the regulations assessed are available here.

The procedure for developing programs for comprehensive recovery of regions and territorial communities, +1.5 points

Resolution 1159 introduces the procedure for developing, conducting public discussion, and approving programs to comprehensively restore regions and territorial communities. The process is a response to significant destruction (according to Finance Ministry estimates, economic losses are expected to reach a third of Ukraine’s GDP due to the war) caused by Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine.

It allows for a comprehensive approach to restoring regions and territorial communities, makes obligatory public discussions of recovery programs, and creates an algorithm for approving and introducing changes to such programs.

An implementation plan containing a list of scheduled activities, implementation dates, responsible performers, and performance indicators should be a mandatory program component.

The restoration of territories should be based on inclusiveness, rational planning of regions, a balance between places of residence and workplaces, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Recovery programs should also take into account Ukraine’s Sustainable Development Goals until 2030.

Chart 3. Value of Reform Index components and number of events

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