Search like Google, verify like VoxCheck!

Search like Google, verify like VoxCheck!

Photo: / Philipp Pistis
14 February 2024

We are excited to share incredible news: the VoxCheck team is starting a collaboration with the Google News Initiative. It’s a global program by Google whose mission is to collaborate with journalists and editorial teams to help build the best media for the future. So, our team is joining this important cause.

Starting this year, we will be assisting Ukrainian editorial teams in building fact-checking teams, seeking funding for them, and also training future fact-checkers across the country.

“We are very happy to partner with VoxUkraine to provide Ukrainian media with crucial skills to fight disinformation. Local and regional media are the backbone of any news industry. I believe that by strengthening their fact-checking capabilities in Ukraine it will be possible to reinforce the country’s entire media ecosystem at this crucial time” – says Daniel Rzasa, Google News Lab Lead for Central & Eastern Europe.

So stay tuned! Follow our updates and be among the first to create a new standard of Ukrainian journalism with us.


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