“Ukrainomics”: Contribute to Enhancing of Economic Debate!

Joint Educational Project of German Think Tank Polis180 and VoxUkraine


The Revolution of Dignity and the War in Donbass have become a catalyst for serious transformations in society. However, Ukraine still lacks an intensive public discussion of the shortcomings and benefits of the proposed reformist course and its possible alternative options. An evidence-based analysis and a quality debate about economic and social policy will improve the quality of economic decisions in Ukraine and have a positive impact on the welfare of millions of Ukrainians. And is crucial in terms of involving the population in the process of reform and perceiving (sometimes not quite desirable) steps.

This fall, German think tank Polis180, jointly with VoxUkraine, announces an educational project “Ukrainomics“. The idea of the project is to explain different economic views and concepts and to involve representatives of academic and civil society, as well as the public, in their discussion.

Within the framework of a study-tour to Germany, we strive to look at the key problems of the Ukrainian economy from different perspectives, reasonably consider all the pros and cons of specific decisions. And also we would like to involve citizens in forming and expressing their opinions on different matters.

What are we planning to do?

  • Bringing together Ukrainian and German experts for two workshops in Berlin (08 – 11 November 2018) and Kyiv (28 November – 1 December 2018) in order to discuss the problems of the Ukrainian economy and policy steps needed to alleviate them as well as to discuss new economic concepts and perspectives
  • Producing videos discussing specific problems of the Ukrainian economy and diverse policy measures to tackle them. Videos will be produced in Ukrainian with English subtitles.
  • Broadcasting videos on the Internet to engage the Ukrainian public in discussions on economic reforms

We invite young economists (or graduates of neighbouring fields, e.g. sociology, politics, law), experts, economic/civil society activists to take part in a study trip in Germany. They will have an opportunity to explore German transformational experience and meet representatives of various organizations with very diverse perspectives on the economy. After the study tour, participants will produce short video clips (under instruction from media professionals) that reveal different concepts and views on important and controversial economic issues.

Who can apply?

It is aimed at outstanding reform-minded economists, sociologists, political scientists, experts, civil activists, researchers, public servants, as well as graduate students in Economics and Finance/Sociology/ Political Science/Psychology/Law/Public Administration (Masters and PhD).

How to apply?

Please fill in the online form below – goo.gl/forms/8EfCV5IwAT9yQYal2

Deadline for the application is October 12, 2018

When and Where

November 7-11, 2018, Berlin, Germany

December, 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine

Working Language: English

Costs: The organisers will cover costs related to participation

For more details, please contact Yulia Mincheva, Project Coordinator, via email [email protected]

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