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VoxUkraine and Kyiv School of Economics signed a Memorandum of Understanding

2 February 2018

VoxUkraine and Kyiv School of Economics have signed a memorandum ofunderstanding to enhance cooperation between the two organizations. We are confident that synchronization of efforts in developing economic discussion will increase the quality of economic decisions, which will positively affect the welfare of millions of Ukrainians.

On January 29, 2018, VoxUkraine and the Kyiv School of Economics signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Adhering to common values of knowledge, honesty and quality, recognizing the need to embed high standards of economic and political discussion and decision-making in the country, striving to impact both policy-makers and the society, as well as the international opinion on Ukraine, taking into account the strengths of KSE and VoxUkraine and a considerable synergy between them, KSE and VoxUkraine agree to align their efforts in providing high-quality economic research and analysis relevant for policy-makers in Ukraine and abroad.

KSE/VoxUkraine cooperation can include but is not limited to the following:

  • publication of articles and materials written by KSE professors and researchers;
  • providing KSE community with regular updates on economic and political issues discussed in the country and offering ideas for research/op-eds.;
  • active involvement of KSE professors as experts for commenting on certain up-to-date topics;
  • cooperation in creation of an online portal of high-quality data suitable for economic analysis;
  • partnership in conducting various events and campaigns and work on joint projects.

You can find more materials from Kyiv School of Economics at KSE Content and KSE Voice.

VoxUkraine is an independent analytical platform founded in 2014, after the Revolution of Dignity, by a team of highly experienced economists and lawyers based in Ukraine and abroad. Nowadays, VoxUkraine engages in a variety of research and economic activities, publishes an online magazine on economics, and develops a number of educational programs. 

Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) is a world-class academic institution ranking among top schools in Europe. KSE goal is to improve economic, business, and policymaking environments in Ukraine by raising new generations of world-class economists and managers, who will become future transformational leaders.