VoxUkraine starts partnership with FinPoint

VoxUkraine starts partnership with FinPoint

Photo: depositphotos / Alexmit
20 December 2021

The VoxUkraine team is pleased to announce the beginning of an analytical partnership with FinPoint, an independent financial advisor. We jointly prepare information and analytical materials, including our new partnership product – a monthly overview of Ukraine’s macroeconomic indicators. Thanks to analyses from FinPoint, the VoxUkraine readers can learn about the key trends in Ukraine’s economy, fiscal and external positions, as well as our country’s monetary policy in the form of infographics.

The first macroeconomic overview is already published on our website covering data through November 2021. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

FinPoint is an independent financial advisory firm with a focus on delivering practical results for its clients in Ukraine and abroad. It is a strategic and financial consulting firm advising on M&A, restructuring, capital raising, and other corporate and sovereign finance-related matters.


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