Four members of the VoxUkraine team have become top managers and editors within the organization

Four members of the VoxUkraine team have become top managers and editors within the organization

2 February 2024

Since the beginning of the year, four of our colleagues have been promoted within the organization “VoxUkraine.” Kateryna Bobyliova and Liena Shulika have been heading their departments since January 1, while Svitlana Slipchenko and Kyrylo Perevoshchykov were promoted within the team starting from February 1. We are presenting colleagues who now bear even more responsibility for the team’s work.

Svitlana Slipchenko — Deputy Executive Director of the NGO “VoxUkraine”

Svitlana Slipchenko joined VoxUkraine as a fact-checker at VoxCheck. Since then, she has emphasized the importance of making people think. As a fact-checker, she noticed an increased interest in analytics as people seek to understand reform outcomes, compare various perspectives, and move away from binary thinking. The significance of VoxCheck’s work further escalated with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Svitlana directly engaged in combating the thousands of fakes circulating in the information space. Additionally, she played a crucial role in establishing contacts with international partners, marking a significant milestone in the team’s development.

“Who said that working in an analytical center is boring? On the contrary, it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to me in life. Working at VoxUkraine is always about continuous development and challenges that you set for yourself. In our team, with today’s information challenges to the country, every day is unlike any other. It’s tough, but it doesn’t depress; on the contrary, it motivates. The more responsibility, the more drive and interest,” says Svitlana Slipchenko, Deputy Executive Director of the NGO “VoxUkraine”.

Liena Shulika — Creative Director of the NGO “VoxUkraine”

Liena Shulika joined VoxUkraine in 2019 as the team leader of the video department, which later evolved into a full multimedia department. Liena has always been a person who was passionate about her work and believed that even the most complex analytical materials could become captivating visual stories.

“I am glad to move forward with VoxUkraine because, over these five years, it has become more than just a job. During this time, there have been several television projects, the launch of new communication channels, 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and countless ideas that we need to implement together as a team,” shares Liena Shulika, Creative Director of the NGO “VoxUkraine”.

Kateryna Bobyliova — Financial Director of the NGO “VoxUkraine”

Kateryna Bobyliova joined VoxUkraine in 2019 after studying finance at Kyiv National Economic University and economic analysis at the Kyiv School of Economics. For four years, Kateryna has been streamlining and facilitating the company’s finance and grant management processes. She shares that, besides the direct work, VoxUkraine has become a community of caring individuals for her who understand that all our words and actions affect the world around us. Therefore, Kateryna appreciates the active stance of the team.

“I’m glad that my contribution to the development and building of VoxUkraine as a company is appreciated! And I’m also happy to be surrounded by such people — people who understand what they are doing and why. Coming from the corporate world, I am inspired by the ‘chaos’ that sometimes occurs. This vibe is like that of a startup, where each person has several functions and can take on the responsibility they are ready to bear. Therefore, VoxUkraine gives me the opportunity to express myself as a generalist,” says Kateryna Bobylova, Financial Director of the NGO “VoxUkraine.”

Kyryl Perevoshchykov — Editor-in-Chief of VoxCheck

Kyryl Perevoshchykov has been with VoxUkraine for three years. He joined VoxCheck as an intern, stayed on as a Junior Analyst, and is now the Editor-in-Chief for the entire team. Thus, Kyryl now verifies facts, logic, and the correctness of conclusions across the entire fact-checking team. He admits that the hardest part of an editor’s work is not just editing authors but oneself. However, he believes that being an editor means taking responsibility for self-improvement to inspire and strengthen the team. Kyryl has experience in this type of work as one of the fact-checking editors for Forbes Ukraine.

Scrolling through and analyzing propaganda channels seems easy at first glance. It was tough, stressful, and exhausting because I had to doubt my own comments, check again and again, and work on mistakes. Learning new things to then advise colleagues. But it was worth it. VoxCheck is a place where you can realize yourself and be alongside people who lift you up,” shares Kyryl Perevoshchykov, Editor-in-Chief of VoxCheck.

The VoxUkraine team congratulates colleagues on their new appointments and growth within the organization. Thank you for staying true to our common cause and being ready to move forward together!


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