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Microeconomics from Insiders: Firms, Markets and State Regulation

16 May 2016

On April 23-24 tool place the seminar “Microeconomics from insiders: firms, markets and state regulation” (announcement of the lectures). Among the speakers of the seminar – Adomas Auditskas, Andriy Pyvovarskyi, Volodymyr Bilotkach, Andriy Kobolev, Russell Pittman, Max Nefyodov. 

The seminar was attended by over 150 people. 

Oleksandr Shepotylo, lecturer at the University of Bradford. Lecture topic: Firm productivity. Impact of regulation and trade policy on firm productivity.

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Elena Besedina, Assistant Professor at the Kyiv School of Economics. Lecture topic: Market failures and state policy instruments.

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Volodymyr Bilotkach, Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University, member of the editorial board of VoxUkraine. Lecture topic: Why does the government regulate competitive markets? Theory and industry cases.

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Adomas Auditskas, advisor to  Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Lecture topic: SOE reform: the goal, current state and the next steps.

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Andriy Kobolev, head of Naftogas Ukraine. Lecture topic: Gas market reform and Naftogas reform: the goal, current situation and next steps.

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Andriy Pyvovarskyi, Former Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine. Lecture topic: Ukrzaliznytsia (railroads) reform.

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Volodymyr Vakhitov,  Assistant Professor at the Kyiv School of Economics. Lecture topic: Horizontal and vertical integration. Regional monopolies.

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Russell Pittman, visiting professor at the Kyiv School of Economics, Director of Economic Research in the Economic Analysis Group, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice. Lecture topic: Antimonopoly regulation. General principles. The case of US.

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Mariya Nizhnik, first deputy head of the Antitrust Committee of Ukraine. Lecture topic: Antitrust policy in Ukraine: current state and expectations for the future.

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Max Nefyodov, deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Lecture topic: State procurement reform.

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Tymofiy Mylovanov, President of the Kyiv School of Economics, Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, co-founder of VoxUkraine. Lecture topic: Auctions Theory.


All photos from the event you can find here



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