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Where Are the Reforms? VoxUkraine Is Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to Support a New Project

3 July 2019

In its Reform Barometer project VoxUkraine will analyze the degree of implementation of the key reforms in Ukraine. It is time to check whether the reforms are ‘visible’ and felt by people.

iMoRe (Index for Monitoring of Reforms) is the first project of the analytical platform VoxUkraine; it was launched at the beginning of 2015. The project is a unique in the world quantitative index of the pace of reforms. Every two weeks forty experts evaluate on a scale from minus five to plus five the pieces of legislation which change the rules of the game in economics and related spheres. Index is an average of expert’s grades and it helps identify reforms and anti-reforms. Index press-release provides not only events’ grades but most importantly explanations of the  essence of reforms. iMoRe provides the most comprehensive information on the speed and depth of reforms in the country. Mass media mostly focus on the ‘hot’ topics while important changes are not always sexy. Sometimes it is hard for a person who is not an expert in a sphere to assess how important certain legislative changes are.

The idea to create a tool for monitoring of reforms was suggested by Professor Alexander Motyl (American historian of Ukrainian origin, professor of political science at Rutgers University, USA). VoxUkraine Editorial Board members Olena Bilan, Veronika Movchan and Ilona Sologoub with active participation by Vitaliy Vavryshchuk developed the Index  methodology. Since August 2016, Tetiana Tyshchuk is the iMoRe project leader.

By now we have:

During the four years while we evaluated legislation we received multiple requests to evaluate practical implementation of these norms. Implementation analysis is a comprehensive and complicated task which needs your support!

“The Reform Barometer”

Our goal is to support the reforms moving in the right direction, with minimal procrastination or sabotage. This can be achieved by permanent public control and pressure. The results of the last quarterly review show that the reformist fervor has considerably subsided and the pace of reforms now is at its historical low since 2015. However, that is not our main point.

In the fall we will have a new Parliament and a new Cabinet of Ministers. To understand whether the country is moving in the right direction, it is necessary to analyze where we are now to set the benchmark to which the progress or regress of the new government can be compared.

The Ukrainians should know what legislative changes are expected of the Verkhovna Rada and what should be implemented by the executive branch.

Adopting a necessary law is just the first step. The new norms must be implemented and contribute to well-being of Ukrainians. We will analyze and present to the public whether reforms adopted on paper have made their way to reality, as well as spot the gaps that need to be addressed immediately.

During 6 months, VoxUkraine will analyze the state of implementation of the key reforms in Ukraine and release a series of articles and multimedia materials within the Reform Barometer project.

We will do this to help Ukrainians understand the real state of affairs. It is time to check where the reforms are at and what their real impact has been.

We will 

  1. Objectively assess what has changed in the key spheres that impact the life of each Ukrainian, namely in the  social support and taxation.
  2. Enhance the accountability and public control of MPs and responsible state agencies committed to adopting and implementing changes.
  3. Focus attention of the society on the transformation process and explain what is going on.

Our team:

Your financial support will be spent on:

  1. Remuneration of experts – 160,000 UAH
  2. Communicational and visual support of the project – 80,000 UAH
  3. Reward to contributors – 10,000 UAH

Support the Reform Barometer on Spilnokosht via  this link.

The project is partially funded under two institutional grants from the International Renaissance Foundation  and the Program ENGAGE by Pact Inc.

Previously, VoxUkraine collected more than 1 million UAH under the following crowdfunding programs:

We all need the reforms! Let’s find them together!


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