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Ukraine’s Path to EU. How European Norms Cross the EU-Ukraine Border

The issues of a non-visa regime for Ukraine and the success and failures in the Association Agreement implementation top the reports from the annual Ukraine-EU summit. However, it is quite easy to forget that both the visa liberalisation and the EU Association Agreement are not an end in itself for Ukraine. They are tools that the EU employs to nudge us towards Europeanisation. Without Europeanisation, Eurointegration will just not happen. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

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Kill the Dragon: Privatization of Ukrspyrt

The government is headed for the privatization of Ukrspyrt, and hopes that this move will help solve the worst problems in the ethanol industry, such as the large black market. In addition, the privatization of the ethanol monopoly should bring additional 200-400 million USD to the government’s budget. The author researches whether the government actions are able to solve the problems of the industry, and what the true value of the ethanol monopoly Ukrspyrt is.

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Airline On-Time Performance Ranking for Boryspil Airport

For the past two months, VoxUkraine recorded data about all departures from Boryspil Airport. The result is the first independent airline on-time performance ranking in Ukraine. It somewhat differs from the ranking published by Boryspil airport. You will find out which airlines to steer away from when planning connections and business meetings immediately after landing.

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Should Ukrainians Praise the National Bank of Ukraine

In recent days, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) and its head Valeria Hontareva were sharply criticized in the parliament and press. Corruption, incompetence, and mismanagement of the economy were some of the charges. Obviously, known instances of corruption should be filed with proper authorities for further examination. Accusations of incompetence and mismanagement of the economy are harder to prove but an educated discussion of what has been accomplished by the NBU team and what could have been done differently is entirely possible. In this brief review, we provide an assessment of what we think was key in the evolution of the NBU and the Ukrainian economy since 2014.

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іМоRе # 48. Calm

The Index for Monitoring of Reforms (iMoRe) is at a very low level, for the second consecutive time. The index for November 7 through November 20 is only +0.3 points, out of a possible +5 points. In the monetary sphere, overall reforms were actually negative, while other spheres experienced mild progress.

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The Cost of the Falling Size of Average Land Plot or How Much the Tenant Pays

Medium-sized and large agricultural producers operate 15.5 mln ha of rented agricultural land plots, which accounts for 36% of all agricultural land in Ukraine. A land plot requires special accounting within an operating organization and registration with authorities. This creates additional administrative expenses. What are they? Can they be decreased? Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

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Editorial Policy and Funding Principles of VoxUkraine

VoxUkraine is an independent and nonpartisan analytical platform founded and managed by a group of highly qualified economists and lawyers based in Ukraine and abroad. In almost three years, VoxUkraine has completed more than 20 significant studies, published about 700 articles and organized tens of educational activities. What do they have in common?
VoxUkraine’s work is grounded in the principles of objectivity, independence and transparency. What does it mean in practice?

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Report. The Conference “The Power of Words. Responsibility of Media and Challenges-2017”

On the 17th of November of 2016 VoxUkraine held a journalism conference “The Power of Words. The responsibility of the media and calls 2017” with support of the Renaissance International Foundation. Who and how has to outline journalism standards during the armed conflict? How to report the war? Why do we face self-censorship and how to confront the censorship that comes from state authorities and media owners? What is the adequate approach to facts in journalism? How to implement fact checking procedures in editorial policies and how do they influence the politics in Great Britain and USA? Media practitioners and academics from the USA, Great Britain, Sweden and Poland jointly with the best reporters and editors from Ukraine answered these questions during the conference, which was attended by 90 representatives of the media and volunteers from all over Ukraine.

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Budget Decentralization: Life or Death for Ukrainian Cities and Towns

For two years, Ukrainian regions have received and spent funds under a new arrangement that emerged after the budget decentralization reform. VoxUkraine has found out which cities and towns have won and will continue to benefit from the reform, and which have fared not so well. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.