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Has Ukraine Managed To Leave the Post-Imperial Cultural Space in 25 Years of Its Independence

Despite the growing role of the Ukrainian language in education, its everyday use has barely changed in the last 25 years. Currently, only 40% of Ukrainians use it actively. The Russian language continues to dominate in the media and book market (even including imported books). The situation is better in what concerns music bands, since most of them sing in Ukrainian, even though a notable part sings in Russian and other languages. VoxUkraine have analysed some linguistic and cultural characteristics of the Ukrainian society. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

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Jan Tombiński: Europe Needs Ukraine to Understand its Own Destiny

The interview with the Head of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine, Ambassador Jan Tombiński was conducted within the framework of the EU project ‘Open Neibourhood’. Jan Tombiński said: “We have seen over the past two and a half years all this public protest against regimes that wanted to manipulate the state. These people deserve the possibility to have a sustainable state, a state that they feel they can associate their future with”.

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Deadly Problems: Why Do Ukrainians Die

In 25 years of its independence, Ukraine has set a very sad record. Its rate of losing population has been the highest in Europe, according to the World Bank’s research “What Underlies Ukraine’s Mortality Crisis?”. Ukraine’s population has decreased by 6.8 mln (to 45.2) in just a quarter of a century. VoxUkraine has found out whether the demographic situation has been improving, what diseases are the deadliest in Ukraine, and what causes most deaths in Ukraine in each age group. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

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IMoRe №41. Napoleon’s plans: Naftogas Reform and Interregional Custom Office Creation are Pushing the Index

Progress in natural gas market reform and reduction of tax service pressure on business make a positive impact on IMoRe. Index continues to grow slowly, while the reform pace remains unsatisfactory: +1,2 points in this round. IMoRe experts note some progress in the reforms of energy sector, business environment, public administration and monetary system, as well as the lack of change in public finance.

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Ukraine’s Legal Debate on the Right to Armed Self-Defence

One of the issues that were raised rather unexpectedly in the process of discussing constitutional amendments in Ukraine in 2015 was the right to armed self-defence, initiated by an e-petition to President Poroshenko and supported by an NGO “The Ukrainian Gun Owners Association”. This led to a heated debate within the Human Rights Working Group of the Constitutional Commission, holding back the adoption of a human rights chapter. The discussion about liberalising rules for possession of weapons has additional emotional resonance in Ukraine because of the Russian aggression and military conflict in Eastern Ukraine which caused, inter alia, illegal turnover of firearms in Ukraine.

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Invisible Сonnection: Who Owns the Banking System of Ukraine

There is a continuing struggle between those who are striving to hide money and assets and those who are trying to find them. Central banks are one of the key players in the fight against money laundering (anti-money laundering), against the concealment of “gray” transactions (related-party lending), and against the concealment of property rights (ultimate beneficial ownership). These are the non-trivial tasks which require a comprehensive analysis. In this article, we provide a detailed analysis of the entire network of owners of Ukrainian banks. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

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Democracy at Greenwich or The Lessons of Brexit for Ukraine

BREXIT has caused major discontent both inside and outside the United Kingdom. Almost immediately after the outcome was announced, many citizens called for another referendum or outright overturn of the results. However, nobody actually had any doubts as to whether the voting procedure itself was fair. Nazar Boyko explains why. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

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What Do We Learn from President Poroshenko’s Speeches. A Quantitative Content Analysis

Using content analysis, we analyse speeches of President Poroshenko from March 2015 to May 2016. We present the visualised word cloud and find the semantic content of president foreign speeches are similar to the domestic ones. Further, we investigate audiences’ education level measured by the readability and complexity of the texts. We also analyse political spectrum for each speech, and the results show that the domestic speeches have a bias to left-wing politics, while foreign speeches are more right-wing.

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Brexiteer View on Ukraine’s Development

During the UK’s EU referendum campaign, we were repeatedly told that Putin would welcome Brexit (UK withdrawal from the EU). The free world must prove him wrong. As a lifelong Brexiteer, I utterly reject the argument that links Brexit with Putin’s opposition to Ukraine joining the EU. Each nation must be free to determine her destiny.