UPDATED. Provocation and Disinformation Overview

UPDATED. Provocation and Disinformation Overview

Photo: ua.depositphotos.com / abadesign
29 March 2022

Vox Ukraine stays on guard checking every newspiece coming in these challenging times for our country. Every two hours Vox Ukraine team posts an overview of aggressor’s provocations and disinformation attempts. Stay tuned.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 17:00 on March 29

  • Azov troopers blew up Mariupol Drama Theater from the inside. Proof: windows of buildings nearby weren’t blown out by the explosion.
  • UAF planted mines over the Black Sea.
  • russian conscripts won’t be sent to warzones during the spring conscription campaign. The number of conscripts would be lower. Prosecutor’s office will follow the campaign closely.
  • West loses faith in UAF General Staff russian casualties statistics due to lack of photo and video proofs.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russian aircraft dropped the bomb on Mariupol Drama Theater, despite a big sign saying that there were children inside.
  • It is not the first time russians claim that Ukrainians planted mines on the Black Sea shores while the mines started to drift towards Bosphorus. russians even named the number of mines – 420, which is weird because the Black Sea is very stormy, and it would be near-impossible to count the mines in that weather. If russians know how many mines are in the Black Sea, it is probably russian mines.
  • Intelligence General Office of the Ministry of Defense already reported that russia’s planning a mobilization starting April 1st. The program’s name is «BARS-2021» (Combat Army Reserve of the Country). It will be held simultaneously as the planned conscription to hide mass mobilization.
  • All estimates are approximate. On March 23rd, the US and NATO told CNN that russian invaders could have lost somewhere around 3000 to 10000 troops during the war. Even according to OSINT investigators, who indicate the minimum numbers, the russians suffer record losses. Statistics are likely to become available after the war. The General Staff of the Armed Forces has the most complete picture as of now, as it features both closed and open information.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 15:00 on March 29

  • UkrPoshta is now part of the “post office of russia.”
  • J. Michael Springmann: Years might pass until US biolaboratories scandal will get in full force.
  • If russia wanted to take over the entire territory of Ukraine, they would’ve struck rockets on all UAF positions, destroyed their fuel refineries, railroads, highways, took over all chemical plans and NPPs. And only then sent ground troops to sweep the territory. Since it didn’t happen, therefore russia never planned to take over Ukraine.
  • russia doesn’t kidnap Ukrainian refugees and displace them in russia. It just looks like that.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Ukrainians started to receive such emails from suspicious addresses. UkrPoshta themselves debunked the whole sham. Their response: “russia’s post office is unhappy since UkrPoshta cut their ties and stopped cooperating and asked countries of the Universal Postal Union to stop working with russia’s postal services. All things russian, including postal stamps, is toxic. Such messages are yet another example of russian aggression. And with this mailing, obviously, the Russian Post, when it writes that all postal items of Ukrposhta will be sent through the Russian Post, is trying to regain its volumes somehow”.
  • Springmann is a well-known russia sympathizer. Four years ago, he got into a scandal when he posted a caricature on “friends of the USA,” in which he compared Ukraine with excrements. Using such “experts” might mean that russia is running out of ideas on how to push this narrative.
  • russia rocket strikes UAF positions, airports, fuel refineries. They also occupied Chornobyl NPP and Zaporizhya NPP. russian blitzkrieg wet dream went south because UAF fought back and keep on pushing russian invaders back where they came from. In addition, a combination of corruption and obsolete equipment make the russian army a poor excuse for a fart.
  • According to Mariupol City Council, russia displaced approximately 20-30 thousand Mariupol residents. . 90 thousand people were displaced from Kherson Oblast. According to Ukraine’s Ombudsman Ludmila Denisova, russian invaders illegally deported 439420 civilians, including 91673 children.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 14:00 on March 28

  • if russian invaders leave Kherson and Zaporizhya Oblasts, the threat to russia will return. The Northern-Crimean channel will be again blocked, and Zaporizhya NPP will again be under a threat of an accident.
  • russia will have to work for 30-40 years to clean people’s heads from nazi propaganda in Ukraine.
  • creation of puppet states on the occupied territories was necessary to guarantee russia’s safety.

And not – THE TRUTH:

  • russia occupied Kherson oblast, Kherson, and parts of Zaporizhya Oblast. These actions create an environment for a humanitarian catastrophe. As for Northern Crimean Channel, the Ukrainian Government ceased its water supply back when russia occupied Crimea in 2014. russian government was unable to find a solution for this for 8 years. And now they took it over by force. russian invaders captured Zaporizhya NPP and Energodar city and kept it under russian control for 21 days. ZNPP personnel can’t work properly and get rest. Because of that, there is a constant threat of nuclear accidents.
  • There was never any nazi propaganda in Ukraine. None of the Ukrainian Government officials ever expressed such views. Of course, just like in any other country, there are far-right groups in Ukraine. However, they are marginal at best. Propaganda of intolerance and nazism is a criminal offense in Ukraine.
  • russia has organized illegal faux referendums on occupied Ukrainian territory since 2014. None of them were held to any international standards. Each such faux referendum was done to justify russia’s actions formally. None of such faux referendum results are recognized in Ukraine and the rest of the world.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 27

  • Any country is in danger if Ukrainian artillery is nearby.
  • The reason why Roman Leschenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, resigned is due to empty State Reserve storage facilities and lack of strategic reserve.
  • russia’s defense ministry on their losses: 1 351 dead, 3 825 injured.
  • Ukraine uses phosphorus bombs in Donbas.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russian propaganda alleges that either Poland or belarus are in danger because Ukraine might attack them. It is not true. russia can create casus belli for belarus to join the invasion. However, russia already uses belarus as a military asset for their ground and air troops, and they have already shelled belarus territory and tried to blame Ukraine for that. As for Poland, they realize that russia is the real threat who is trying to pull focus on Ukraine.
  • Roman Leschenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, resigned due to health issues. He explained his situation on his Facebook page“I’m at war not just with our common enemy but also with a tough hereditary disease. My health is deteriorating. Because of that, I’m forced to resign from the minister position”.
  • russian invaders already lost 40 thousand troops. This figure includes dead, injured, and captured. As of March 27th, russian invaders got 16,6 thousand dead and counting.
  • Ukraine doesn’t use any banned weapons and does not violate international agreements. Unlike russia, which probably used phosphorus weapons in the Avdiyivka district.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 14:00 on March 27

  • Ukrainian doctors dismantle bodies of dead civilians and the russian military for organ harvesting for UAF purposes.
  • “Don’t be afraid to speak russian” posters started to appear in occupied parts of Luhansk oblast.
  • rosatom demands Ukrainian authorities bring back their employees as fast and safe as possible.
  • russian ministry of defense: Ukrainian Air Force and Anti-Air Units are entirely demolished.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Ukrainian laws prohibit organ harvesting without a patient’s consent. In addition, not every doctor is qualified to do that. Also, it makes no sense to perform organ harvesting on heavily damaged bodies of shelling victims.
  • Ukraine never had any limitations on using the russian language at home. The language law limited the use of the russian language in the press, radio, TV, and print media.
  • 11 rosatom employees are in Zaporizhya NPP because they came there with russian military without Ukraine’s Energoatom or ZNPP consent. Energoatom demands rosatom to leave ZNPP territory.
  • russian ministry of defense reports every day that the Ukrainian Air Force and Anti-Anti Units are gone. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Air Force and Anti-Air Units are hard at work shooting down russian planes and missiles. On March 26th, Ukrainian Anti-Air Units shot down 3 out of 4 rockets over Volyn. In addition, they shot down 1 plane and 12 drones.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 12:00 on March 27

  • UAF shells civilian infrastructure in Chornobaivka.
  • Ukrainian Gas Transfer System replenishes russian budget more than companies that refused to leave russian market.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russian invaders lost the battle for Chornobaivka for the 11th time. So it is natural that their propaganda would try to find yet another excuse for their utter failures. There is no proof in claims that UAF shoots civilian infrastructure, but there are numerous proofs of russians shooting at civilian infrastructure everywhere they go. UAF is fighting the invading force.
  • Ukraine is not buying russian gas since 2015. Therefore, the Ukrainian Gas Transfer system is not generating any revenue for russia. In addition, European countries also stop buying russian gas. For example, Poland plans to stop using russian gas by 2023, some Lithuanian companies stopped buying russian gas.
  • Hungary never had any territorial claims for Zakarpattya. The whole Zakarpattya separatism narrative is one of the russian propaganda inventions. Unfortunately, it is widely spread in Ukraine, russia, and Hungary. It is part of russia’s attempts to discredit the Ukrainian State.
  • russian invaders plundered the hi-end Central Analytical Laboratory in Chornobyl. The laboratory did contain hazardous samples and also radionuclides. But it is a big stretch to consider this a proof of nuclear weapon development program. Inadequate handling of radioactive materials will primarily harm the occupiers who seized the station.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 12:00 on March 24

  • russia is not at war with Ukraine. If russia was at war with Ukraine, russia would’ve carpet-bombed the cities.
  • Europeans are appalled at the rudeness of Ukrainian refugees. It is a direct result of 8 years of nationalist propaganda in Ukraine.
  • US and EU wanted to use Ukraine as a base for their nuclear weapons aimed at russia. UK’s Minister of Defense seemingly confirmed that.
  • USA accusations of russia committing war crimes are baseless.

А тепер ПРАВДА

  • russia carpet bombs Mariupol. Even NATO confims that. Head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration Serhiy Hayday previously stated that the russian military conducted carpet bombings of Luhansk Oblast residential housings.
  • russia tries to push the “rude Ukrainian refugees greedy to exploit European help” narrative for a couple of weeks. russia wants to discredit Ukrainian refugees in Europe. The whole “master race” narrative actually fits russia more. Coincidentally, that’s the same narrative Nazi Germany adored.
  • Nuclear weapons bases are banned in Ukraine. Meanwhile, russia actively threatens the world with nuclear weapons.
  • russia kills civilians, uses banned weapons, shoots at humanitarian convoys, conducts illegal mobilization on the occupied territories, displaces local residents, and creates ecological threats. These are some of russia’s recent war crimes.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 12:00 on March 23

  • Poland and USA planned a “denazification operation” in Ukraine. Proof: there were paratrooper regiments on Ukraine-Poland border.
  • peskov in CNN interview: “russian invaders don’t shell civilian infrastructure.”
  • russia never planned to shell Ukrainian chemical plants. It happens accidentally on purpose, which is completely different.
  • Poland will initiate the break-up of Ukraine. They will discuss it on March 24th at the NATO summit.
  • Louis Vuitton supports the russian invasion because their new jewelry collections use Z and V symbols.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • There were American paratroopers on the Ukraine-Poland border before the start of the russian invasion. However, their goal was to support NATO allies in case of russian aggression.
  • russia provides more and more evidence of their bombing of civilian objects every day. Last night they shelled vegetable storage and sausage factory in the Brovary district of Kyiv Oblast. У Чернігові розбомбили міст через Десну, яким рухались евакуаційні рейси та гуманітарна допомога. У Харкові вчора активізувалися атаки на житлові райони та історичний центр міста.
  • russian invaders damaged the 50-ton ammonia tank on Sumyhimporm factory on March 21th.
  • Poland never announced such plans. In fact, Poland is preparing itself for a possible russian invasion.
  • Louis Vuitton really presented jewelry with a symbol that resembles Z. However, the collection stylizes the brand letter L, and V. LVMH (with such brands as Louis Vuitton, Moët, Hennessy) announced that it would cease its operation in russia. There were also Louis Vuitton products empty shells videos in russia.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 19:00 on March 22

  • Zelenskiy intentionally kills Mariupol civilians. It is revenge on the pro-russian population.
  • Coronavirus spread investigation found a Ukrainian connection to the case.
  • Crimea State Duma MP predicts that Europe will be thankful for russia exposing Ukrainian biolaboratories.
  • illya kyva: nationalists led by Vitaly Klitschko plan a coup in the next two weeks.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • We already debunked the claim that in 2014 Mariupol “voted” to join “dnr” when it was taken over by Ukrainian nazi. That’s not what happened. The “referendum” was illegitimate and found no real support from Mariupol residents. Meanwhile, russia continues to destroy Mariupol. Just today, russian planes dropped two powerful bombs on the city. The city siege is led by Mikhail Mizintsev, one of the Russian commanders in the Syrian war. It was his order to bomb the maternity house, drama theater, and residential housings. Mizintsev sees military objects just like that boy sees dead people. The current priority is to evacuate Mariupol residents, but it is borderline impossible due to russians opening fire on civilians.
  • A couple of days ago we already predicted that russia would probably try to blame Ukraine for the coronavirus spread. To do that, russian propaganda propels the narrative about Ukrainian secret biolabs that study coronavirus and bats. However, the current theory of coronavirus origin is organic, and there is no solid proof for russian claims.
  • There was no biolaboratory expose whatsoever. The information about Ukrainian biolaboratories is open source. In addition, everybody knows what these laboratories are for. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these labs helped monitor the virus spread in Ukraine.
  • illya kyva is russian propaganda mouthpiece. For years he recited russian propaganda narratives like calling the Revolution of Dignity a “bloody coup” and War in the East a “civil conflict”. You can check out an extensive collection of kyva lying on our YouTube channel.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 22

  • russian special operation is conducted by a professional army that uses cruise missiles that are very effective in precision strikes on military infrastructure and not civilian infrastructure. It is nationalists and UAF who shells Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.
  • Ukrainian schools militarize children. One of the textbooks for 11th grade calls russia an occupant and aggressor.
  • Biological weapon that was developed in Ukraine was designed to affect slav female reproductive systems.
  • Kyiv ordered the Mariupol military to leave the city disguised as civilians.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • There are conscripts in the so-called professional army. Even the russian ministry of defense admits that despite simultaneous claims of otherwise. it is russian invaders who destroy Ukrainian infrastructure. They already demolished 15 thousand kilometers of roads, 1600 residential housings, approximately 400 schools, 36 hospitals, 77 administrative buildings, and even 8 churches. Total damages sum up to almost $63 billion.
  • Ukraine declared russian an aggressor in 2018. It is a stretch to call a simple statement of fact a militarization. Meanwhile, russia actually plans to involve child soldiers – as stated by Ukrainian Intelligence.
  • It is impossible to develop an ethnic-centric biological weapon. The whole anti-russian biological weapon contradicts their own “Ukrainians and russians are one people” narrative.
  • Ukrainian army defends Mariupol and helps evacuate civilians. Azov regiments (russian propaganda’s favorite targets) destroyed 4 tanks and a couple of armored vehicles.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 17:00 on March 22

  • russian invaders’ address to Kharkiv and Kharkiv Oblast residents: “There is no war between russians and Ukrainians. There is a special operation against nazi, oligarchs and all the traitors who poorly treated local residents for years”.
  • Avakov disrupted the Ukrainian propaganda narrative by saying that over 17 thousand had died while General Staff claims that it is only 15 thousand.
  • russia goes to another stage of the war with the primary goal being saving as many civilians as they can. They do it by killing them.
  • Zelenskiy promises a referendum on the “denazification” and “demilitarization” of Ukraine. S

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russian is at war with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. As for nazism – it was never really widespread in Ukraine, unlike russia. Far-right politicians are heavily marginalized in Ukrainian society. There were never any “radical” far-rights in the Ukrainian government or parliament. Since 2014 there weren’t any far-right political parties in the Ukrainian Parliament. Lack of names and proof regarding such things is yet another reason why these are simply baseless claims of russian propaganda.
  • It is hard to verify Avakov’s words as he doesn’t state his sources and has a history of manipulating facts. We trust UAF General Staff when it comes to providing official casualty stats. However, it is essential to note that it is hard to count russian casualties in the active warzone.
  • russian invaders didn’t even try to save civilians. But they are very skillful at killing civilians. 3000 dead due to Mariupol shelling. It is an approximation as there are probably more dead under the rubble. russian invaders shell residential housings, schools, hospitals – they call them “military bases” to justify their actions.
  • Zelenskiy said: “The referendum will be the final resolution in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.” He referred to safety guarantees, occupied Donbas and Crimea. He didn’t mention “denazification” or “demilitarization.” Both terms are used by russian propaganda exclusively as casus belli justification for war.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 22

  • peskov: russia doesn’t create any special structure on the territories that were “freed” from “nationalists.”
  • On March 16th, Ukrainian nationalists shot 10 Chernihiv residents standing in the queue to get bread.
  • Due to martial law, defense work is being organized in Odessa. As a confirmation, an extract from Order №101 of March 16, 22 of the Chief of the Odessa OVA Maksym Marchenko is allegedly added to the report.
  • Ukraine doesn’t arrange any humanitarian corridors from Berdyanks.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russian tries to establish occupational government on the occupied territories. They tried to set up the new mayor of Melitopol (conveniently, it is an MP from OPZZh) after kidnapping the real one. They did the same thing when they occupied Crimea and select Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast regions.
  • It is was russian invaders who opened fire on the queue to get bread. Chernihiv Oblast Prosecutor’s Office confirmed it. “North” operational command clarified that it was done with heavy artillery, probably “Grads.”
  • Odesa Regional Military Administration states that the Head of the Odesa State Administration didn’t issue such orders. “We publish all official orders on our official website and announce them on the official Facebook page,” the statement said.
  • Humanitarian corridors from Berdyansk to Zaporizhya are active every day. However, russian invaders try to disrupt them and open fire on civilians.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 20

  • Forest walks are banned in Kyiv Oblast because Territorial Defense killed several civilians there.
  • Rating Group survey that says 93% of Ukrainians believe in victory is incorrect because it was conducted in Western Ukraine with no active warzones.
  • If russian invaders enter Sumy – UAF will poison civilians with chlorine and ammonia.
  • Ukrainian nazi captured Mariupol in 2014 despite the city having a large turnout on dnr faux referendum.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Forest walks are banned in Kyiv Oblast due to forest fire threats. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=332859035535303&id=100064336284967.
  • Rating Group survey was conducted on the entire Ukraine territory, excluding occupied Crimea and regions of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. It covered citizens from 18 years old. West and South Ukraine got 95% beliving in victory, Central Ukraine – 94%, Eastern Ukraine – 85%.
  • UAF doesn’t use any banned weapons while russians use them all the time. Because of that, there is a reason to believe that when russia says something about Ukraine using chemical weapons, it means russia might use it. Because russia’s gonna russia.
  • First, that dnr faux referendum was illegal. Second, the organizers didn’t even had the voter lists because they had no access to the voter registry. There were 4 voting spots, and people could vote without any IDs with no secrecy of voting. The turnout was around 30% of possible voters.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 20

  • American political technologists made the “Ukraine Antirussia” Project for years.
  • Azov regiment nazi intentionally destroyed a pool in the center of Mariupol because they knew civilians were hiding there. So they shot with russian bombs dropped from russian planes flying from russian territory.
  • Priests from Ukraine East Orthodox Church travel to Donbas to kill civilians.
  • Kidnapping people from Mariupol and sending them to russia is a solution to save them from the humanitarian catastrophe created by russian invaders.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russian propaganda tries their damnedest to justify their war against Ukraine. The “Ukraine Antirussia” project is one of the narratives they try to push even though there is no proof and the whole narrative doesn’t make any sense. If you think about it, it is russia that turns Ukraine into the opposite of russia.
  • Yesterday, russian invaders dropped the bomb on the art school, which sheltered approximately 400 people, including women, children, and the elderly. According to Pentagon research, russian aircraft conduct over 200 flights over Ukraine a day. About a 100 of these are on Mariupol. In addition, they use artillery, multiple rocket launchers, and tanks. russian warships also shell Mariupol.
  • Ukraine finalized the creation of its own East Orthodox Church four years after the start of the war in Donbas and Crimea occupation. However, Ukrainian East Orthodox Church, under the moscow patriarchy, decided against joining Ukrainian Church. Even more so, they actively try to discredit it. moscow patriarchy calls Ukrainian Church “schismatic.”. However, it is the russian church started the schism – they cut their ties with Constantinople due to Ukrainian Church getting autocephaly.
  • russian invaders who displace Mariupol residents into russia confiscate their mobile phones and Ukrainian documents. Instead, some Mariupol residents get occupation documents, while the fate of the others remains unknown.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 19

  • Ukraine shelled center of Mariupol with Tochka U rockets. “Fortunately,” russian anti-air units took over these rockers and answered with Iskander strikes.
  • Nazi in Kharkiv opened fire on the humanitarian help distribution spot. They also shot civilians in Severodonetsk.
  • 85% of Mariupol destruction is done by Azov. Azov troopers flee from Mariupol under the civilian guise. That’s why russian invaders open fire on civilians.
  • Mariupol is “the heart” of “dnr”.
  • Instead of cleaning up the rubble of the demolished buildings, people made a Ukrainian coat of arms out of flowers.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Ukrainian authorities didn’t report any Mariupol bombings with Tochka U. Only russian media reported it. russian invaders shelled the city and then tried to blame UAF for doing that.
  • Ukrainians, whom russia keeps calling nazis, don’t shoot at humanitarian help distribution spots. They just keep on blaming everyone else for their atrocities. In Kharkiv, civilians can get humanitarian help in Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta post offices. There are also Ukrzaliznytsya evacuation trains. It is russian invaders who shell Severodonetsk. Despite that, there are still active green corridors. Today, 160, excluding those on their vehicles, managed to evacuate the city.
  • russia’s at it again: in reality – it is russian invaders who destroyed 80-90% of the city. russians try to blame everyone else for what they do. That’s why they target Azov. However, Azov troopers stay to protect the city from russian invaders.
  • Mariupol is a Ukrainian city. There are armed clashes in the city, but it is not occupied.
  • the last time russian invaders shot at Kyiv was on March 18th. However, the rocket was shot down, and its remains fell on the Podil district. National Emergency Service handled the situation. They did the same on March 17th in the Darnitsa district, and March 15h after Svyatoshin district bombings.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 17:00 on March 19

  • lavrov on “rf’s special operation”: “We had no choice but to disrupt this antirussian project of the West.”
  • Nazis in Mariupol were shooting at people and throwing them our of the windows to capture the higher floors of the buildings.
  • russia proposes Ukraine to become just like belarus: have no nuclear weapons and stop threatening russia. As a safety guarantee, russia will create military bases in Ukraine.
  • Europe’s fight against all things russian is borderline racist. Except russian is not race.
  • Ukraine wants to limit access to Telegram because they are losing the information war.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russia started getting sanctions after declaring “lnr/dnr” independent. After russia invaded Ukraine – sanctions doubled and tightened. Neither Collective West nor Ukraine ever planned to attack russia. Meanwhile, russia tries to justify its actions by saying Ukraine was threatening russia.
  • russian invaders do everything they can to harm Mariupol residents. They go as far as to put white armlets on Mariupol residents so that UAF would think it is russian military under civilian disguise.
  • belarus is russia’s puppet state. Just recently, lukashenko stated that belarus would want to get nuclear weapons back from russia if there were nuclear weapons near belarus borders – “in Poland, Lithuania, or Ukraine.” Similar statements were made by the head of belarussian Ministry of External Affairs, vladimir makey, “we consider locating nuclear weapons in belarussia – it is one of the possible responses to NATO actions in Poland.” Now, lukashenko contradicts himself and says that belarus will never have any nuclear weapons.
  • EU sanctions, russian products boycott, foreign companies leaving russian market is not racism by any classification. It is a limitation put on a country threatening the entire world with its ruthless disregard of everything. The whole “antirussian” term is used by russian propaganda exclusively. No one was turning Ukraine into “anti-russia.” russia got the first batch of sanctions due to Crimea occupation in 2014 and starting the war in Donbas.
  • There are no Telegram access limitations in Ukraine. However, there are lots of russian propaganda and fake news channels in Telegram. We monitor them and create these reports. Because of an immense amount of russian fake news propaganda – we need to check information from russian or pro-russian as they represent the enemy.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 18

  • the USA uses the war in Ukraine to advertise its weapons.
  • Azov settled in fortifications in the metallurgic factories in Mariupol and didn’t let workers cease production.
  • It is impossible to arrange evacuation corridors in Mariupol because Azov troopers might escape too.
  • Cynical lies: Ukrainians dream of killing russian children while russians want children to live long and happily.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • the USA will give Ukraine 800 Stingers, 2000 Javelins, 1000 light armor-piercing weapons, 6000 antiarmor systems, 100 drones, 100 grenade launchers, 5000 assault rifles, 1000 handguns, 400 machineguns та 400 rifles, 20 million of various ammunition, 25000 body armors and 25000 helmets. It is not an advertisement. It is the US helping UA.
  • Azovstal factories stopped on February 25th. They were stopped according to rules and regulations. In case of bombardment, the damage would be minimal, and the operation could restart ASAP.
  • russian invaders do everything they can to disrupt evacuation operations from Mariupol and prevent humanitarian help from getting into the city. As of today, Ukraine managed to evacuate over 35 thousand Mariupol residents. The rescue works on the site of the bombed Drama Theater continue. 130 people are already saved, but more are still trapped under the rubble. Greece is ready to finance the reconstruction of the Mariupol Maternity Hospital. while Italy will provide help in reconstructing the Drama Theater.
  • russian invaders already killed 109 children and injured 130. No long and happy life for them. https://t.me/voxcheck/2098. Ukrainians don’t kill russian children.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 17:00 on March 18

  • Training air raid alarms are actually to test their technical state. There is no alarm for some objects captured by radars. People could not hide because the person in charge of turning on the alarms didn’t turn it on.
  • National Bank of Ukraine asks citizens to donate cryptocurrency to support UAF.
  • putin during his speech in luzhniki: “Crimea citizens made the right choice by establishing a hard barrier with neonazi. russia did a lot to drag Crimea out of its miserable state when it was under Ukrainian control.”
  • Ukrainian military promised to destroy Volnovakha. In the meantime, “dnr” “attempts” to “establish” “normal” “life” there.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Training air raid alarms are banned during wartime. The alarm is turned on when any flying objects are identified, no matter the size. The siren is under the command center control, working around the clock.
  • National Bank of Ukraine doesn’t send emails to citizens and doesn’t accept donations to crypto-wallets. There are two such fake addresses [email protected] та [email protected]
  • Crimea residents didn’t make any free choice during a faux referendum in Crimea. It was a show. russia established an oppressive regime with numerous rights violations, the destruction of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, right to work, and many other rights. russia also arranged an illegal mobilization and expanded its military presence on the peninsula.
  • Pavlo Kyrylenko, Head of Donetsk State Administration: Volnovakha is destroyed. It was the first big city that russian invaders managed to capture in Donetsk Oblast. Before the 2014 war, the city had somewhere around 100 thousand residents. The battle for the city started in late February. On February 28th, UAF managed to push back russians outside the city, despite Grad and airstrikes. There was an evacuation campaign during the next two weeks. russian invaders consider taking over Volnovakha as one of the steps in capturing Mariupol, which will allow russia to create a ground corridor between Crimea and ORDLO.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 17

  • There is a long-running pathogen spread via bats research program in Kharkiv. The project was backed by the US in Ukraine and Georgia in October 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Mariupol refugees say that UAF opened fire on evacuation corridors. Because of that, people who flee Mariupol don’t want to go through Ukraine-controlled territory. Ukrainian Government left Mariupol behind.
  • Azov Regiment bombed the Drama Theater building. Or, The Drama Theater was bombed because Azov troopers were hiding there. Or both.
  • US and EU have defaulted on their debt to russia.
  • lukashenko: if Ukraine doesn’t stop provoking belarus, Minsk will retaliate. They’ll probably unleash Boo.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • the russia’s current idea is to “prove” that COVID-19 was developed in Ukraine in russian biolaboratories. Which is quite a flight of fantasy if you look at the facts. First, scientists from all over the world more or less agree that COVID-19 is most certainly of natural origin. Second, Ukrainian biolaboratories are under the control of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. Their goal is to reduce the pathogen dangers and not to spread them. Some laboratories took part in identifying such viruses as SARS-CoV-2.
  • There are 350-400 thousand people under a blockade in Mariupol. As of 13.03.2022 – 2358 dead. City Administration states that the actual number might be 1,5-2 times higher because it is still unknown how many people are under ruins. 80-90% of the city is demolished. There are no buildings without damage. It is a textbook illustration of the “russian world,” “denazification,” “demilitarization” russia’s committing in Ukraine. The evacuation corridor from Mariupol to Zaporizhya is currently active. But constant fire from russian invaders make it hard to get through. russian invaders caused a humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol because they couldn’t fight UAF. So instead, they started shelling civilians and blocking humanitarian aid. It is pathetic.
  • russian propaganda can’t decide which version of the Drama Theater bombing they like the most. Either Azov bombed it, or russians bombed it because Azov was there. That’s the same narrative they used when they bombed the Maternity House in Mariupol a couple of weeks ago. The fact of the matter is that russian invaders shell civilian infrastructure and kill innocent civilians. The russians dropped a bomb on the Drama Theater after they found out that there were lots of civilians in there. Fortunately, the shelter was strong enough to stand the strike, and by morning – people were coming out of the ruins.
  • US and EU had frozen assets of russian companies, oligarchs, and the likes. This doesn’t mean US and EU default on russia’s debts. In fact, it is russia that’s on the verge of default and economic collapse. russia had managed to pay $117 million of debt. But, according to Bloomberg, russia will have enough money to pay debts until May.
  • Ukraine is not provoking belarus. In fact, it is russia that creates one provocation after another to rile up belarussia.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 16

  • Crimea was under heavy sanctions after the “referendum,” aka occupation. However, during 8 years of occupation – life was better than during 23 years as part of Independent Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces gave Kahovka Hydroelectric Power Plant without a fight.
  • Ukrainian Authorities fled from Volnovakha and didn’t even inform residents about evacuation.
  • There is no reason for the russian economy to default.
  • Zelenskiy is hiding in the basement near the Polish border. He was secretly transferred to meet with Czech, Slovenian and Polish representatives.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • The so-called “referendum” has nothing to do with “free choice” russia likes to call it. The decision to hold a “referendum” was made at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea on February 27, 2014, while the building was captured by russian military without ID signs. Later on, putin admitted that these were the russian military. There were no journalists during a meeting, and MPs were voting under the gun barrel. It is unknown where there was a quorum for voting. russia implemented an oppressive regime in Crimea with heavy repressions against Crimean Tatars who stand against Crimea occupation. Crimean Tatar people suffer from frequent illegal searches. Leaders of their communities are exiled from the peninsula, Crimean Tatar media is closed, and their government is qualified as an “extremist organization.” russia conscripted nearly 28 thousand Crimean residents into the russian armed forces. Instead of upholding international norms, russia turned Crimea into a military base with aircraft, missiles, and ammunition prepared for further invasion. Crimea’s occupation allowed russia to strengthen its presence in the Black Sea, Azov Sea, and Kerch Strait.
  • russia occupied Kahovka HPP on February 24th. It is pointless to talk about “giving up” the location given the fact that local authorities were not prepared for the invasion that started at 5:00.
  • it is russian invaders who shell Volnovakha and don’t let residents evacuate.
  • Fitch lowered russia’s credit rating down to “С.” This means that russia’s default is imminent. Moody’s also lowered russia’s credit rating down to “C,” which is yet another proof that default is imminent. S&P Global Ratings gave russia a “CCC-” credit rating.
  • Zelenskiy had debunked claims that he was not in Kyiv on numerous occasions.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 16

  • UAF supposedly lost 34672 personnel, plus 23490 injured і 13,3k missing. National Guard lost 15000. Territorial Defense lost 20 thousand and 30 thousand wounded. russian fake news media claims this is Red Cross, burial centers, and Ministry of Defense information sent directly to Zelensky.
  • Ukrainian Air Force never shot down any russian aircraft. Except for those they already shot down. But it doesn’t count, so it is fair game.
  • If not for russia’s timely reaction, UAF would’ve done scorched earth on “lnr/dnr” cities.
  • russian invaders are not going to capture any cities. But not because they can’t. The goal of the invasion is to start a negotiation between russia and Ukraine.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Red Cross never gave any data on UAF, National Guard, Territorial Defense losses. russian fake news media posted a lot of stuff about that, albeit with dubious and questionable sources on this side of fiction. In addition, if one of the purported sources in Ministry of Defense data is sent straight to Zelenskiy, then how is it in russian fake news media access? It is reasonable to think that these russian fake news media reports are full-on fiction or heavily manipulated hearsay.
  • Ukrainian Air Force shoots down a lot of russian planes. For example, on the night of March 1st, there was an airfight between two UAF MiG-29 and two russian Su-35C in Kyiv Oblast. russian planes went down as they should. On March 7th, UAF Air Force shot down 2 enemy planes over Kyiv.
  • Ukraine never planned an offensive on Donbas. This is russia’s casus belli. It was russia who situated 140k military across the border and threatened to invade for months. The whole narrative is a tool for russia to depict Ukraine as warmongers looking for a reason to draw blood. We’ve already covered it many times:
  • If russia is not going to occupy any Ukrainian cities, then what are they doing when they are trying to occupy Mariupol, Volnovakha, Kherson, Energodar, and other cities? Why did russian invaders attack Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and other cities? russia indeed tries to facilitate negotiations, but they do it by using banned weapons and killing civilians.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 15

  • On the third week of the war, Ukrainian propaganda found out that there were russians and russian-speaking populations in the Ukrainian cities. And now they are using this fact to blame russian invaders for shelling the russian population in Ukraine.
  • Victoria Nuland admitted that there are US biolaboratories in Ukraine.
  • UAF kidnapped a UN representative in Kharkiv.
  • Hungarian population of Ukraine started talking about rejoining Hungary/
  • There’s an illegal organ trade in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government entered an agreement with local doctors to transfer the organs of the injured to Europe without their consent.
  • UAF General Staff reports that there are only 16 shot-down planes, not even 49. Because of that, The Ghost of Kyiv couldn’t shoot down 50 planes.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • russian propaganda mixes “russian population” and “russian-speaking population” to prove their point. Ukraine never denied its existence.
  • Victoria Nuland never said that there are US laboratories in Ukraine. Her words were taken out of context. “Secret US biolaboratories in Ukraine” is yet another russian propaganda myth. There is no proof of such things in Ukraine. The USA has helped to modernize Ukrainian laboratories since 2005. The goal is to upgrade research methods to prevent infectious diseases. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, these labs monitored the COVID-19 disease cycle. The United States has invested over $200 million for 46 laboratories and medical institutions’ development during the cooperation period. None of them work on any chemical or biological weapons. The USA initiated a chemical weapon development prevention program while USSR was developing chemical weapons. After the USSR collapse – leftovers of this program were left in Ukraine. US chemical weapon prevention program aims at keeping these contagious materials safe and used only for scientific purposes. This program was also active in russian laboratories up until 2014.
  • UAF didn’t kidnap any UN representatives in Kharkiv. According to Counterdisinformation Center, the UN itself had denied these claims.
  • It is not the first year when russian propaganda used the narrative about the Hungarian population of Ukraine wanting to join Hungary. They do it to discredit the territorial unity of Ukraine and emphasize that there are numerous separatist movements in Ukraine. Such actions are treason according to Ukrainian legislation. The perpetrators can get jailed for life.
  • Illegal organ trade is a long-running russian propaganda narrative. This time they are using it in the context of many injured people whose organs are suitable for the illegal organ trade. However, the Ukrainian organ transplant system is highly regulated, and there is no way to get somebody’s organs without their written consent.
  • russian invaders lost 81 airplanes during the war. It is approximately a quarter of those prepared for the invasion.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 14

  • It was a Ukrainian anti-air missile and not a russian bomb that exploded over Kurenivka (Kyiv). UAF anti-air missile, not russian missile, blew up the residential housings on the Lobanovskiy Prospect on February 26th.
  • Ukrainian Government had been collecting Slav biomaterials to create biological weapons. They did it with the US’ help.
  • Ukrainian provocateurs called “dnr” women to start protesting near the government building in Donetsk. And then, they opened fire on that district with Tochka U.
  • Ukrainian pro-russian activists were so scared during 8 years of “oppression” that even now, in the “liberated” cities, they are still afraid to express their political views.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Ukrainian Anti-Air Unit shot down a rocket over Kyiv today. Parts of the rocket had fallen on the Kurenivka district. 1 dead, 6 injured. The trolleybus with no passengers is totally demolished. On February 26th, it was russian invaders whose missile blew a hole through a residential housing complex on the Lobanovsky Prospect.
  • Ukrainian Ministry of Health, USA, and even the President already explained that Ukraine wasn’t developing any biological weapons in the biolaboratories. Even MSU researchers had stated that it is impossible to create an ethnic-centric biological weapon.
  • Ukrainian Ministry of Defense had debunked claims of UAF involvement in shelling Donetsk city center with Tochka U.
  • Ukraine had been fighting with russian propaganda and disinformation for over 8 years and counting. But it is hard to call an “oppression” when an entire pro-russian parliamentary faction is fully active. So the whole “oppression” just doesn’t make much sense.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 13:00 on March 14

  • Member of the Bundestag Sahra Wagenknecht stated that supplying Ukraine with weapons only prolongs “the crisis.”
  • 2018 measles epidemic started due to anti-russian policies. Ukraine disposed of the entire Priorix vaccine only because it was quality tested in russia. Україна утилізувала всю вакцину КПК “Пріорікс” лише тому, що її якість перевіряли у росії.
  • Ukrainians shot cluster bombs on Donetsk with Tochka U.
  • UAF sabotaged the Avdiyivka coke fuel plant and didn’t let anyone deal with the fire.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Sahra Wagenknecht is known for her pro-russian position regarding the russian invasion. She already called the russian invasion in Donbas a “civil war” led by “neo-nazis”. She also pushes the russian propaganda narrative of “fratricidal war”. In addition, she refuses to recognize the russian military presence in Donbas despite the opposite proof from OSCE, international investigators, testimonies of the russian military. She and several other members of the Die Linke party are included in the Peacekeeper database due to their attempts to legalize Crimea occupation and “lnr/dnr”.
  • First, Ukraine uses the Belgian Priorix vaccine against measles. Second, the measles epidemic is the result of anti-vax fake news hysteria and not some anti-russian policies.
  • It is russia who shoots Donetsk with Tochka U, not UAF. Also, Tochka U is not compatible with cluster bomb munition. Furthermore, cluster bombs are banned by international laws. But it doesn’t stop russia from using them.
  • Coke fuel plant in Avdiyivka was shelled with russian Grads. In addition, they damaged the gas pipeline, nearby school, and residential housings. Information on civilian casualties is currently being clarified.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 15:00 on March 13

  • Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett “advised” Zelenskiy to agree to russia’s demands and surrender. Allegedly, Zelenskiy said that “he heard him.”
  • UAF kills civilians in Popasna.
  • UAF opened fire on all humanitarian corridors on March 12th. They did that from russian positions, dressed like russians and firing from russian weapons.
  • Ukrainian nazi are burgling and killing civilians in Mariupol. They also use civilians as human shields.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Mykhailo Podolyak: “Israel, just like any other country-mediator, definitely doesn’t recommend Ukraine to agree on any russia’s conditions. It is impossible from military and political standpoints. On the contrary, Israel asks russia to look at things more realistically”.
  • Unlike russian invaders, UAF actually tries to save civilians at all cost, while russians shoot civilians on sight. Today, russian invaders shelled Popasna with phosphorous bombs banned by Geneva Convention. Yesterday, we did a piece about paragraphs of the Geneva Convention broken by russia.
  • 13 thousand people were evacuated through humanitarian corridors on March 13th. At the same time, evacuations from Zaporizhya, Energodar, Vorzel, Irpin, and Kozarovychi were made impossible due to russian invaders opening fire on humanitarian corridors.
  • As of now, 1582 civilians died due to the Mariupol blockade.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 19:00 on March 12

  • There were reports of fires in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone woods.
  • the USA admits that Ukraine is an unviable state.
  • Provocation: russia may be preparing a mock referendum in Kherson to declare the so-called “kherson’s people republic.”
  • Western partners “abandoned” Ukraine: Spain provided навчальні муляжі for Instalaza C-90 and Alcotаn-100 grenade launchers.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • No government official, including the National Emergency Service of Ukraine, had reported on the forest fires in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. Ukraine’s Head of Intelligence already warned about russia attempting a provocation in the Chornobyl NPP Exclusion Zone. There are two possible scenarios: one of the features starts fires in the irradiated forests, the other involves shelling radioactive waste storage. They plan to blame Ukraine for doing that.
  • None of Ukrainian US partners ever stated that Ukraine is an “unviable state.” Quite the opposite, today, President Joe Biden signed a decree allocating $200 million to Ukraine for military needs.
  • russian invaders are preparing a mock referendum in Kherson. To do that, they call Kherson Oblast Council MPs and try to coerce them into collaboration. Meanwhile, Kherson residents come out to protest russian occupation every day.
  • russian propaganda tries playing mind games with Kherson residents by perpetuating such fake narratives as: “Kherson was abandoned,” “Ukraine doesn’t need Kherson,” “Ukraine left Kherson without means for existence” and so on and so forth.
  • Once again – there were no such reports. Spain plans to provide Ukraine with at least 1370 anti-tank grenade launchers and 700 thousand units of ammunition for assault rifles and machine guns.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 12:00 on March 12

  • russia’s new take on biolaboratories: the US conducted inhumane biological experiments on Ukrainians. It was essentially something similar to the MK Ultra Monarch program, which was based on the nazi human experimentation program. The proof – the growing number of alcohol- and drug-addicted people in russia-occupied Donbas.
  • Iron dome over russia is the West’s goal. Because of that, YouTube blocks russian fake news media, while Instagram marks them as russian fake news media.
  • Zuckerberg – XXI century hitler, because Meta approves violent messages regarding russians and belarussians.
  • russian invaders share their rations with civilians in Chernihiv oblast.
  • Zelenskiy is lying about sending humanitarian convoys to Mariupol because residents haven’t got any humanitarian help. And it is not because russian invaders keep on shelling the city so that no humanitarian aid can get through.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • As we have already repeated time and time – all those russian biolaboratory, biological-chemical-nuclear weapon-related news are nothing more than baseless claims and fantasies. The threat is that when russia accuses Ukraine of something, it probably means they are going to try it out themselves.
  • Western countries implement sanctions against russia due to their invasion of Ukraine. However, russia voluntarily imposes a lot of limitations on itself. It is roskomnadzor who limited access to Facebook and Twitter and not the other way, Instagram closes on March 14th. The decision will cut over 80 million users from the platform.
  • Meta allows violent messages regarding russians and belarussians on Facebook and Instagram in the russo-Ukrainian War context. In its comment, the company, explained that this is only allowed for Ukrainian users. In addition, this permit allows people to use words for self-defense in times of war.
  • Today, russian invaders destroyed Hotel “Ukraine” in Chernihiv. In addition, russian invaders keep on bombing civilian infrastructure with artillery and airstrikes. Chernihiv is left without electricity, gas, water, and heating this morning. City services are repairing the infrastructure to restore the supply.
  • The humanitarian corridors to and from Mariupol are currently active. However, russian invaders open fire on the convoys and don’t let civilians get out of the city or supplies to arrive in the city.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 19:00 on March 11

  • Nationalists blew up the Institute of Physics and Technology in Kharkiv to hide proof of nuclear weapon research.
  • 30 biolaboratory network was working on expanding the pathogen features of infectious diseases.
  • NATO turned the civil conflict into a full-blown war of the West against russia.
  • USA and EU started to rehabilitate fascism.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • The whole “rehabilitating fascism” thing is yet another russia’s attempt to justify its invasion. None of the Ukrainian Officials ever expressed allegiance to fascist ideology. Like any other country, there are far-right radicals in Ukraine, but they are marginal at best and don’t have much influence in Ukrainian politics or society. Propaganda of intolerance, and propaganda of nazism is banned in Ukraine.
  • There was never a civil conflict in Ukraine. russia attacked Ukraine in 2014 and occupied parts of Donbas and Crimea. Then, on February 24th, they started a full-on invasion in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Health state that there are no such laboratories in Ukraine, and the whole narrative is disinformation. Ken Psaki already called russia’s claims “pointless”. In addition, russia’s claim about an “ethnic-centric biological weapon” is impossible to make. Most of pathogens and bacteria in Ukrainian laboratories are actually common microorganisms.
  • On March 10th, russian invaders shelled the Institute of Physics and Technology in Kharkiv.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 11

  • Events in Ukraine – is the third Maidan. Ukraine was going to attack belarussia is not for the russian invasion.
  • Concentration camps were “found” on the “lnr” “territories” “liberated” from “Ukrainian nazi.”
  • UAF uses cluster bombs.
  • Ukraine in the EU is just Ukrainian propaganda fake news.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Do you need yet another explanation that what is going on now is russian invasion and not “maidan” or “special operation”?
  • Ukrainians never organized any concentration camps in “lnr/dnr”. russians did that. During 8 years of war in Donbas – there was an infamous “Isolation” concentration camp. In 2014 Secret Service of Ukraine had published a concentration camp map of Donbas.
  • russian invaders use cluster bombs. National Emergency Service found such left by russian invaders in Mykolaiv Oblast.
  • European Council made a statement condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine at the informal European Council summit in Versailles. They also made statements about increasing the sanctions against russia and commented on Ukraine’s possible joining the EU. The EU recognized the prospect of Ukraine’s membership in the EU.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 10

  • US biolaboratories in Ukraine research coronavirus and other infectious diseases spread on specific nations (russians in particular). According to russian propaganda, the dangerous pathogen and bacteria transmission were to occur through bats and birds.
  • Ukrainian bomb disposal experts could not disable the FAB-250 bomb with their bare hands.
  • lavrov: Ukraine was stealing russian gas.
  • lavrov part Deux: there was an extremist Azov battalion in the maternity hospital, not pregnant women.
  • Ukrainian nationalists killed 14 thousand pro-russian Donbas residents during 8 years of war.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • if you follow russian fake news media, it seems like russia is going to blame Ukraine for creating and spreading COVID-19. The whole “expose” russia is trying to pull off about biolaboratories in Ukraine is actually open-source data. The goal of these biolabs is to reduce the threat of infectious diseases. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, all Ukrainian laboratories have one general function – indicate and identify causes for infectious diseases with epidemic potential or international notoriety according to international medical regulations.
  • National Emergency Service of Ukraine actually managed to defuse a FAB-250 bomb. There is video proof of that on their official channel. Overall, just during March 9 Загалом впродовж 9 березня ДСНС виконали 22 заявки з Чернігова щодо розмінування. Тим часом росія обстрілює житлові райони міст України зокрема із забороненої зброї.
  • Ukraine stopped buying russian gas in November 2015 and never stole any russian gas. First of all, it is technically challenging to pull that off, given the fact that Gas Transfer System Operators monitor the gas transfer and its quantity. Second, since 2015 Ukraine has bought gas from European countries owned by European countries. It can be of any origins because, unlike russia, European countries use gas as a political pressure tool.
  • As for Mariupol, lavrov recites russian propaganda narrative. The maternity hospital wasn’t empty: we knew that the attack resulted in 17 injured by evening. In the morning, we found out that 3 people had died, including 1 child. the whole lavrov statement means that russian invaders intentionally opened fire on the maternity hospital. lavrov also cynically called photos of injured women in labor “manipulative” because they don’t show “the other side.” .
  • During 8 years of war, 14 thousand people have died. But, not all of them were civilians, and they wouldn’t die if russia hadn’t attacked Ukraine. According to a UN report: during the period 14.04.2014 to 31.12.2022, 14,2-14,4 thousand people have died during a war in Donbas. Only 3,4 thousand of them are civilians, including 152 children. 81,4% civilians died on “lnr/dnr” territory, 16,3% on Ukraine-controlled territory, 2,3% on the separation line.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 17:00 on March 9

  • UAF uses civilians as human shields because NATO said so.
  • According to russian propaganda, it is dangerous not only to express your own opinion in Ukraine but also to remain silent instead of approving the “nazi regime.”
  • UAF lacks personnel.
  • russia didn’t damage the Chornobyl NPP power supply. What really “happened” is that the Solar Chernobyl solar power station was temporarily turned off, and there is no real threat for Chornobyl NPP. Aside from the situation spiraling out of control.
  • Ukraine disallows foreign students to evacuate.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • UAF, unlike russian invaders, don’t use civilians as human shields. UAF protects civilians at all costs instead. It is russia who shells and bombs civilians, civilian infrastructure, and even humanitarian corridors. For example, today, russian invaders disrupted evacuation from Bucha and blocked 50 buses with civilians.
  • There is no freedom of speech limitations in Ukraine. On the contrary, the Ukrainian Constitution bans censorship, and enforcing it is a crime. Meanwhile, in russia, there is no freedom of speech, and just recently, russian authorities blocked access to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mobilization in Ukraine takes place based on a Presidential Decree. People with military experience are first in line for mobilization. Mobilization has taken place all over Ukraine for 90 days since the decree. Meanwhile, in russia, hidden mobilization is used to compensate for immense casualties.
  • Due to russian invaders’ thoughtless actions, Chornobyl NPP’s power supply is down. Currently, Chornobyl NPP is on diesel-generators which will last for 48 hours. If the power supply is not restored in 48 hours, the cooling system for the spent nuclear fuel facility will turn off, and this will lead to a radiation leak.
  • 2046 foreign students from 27 countries are stuck in Sumy, Chernihiv, Mariupol, Kherson – all due to russian invaders disrupting evacuation.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 12:00 on March 9

  • everpresent ilya kiva: since 2014, all hirings in the Ukrainian Government went through US Embassy. Nazism was a dominant ideology in education. Meanwhile, yuriy boyko, according to kiva, is actually a British spy who destroys the meaning of the OPZzH party.
  • According to “dnr” representatives, Ukraine plans to disrupt humanitarian corridors in Volnovakha and Mariupol.
  • Ukraine is responsible for the destruction of civilian residential housings. Civilians will soon suffer from hunger and cold.
  • russia limits the use of Facebook and Twitter due to enemy propaganda and fake news.
  • Azov planted bombs in a nuclear reactor in Kharkiv and demanded russian troops to leave.
  • Ukraine is not going to open humanitarian corridors to russia because they also didn’t want to follow Minsk Accords.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • OPZzH MP’s are world-class bullshitters who lead every lying politician index. They repeat kremlin narratives. Here’s the video breakdown of their blatant lies.
  • Ukraine and russia had agreed upon a ceasefire on March 9th from 9:00 to 21:00 to arrange an evacuation from Mariupol to Zaporizhya and from Volnovakha to Pokrovsk. However, these plans were disrupted by russian invaders opening fire on humanitarian corridors just because they could.
  • Kharkiv, Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel – cities destroyed by russian invaders. Photos of these cities are worth a thousand words. They show what russian invaders mean by “demilitarization” and “denazification,” they what they call “peace.”
  • It is russia who put an iron curtain on its citizen. russia is at the 150th spot out of 180 on World Press Freedom Index. Ukraine is in the 97th spot.
  • russian invaders fired Grads on National Research Center “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology”, which contains where the neutron source research facility is located, in the core of which 37 nuclear fuel cells are loaded. In addition, russian invaders hold hostages in Zaporizhya NPP and Chornobyl NPP. In the latter case, invaders also slowly die of radiation poisoning.
  • russia kept ignoring most of the Minsk Accords for 8 years. That was why the situation on Donbas was left unresolved and kept getting worse as time went by. Ukraine tried to maintain the security part of the Minsk Accords, while russia kept disregarding it. Simultaneously, the political part of the Minsk Accords directly contradicted Ukrainian interests.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 8

  • UAF opened fire on the humanitarian corridor in Sumy Oblast.
  • Azov battalion disrupted Mariupol evacuation.
  • natalia poklonska, together with rosgvardia, brought humanitarian help from russia to Kherson. Meanwhile, the russian emergency service brought in 430 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbas. The russian military also provides humanitarian help in Chernihiv oblast.
  • roskosmos general director dmitriy rogozin called the nationalization of the peoples of Ukraine, the ban on the use of the native russian language and russian culture, the physical destruction and genocide of all those who opposed Bandera a manifestation of Nazism in Ukraine.
  • If UAF destroys “lnr/dnr” cities, then there is no doubt who actually shot down MH-17.
  • Due to Collective West providing fighter jets for Ukraine, there will be more civilian casualties.
  • “External control”: NATO controls the conflict in Ukraine.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • At 13:00, russian invaders opened fire on the evacuation corridor from Sumy to Poltava. As of 16:00, the movement was restored. Corridor will remain open until 21:00.
  • russian invaders keep 300000 hostages and prevent civilian evacuation despite Red Cross participation. UAF cleaned the road over the agreed direction of the evacuation corridor. However, russian invaders opened fire, and the whole evacuation attempt fell apart.
  • russia smuggles weapons and fuel under the guise of humanitarian help. Just like when they did the same with humanitarian convoys to Donbas.
  • There was never a russian language ban in Ukraine. The implementation of the language law emphasized the use of state language while limiting the use of russian on tv, radio, books, education. Casual use of russian was never under any limitations. Interestingly, russian propaganda never gives any examples of what they call “physical extermination” of those “against Bandera.” The lack of facts means these are baseless claims.
  • Numerous investigations concluded that Malaysian Boeing MH-17 was shot down by a rocket from Buk missile system owned by the 53rd missile brigade stationed near Kursk, russia. It was sent to Donbas just before the tragedy and was based on the occupied territory. After completing its tasks, it returned to russia.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 15:00 on March 7

  • Ukrainians present their own demolished equipment as russian.
  • UAF breaks Geneva Convention norms regarding the protection of civilians during wartime.
  • russian invaders’ offensive of Z and V armies in Chornobyl NPP and Zaporizhya NPP is allegedly due to a threat of nuclear weapon development on the Nuclear Plants.
  • Civialian evacuation will be monitored by drones so that UAF wouldn’t disrupt it.
  • Specific forms and senses in Joe Biden’s speech confirm that putin’s words are honest and correct.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • As of 07.03, UAF had destroyed: over 11000 enemy personnel, 290 tanks, 999 armored vehicles, 117 artillery systems, 46 planes, 68 helicopters, 3 ships, and boats.
  • It is russian invaders who open fire on civilians. From 24.02 4:00 to 0:00 5.03 Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed 1123 instances of civilian death or injury: 364 dead and 707 injured.
  • Energrodar and nearby settlements are on the verge of humanitarian catastrophe due to russian invaders’ actions. That’s their current plan. russian invaders force Zaporizhya NPP management to approve all their decisions with invaders. There were 500 occupants on Zaporizhya NPP, while Chornobyl NPP got 1000 occupants.
  • It is russian invaders disrupt civilian evacuation in Bucha, Irpin, Volnovakha, Mariupol, Energodar, and other cities.
  • putin lies pretty much every minute. The proof.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 13:00 on March 7

  • occupants fight for Kharkiv until the end because it is alleged that there was a nuclear weapon development facility.
  • russian and pro-russian telegram channels criticize Iryna Vereschuk’s
    decision to turn down russian offers to organize humanitarian convoys to evacuate Ukrainians to russia and belarussia. Meanwhile, UAF continues to open fire on humanitarian corridors in Mariupol.
  • moscow is dissatisfied with Germany’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine. The reason: those weapons might get in the hands of marauders and terrorists.
  • russian invaders threaten the civilians: those who are not happy to see invaders will have the same fate as every other “nazi.” Liberation, eh?
  • Ukrainian Authorities asking civilians to come out for peaceful protests is actually to use them as human shields for the Ukrainian military.

And now – THE TRUTH!

  • 209 killed in Kharkiv Oblast, including 133 civilians. Reminder: nuclear weapons in Ukraine are russian fantasies. Ukraine follows its commitments to international agreements and does not develop any nuclear weapon, nor does it have the capacity to do so.
  • it is russia disrupts humanitarian corridors by opening fire on civilians trying to evacuate. Arranging humanitarian corridors to russia and belarussia while these countries attack Ukraine – is unacceptable.
  • On February 26th, Germany decided to provide Ukraine with 1000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger rockets.
  • Civialians going at peaceful protests against occupations are doing it voluntarily. Such protests currently occur in Starobilsk (Luhansk Oblast), in Melitopol, in Kherson. Yesterday, Crimea Tatar-led anti-occupation protest took place in Chongar (Kherson Oblast). At the same time, russian invaders opened fire on protesters in Nova Kahovka. There are dead and injured.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 6

  • russian invaders sent their humanitarian help to Luhansk Oblast
  • Azov Battalion asks Mariupol residents to stay in shelters and don’t evacuate. This means UAF intentionally disrupts civilian evacuation.
  • Samsung supports the «Z» army in its fight against fascism in Ukraine.
  • pushing: Ukrainian military were planning to attack Crimea and Donbas in summer 2022Українські військові планували атакувати Крим і Донбас навесні 2022-го.
  • USA sent 15 biolaboratories to Ukraine to prepare new bacteria to poison everything around.

And now – THE TRUTH

  • Evacuation vehicles were unable to move out of Mariupol as russian invaders kept shelling the city.
  • Samsung Electronics stopped selling their products in russia.
  • On February 21st, russia made a spectacle out of recognizing “lnr/dnr”: the security council meeting was pre-recorded, as were numerous videos of the so-called leaders of the so-called republics. All this points out that it was russia who created a casus belli for themselves to start a full-scale invasion.
  • this is not the first time russian attempted to launch a disinformation campaign about US biolaboratories. Interestingly, the very same lies were repeated by MPs from OPZZh. US Embassy in Ukraine has already debunked these claims. In addition, the Secret Service of Ukraine denied the existence of such “foreign” laboratories and pointed out that Ukrainian laboratories get financing from the state budget and are directly subordinate under Ministry of Health.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 13:00 on March 6

  • Kyiv plans to create a “dirty” bomb in Chornobyl.
  • Ukrainian nazis threaten Melitopol residents who take humanitarian help from russian invaders.
  • Territorial Defense Forces of Kherson were preparing a terrorist act during a peaceful protest.
  • Ukrainian Authorities declined to guarantee a ceasefire in Mariupol and Volnovakha.

And now – THE TRUTH

  • Ukraine has signed the Budapest Memorandum with the UK, the USA, and russia. The latter does not honor the agreement. According to the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine renounced nuclear weapons. In return, USA, UK, and russia promised not to infringe on Ukraine’s sovereignty. However, the agreement does not specify how to implement these security guarantees. Ukraine abandoning the Budapest Memorandum doesn’t mean Ukraine can restore its nuclear arsenal as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (which Ukraine had signed in 1994) prohibits such actions. Violating the Treaty means extensive economic and political sanctions (just like what happened to Iran).
  • It was russian invaders who opened fire on peaceful Ukrainian protests.
  • Kherson and Kherson Oblast residents come out on peaceful protests with Ukrainian flags against russian invaders.
  • russian invaders occupy Mariupol and Volnovakha while civilians wait for humanitarian corridors. Humanitarian help from Dnipro and Zaporizhya is going to Mariupol.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 19:00 on March 5

  • Ukrainian occupational forces spent 8 years marauding and terrorizing the local population of parts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast.
  • Kyiv declines to arrange humanitarian corridors in Kharkiv, Sumy, and Energodar.
  • UAF in Bucha fires from residential housings.
  • Due to Ukraine’s interference, only 3 families managed to evacuate from Mariupol. And they were fired upon by UAF. Ukrainian Authorities didn’t bother to warn anyone about the humanitarian corridor.
  • kadyrov: Zelenskiy must give the power to the legitimate president – yanukovych, who betrayed his country, fled its people, and stopped being relevant as soon as russia took over Crimea.


  • Ukrainian Armed Forces in Luhansk and Donetsk protected the territories under Ukrainian control. All this time, Ukraine had numerous support programs for Eastern Oblast residents and displaced people.
  • russian invaders are the reason why humanitarian corridors are impossible. They keep on firing all the time. Today’s attempt to evacuate Mariupol and Volnovakha fell apart because of that.
  • The most dangerous directions in Kyiv Oblast are Zhytomyr highway, Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, Makarov, and the northern Vyshgorod area. russian invaders continue to shell residential housings and civilian infrastructure. The entire Kyiv Oblast is under a threat of air raids. In addition, there are still recon groups to deal with.
  • russian invaders ignore international humanitarian organizations’ appeals (Red Cross and the likes) to arrange a ceasefire and let evacuate civilians.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 14:00 on March 5

  • “Ukrainian-nazi junta” blows up its own railroads and disrupts evacuation of their own citizens so that they can use them as “human shields.”
  • in the meantime, “dnr” claims that “Ukrainian militants” prevent civilian evacuation in Mariupol. According to russian fake news media, Ukrainian Armed Forces also prevent civilian evacuation.
  • Zelenskiy was several times transferred from Lviv to the NATO base in Poland.
  • russian army does not apply scorched earth tactics at all. It just looks like that, but it is definitely not.
  • illya kiva: “Zelenskiy had lost his connection to reality. All of his western partners had turned their backs on him.”

and now – THE TRUTH

  • russian invaders blew up the railroads in Kyiv Oblast.
  • Evacuations in Mariupol and Volnovakha fell apart because the russian military resumed fire.
  • On March 4th, Zelenskiy confirmed in his video address that he is in Kyiv.
  • On March 5th, UAF shot an enemy plane that had 3 FAB-500 bombs. russian occupants bombed local CHP in Okhtyrka (Sumska Oblast). Shelling of one of Fastiv region villages caused a fire in 8 houses.
  • 141 countries support a UN General Assembly “Aggression against Ukraine”. According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 38 countries had closed their airspace for russian planes.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 4

  • Zelenskiy has been long evacuated from Kyiv. He’s probably not even in Lviv. He’s in Poland. Meanwhile, there are reports that Olena Zelenska was seen on French beaches.
  • the USA and The Collective West want to cancel sanctions against russia. Someone’s off their meds.
  • pro-russian traitor azarov: NATO planned to base 4 military brigades in Ukraine. Air Brigade was even nuclear-capable. By the end of 2022, NATO planned to provoke a conflict with russia with nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, russians straight up shell Nuclear Power Plant in Zaporizhya.
  • Chernihiv City Authorities keep the population in nazi occupation.
  • russian military, unlike UAF, provides food and medicine to the occupied territories. It is probably all vodka.
  • UAF plunder Volnovakha stores and run over city residents. Upon retreat, they also fired rockets into civilian infrastructure.
  • Kharkiv is under marauder and nazi battalion rule. Whatever that means.
  • Ukrainian propaganda supposedly spreads fake news about Youtube, Google, and Facebook, stopping its operation in russia.

And now – THE TRUTH

  • Reports about President Zelenskiy’s evacuation are a part of the demoralization campaign of russian propaganda.
  • sanctions against russia are intact and grow stronger with each passing day. Even Switzerland, which was neutral until very recently, had implemented sanctions against russia: export ban for certain oil products and various space- air-related products and tech; restrictions on securities trading, issuing loans or accepting deposits; freezing putin’s cronies assets.
  • NATO never provoked any conflicts against other countries. The russian invasion goes on for 9 days – it is all russian doing. Just remember how putin used pre-recorded security council meeting to declare a war.
  • russian invader shell Chernihiv with Grads and Uragans. The russian military keeps on shelling residential housings and civilian infrastructure.
  • It is russian invaders who attack Volnovakha. Just today, Ukrainian Anti-air units shot down an enemy SU-25 fighter jet.  And then UAF shot down russian bomber SU-34, which was followed by Mi-8 helicopter to retrieve a pilot, so UAF shot it down too.
  • russian invaders shell Kharkiv all the time. The city needs green corridors to receive humanitarian help, yet russian block such efforts with their relentless shelling.
  • No one in Ukraine says that YouTube, Google, or Facebook stopped working in russia. russian propaganda channels get blocked left, right and center because of their shameless lies. YouTube blocked a lot of russian propaganda channels: Channel One, rossiya 24 and rossiya 1, TASS, RIA Novosti, RBC, Zvezda TV Channel, among others. Meanwhile, Alphabet (Google’s mother company) banned YouTube monetization for RT propaganda media  At the same time, it is russia that blocks Facebook for its citizens. It is easy to lose the train of thought when you lie that much.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 22:00 on March 3

  • Several Territorial Community websites were hacked. russian invaders put on a fake president address announcing capitulation. In addition, the russia can go as far as creating a deepfake video with the president announcing surrender.
  • russia is ready to provide humanitarian help to Kherson, Sumska, and Kharkivska Oblasts. Meanwhile, Ukrainians block “green” and humanitarian corridors and keep city residents “occupied.”
  • “neo-nazis” opened fire on Chinese students trying to flee Kharkiv.
  • UAF set landmines in Kyiv and Kharkiv

And now – it is time for THE TRUTH

  • Counterdisinformation Center warns: any capitulation announcements are fake. They are nothing more than yet another provocation attempt from russian invaders. Here’s how you can distinguish deep fakes from real videos:
    – the plausibility of content: the enemy will try to show us something relatively easy to believe from a person we trust the most.
    – sound: the voice can differ a lot. Finding a voice actor with a 100% match is almost impossible. Voice synthesizers also lack the natural texture of the voice. This aspect alone makes the production of such video an exercise in futility;
    – the quality of the face mask: deepfake video can’t do swift movements and textured faces (wrinkles, stubble, beard, deepfake can’t handle eye movement well);
    – if you look at the video frame by frame – you can see deep fake artifacts in head movement and facial expressions. Here’s an excellent tool to do that – InVid
  • «green corridor» is yet another tactical instrument of russian invaders. They kidnap people under the pretense of “saving” them, “evacuating” them to the “safe place.” russian invaders did this in Irpin, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and other cities even though there was no blockage. russian invaders used this method for the first time in Ilovaisk, and it was a big tragedy. Now, russian invaders are trying to do “evacuation” to present themselves as peacekeepers (who shell civilian residential housings nevertheless)

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 19:00 on March 3

  • Human rights of people living in the Donbas region weren’t UN’s concern for 8 years.
  • Alternate reality: Ukrainian prisoners of war allegedly confessed to russian invaders that they were not warned about russian “special operation.” In addition, Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly use children for provocations, while Territorial Defense Force uses ambulance cars as a cover.
  • Fake: Zelenskiy is allegedly captured near Volnovakha while hiding in the bushes.
  • Cynicism: russia’s minister of foreign affairs sergey lavrov claims that russian military use only high-precision weapons and attack only military structures, and they never fire on army barracks
  •  russian fake news media show Zaporizhya while talking about Kharkiv, they said: “everything is fine in Kharkiv, we don’t bomb anyone.”

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • UN has handled Donbas’ humanitarian issues since 2014.
  • russian propaganda distorts all facts: the russian military had no idea where they were going, the russian military organize “evacuations” to use civilians as human shields, the russian military hijack police and ambulance cars to break into the cities.
  • following russian invaders’ logic: they caught Zelenskiy arounв 10 in the morning (when these “news” started to “surface”), then how he was addressing Ukrainians throughout the day with up-to-date information?
  • According to lavrov logic, shelling hospitals in Zaporizhya Oblast or destroying regional hospital in Chernihiv, shelling kindergartens and residential housings in Kharkiv, firing into Energodar schools, Kyiv TV Tower and Babyn Yar and a couple of hundred more examples – does it looks like they’re firing at “military structures with high-precision weapons”?

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 22:00 on March 2

  • Manipulation: anti-russian sanctions can also harm Ukraine because Ukraine buys russian gas from the EU.
  • Predictable fake news: Zelenskiy is ready to give up Crimea and “lnr\dnr” within the border on 24.02.2022.
  • Demoralization: more and more Ukrainian military surrender their weapon or run away.
  • Alternate reality: російським військовим потрібен мир, а нашим – лише бліцкриг.
  • Cynicism: Ukrainian Armed Forces place their equipment near residential housings.
  • Lies Lies Lies: Horlivka is under dnr/russia control.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • Ukraine doesn’t buy russian gas since November 2015. Since then, Ukraine has bought gas from EU countries, and since the EU owns it, its origin doesn’t really matter.
  • Hybrid War: All sorts of announcements about capitulation or renunciation of our territorial integrity are russian FAKES that Ukrainian Authorities predicted and warned about. Deepfake videos seem to be russian propaganda’s new toy. Ukrainian authorities report that russian invaders are trying to produce a deepfake of Zelenskiy declaring surrender.
  • russian invaders don’t need peace, and it was putin who planned blitzkrieg, and he failed miserably. According to various estimates, russians planned to take over Ukraine in 3-15 days. Overestimation of their capacity is a russian trademark feature.
  • Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Olexiy Danilov confirms that Horlivka is under Ukrainian Armed Forces’ control.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 19:00 on March 2

  • Fake: Korban and Filatov plan to blame russians by collecting bodies in local morgues and dropping them on the streets of “dnepropetrovsk” (Dnipro, you dummies), Kryviy Rig and Novomoscovsk.
  • Destabilization: clashes in Kyiv are nothing more than armed confrontations between Territorial Defence Forces and Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Extortion: unknowns seem to collect money to support the Kherson bakery plant.
  • Possible provocation: Rivno Territorial Defense will mine Rivno Nuclear Power Plant. Meanwhile, russia wants to take over Zaporizhya NPP to save it from UAF provocations.
  • russia’s ministry of defense: russian military allegedly managed to negotiate with the Kherson elite to get the city’s life back to normal.
  • Manipulation: Lots of Ukrainians are trying to leave the country with Hungarian passports.
  • Alternate Reality: All world countries are trying to destroy Zelenskiy. And he knows that only russia can “save” him. Yeah, sure.
  • Warped reality: UAF and Aidar battalion took the entire population of Mariupol hostage.
  • Demoralization attempt: Berdyansk Residents thank occupants for “saving” them. It’s a hard case of apophenia.

And now – THE TRUTH:

  • it is russia who genocides Ukrainian People. 2000 dead during 7 days of the war, discounting military. National Emergency Service neutralized 400 fires evacuated over 500 people. Pyrotechnicians neutralized 416 explosive devices.
  • The Battle of Kyiv Rages On! The enemy shelled Bila Tserkva on the night of Marth 2nd. There were armed clashes in Bucha and Hostomel.  Later in the day, Ukrainian Armed Forces had liberated Makariv (Kyiv Oblast) and established their outpost.
  • Kherson State Administration debunks fake news about donations for bakery plant.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 23:00 on March 1

  • Demoralization: There is no captured russian military equipment. Only abandoned, damaged, or broken.
  • Pseudo fact-checking extravaganza: photos of the Kyiv TV Tower bombings victims are fake because bodies can get to such a state only after 4-6 hours.
  • Alternate reality: it is dangerous in Ukrainian cities and on the roads because there are many armed people, and authorities ask people to use Molotov cocktails actively.
  • Scare tactics: russian invaders plan to destroy everything except for Western regions of Ukraine.

And now – it is time for THE TRUTH

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces and even civilians managed to capture A LOT of russian military equipment. National Agency on Corruption Prevention states that you don’t need to declare captured russian tanks because it doesn’t exceed 100 subsistence minimums (248 100 UAH).
  • when russians do “fack-checking,”… they only distort the truth further. People really died because of the bombing of the Kyiv TV Tower. The video shows that it happened near the TV Tower at Babyn Yar due to a rocket attack.
  • Territorial defense protects civilians. It is russian invaders who harm them. At the same time, Territorial Defense Forces need your help. The Head of Sumy State Administration states that Territorial Defense Forces protects 1,1 million Sumy oblast residents.
  • In the meantime, Odesa mayor Gennady Trukhanov and Head of the Military Civil administration Sergiy Grynevetskiy are actively sabotaging Odesa Territorial Defense Forces. Babel journalists got the document addressed to heads of territorial communities – it says that people who join TDF have to mobilize into UAF.
  • The Battle for Ukraine Rages on! The enemy is unable to capture any big city. Not for the lack of trying, but Ukrainian Armed Forces make them regret every moment of their invasion.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 18:00 on March 1

  • Nope: Kyiv TV Tower is destroyed.
  • Lies: Kharkiv State Administration was shelled with Ukrainian “Smerch” and “Vilha.”
  • pushilin: Ukraine attacks russia with Tochka U armed with phosphorous warheads.
  • Fake news: Zaporizhya Nuclear Station is under russian control.
  • Demoralization attempt: UAF soldiers desert and switch sides to join russian forces.
  • Dangerous provocation: russian army + “people’s militia of dnr” “create” safe passages for Mariupol residents.
  • Confession: russian invaders don’t care about Ukrainian civilians, even though russian propaganda claims the opposite.

And now – THE TRUTH

  • Kyiv TV Tower still stands, although damaged. The TV broadcast was interrupted for some time, but the transmission was restored. Suspilne platforms work without disruption.
  • russian invaders plan to destroy Sofia Kyivska. it seems like they’ve found a military base there.
  • Tochka U rockets don’t have phosphorus. In addition, Ukraine doesn’t have weapons that contain phosphorus. Also, using phosphorus on the battlefield is banned by UN.
  • Ukrainian Nuclear Power Stations work as usual. Zaporizhzhya NPP is under Ukrainian control.
  • russian “safe passages” or “evacuation” are actually kidnapping. They use civilians as human shields for their atrocities. It is a cold, cynical lie. russian invaders kill Ukrainians in cold blood, and they destroy civilian infrastructure claiming that it was all “military.” Right now, Mariupol is under the barrages of russian artillery.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on March 1

  • Betrayal: Head of Mykhailivska United Territorial Community (Zaporizhska Oblast) – Volodymyr Rykun of OPZG agreed to collaborate with occupants.
  • Provocation: Ukrainian Government and President Zelenskiy are preparing to surrender the country.
  • Cyberthreat: some chatbots ask people to photograph their faces, leave their personal data and tell about property damage and details about the enemy activity.
  • Warped reality: Schastya residents saw how Ukrainian nazis raped, burgled the city, and buried people alive.

And now – THE TRUTH

  • Those who collaborate with the enemy are guilty of treason. Residents of the occupied cities are living in danger.
  • Secret Service of Ukraine warning: to convince everyone that Ukraine surrenders, the enemy will spread fake documents, redubbed videos, fake voice recordings, text messages, pretty much everything they can use to disorient and scare people. Because of that, communications sabotage is expected.
  • There are no official chatbots that gather the personal data of Ukrainian citizens. There are official bots that collect information about the russian invasion. Official Secret Service bot @stop_russian_war_bot

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 00:00 on March 1

  • Panic generation: russian invaders call Ukrainians to turn off automatic mobile network operator selection because “enemies” use these devices for their mobile network.
  • Dangerous provocation: russian invaders announce evacuation in Vasylkiv to kidnap people and use them as human shields.
  • Provocation inside out: lnr “people’s militia” terrorists claim Ukrainian Armed Forces provocations will be near Severodonetsk chemical plant.
  • Manipulation: Ukrainians are forced to commit suicide by throwing themselves in front of russian military equipment.
  • Blatant lie: russia’s ministry of defense claims that Ukrainian Air Forces are dismantled.

And now it is time for the truth:

  • None of the official representatives in the communications field – Ministry of Digital Transformation, State Special Communications – never reported about such threats. Secret Service of Ukraine debunked this fake news.
  • None of the state authorities – neither National Emergency Service, nor Kyiv State Administration or Kyiv Oblast Authorities never reported about evacuation in Vasylkiv. It is a provocation from russian invaders.
  • Every time “lnr\dnr” “representatives” “say” “something” about Ukrainian Armed Forces “preparing provocations,” – it means that russian invaders are preparing a provocation.
  • Ukrainians aren’t forced to commit suicide. However, there are numerous videos of city residents attacking the enemy and taking over their equipment.
  • Ukrainian Air Force is hard at work. For example, “Kyiv Ghost” had already shot down 14 enemy aircrafts.
  • russian invaders destroy electricity infrastructure in Mariupol and Kharkiv.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 20:00 on February 28

  • Fake news: Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard consist of punitive battalions.
  • Illusion of safety: there are no bombings and explosions. City residents hide in shelters because they are scared. Everyone else simply walks around the city and sleeps in their apartments.
  • Alternative Facts: russia’s so-called “special operation” is to protect russia from Ukraine wanting to use nuclear weapons against russia. Oddly enough, Ukraine doesn’t have any nuclear weapons, while russia has a lot of nuclear weapons.
  • Gloomy cynicism: Ukrainian Armed Forces are firing on temples and other religious sites in Kharkiv.
  • Demoralization: Ukrainian Armed Forces Western Divisions refuse to help Kyiv.

And now it is time for THE TRUTH:

  • Punitive battalions is russian propaganda’s one of the favorite terms since 2014. russia attempts to put on the blame and responsibility for their numerous crimes on Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • There were several air raid alarms due to a rocket attack after the conclusion of the third round of negotiations
    Now, it is critical to remain in shelters. Nothing is safe.
  • Ukraine doesn’t have any nuclear weapons because Ukraine got rid of them due to the Budapest Memorandum of 1994. And even then, those nuclear weapons were under russian control.
  • It is the russian military who open fire on civilians, their houses, and civilian infrastructure.
  • There is no official confirmation that Ukrainian Armed Forces Western Divisions refuse to help Kyiv.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 16:00 on February 28

  • Disrespect: David Arachamia allegedly started negotiations while wearing a cap.
  • Dangerous provocations: russian invaders ask russian sympathizers to send them photos and videos of Ukrainian Armed Forces movements.
  • Demoralization: Negotiations are merely a public relations ploy for Ukraine.
  • Manipulation: EU doesn’t want Ukraine to join.
  • Alternative Facts: russian occupants “help” with organizing “safe passages.”

That was blatant lies. Now’s the real talk:

  • Councilor of the Head of President’s Office Olexiy Arestovych reports that the Ukrainian delegation for negotiations demands complete withdrawal of russian troops from Ukrainian territories, including Crimea and Donbas.
  • Under any circumstances – never share any photo, video, text information of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Don’t help the enemy.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 14:00 on February 28

  • russia’s defense ministry claims that the russian military had taken over Zaporizhian Atomic Station and maintains complete control over its location.
  • fear campaign: Kyiv is in critical panic. Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defense are scared of russians and shoot civilian cars. Armed marauders attack Kyiv.
  • Dangerous provocation: russian fake news media claim that Kyiv-Vasylkiv road is safe and civilians can flee Kyiv through it.
  • Demoralization: russian invaders claim they have the majority of Ukrainian Armed Forces are surrounded.
  • doublespeak: russian fake news media allege that Ukrainian authorities recruit crisis actors in Ukrainian chats for false flag operations.
  • Lies about Mariupol: fake news media reports claim that “Ukrainian nazi” plunder the city and plant bombs.

And now – THE TRUTH!

  • Energoatom press secretary Leonid Oliynyk states that Zaporizhian Atomic Station is under Ukrainian control and work under regular protocols.
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defense Forces protect civilians. It is russian invaders who open fire on civilians. UAF and TDF are cleaning the city from enemy scouts. Because of that, Kyiv State Administration asks Kyiv residents to avoid needless movements through the city.
  • There are no official statements regarding safe passage out of Kyiv through Kyiv-Vasylkiv road. Please follow Kyiv State Administration, National Emergency Service, and other authorities for the latest updates.
  • The Battle for Ukraine Rages On! Kharkiv curfew is extended due to sabotage and reconnaissance group neutralization. Kyiv oblast – there are clashes in the Vyshgorod direction. There was a rocket strike on Chernihiv. Zhytomyr airport was attacked from Belarus. Later in the night, Zhytomyr Territorial Defense eliminated enemy sabotage an

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 23:00 on February 27

  • Downscaling: Russian Defense ministry at the first time admitted war losses. They report about only 300 dead
    Videofake: alleged destruction of Zaporizhzhya airport
  • Alternative reality: an occupant says that nationalists settle at schools and afterwards the media show that a school was allegedly damaged by Russians
  • Propaganda media distribute a series of videos where allegedly captured Ukrainian soldiers (or border guards) from Zmiiny island surrendered

Now the truth:

  • As of 18:00 February 27, Ukrainian army killed 4500 enemies and destroyed hundreds of military vehicles and equipment.
  • There are no official reports on destruction of Zaporizhzhya airport. This video was broadcasted yesterday and shows liquidation of gunmen group near Melitopol
  • Because of the invaders cities of Shchastya, Stanytsia Luhanska and Volnovakha are at the brink of humanitarian catastrophy.
  • By now we know only that defenders of Zmiiny island may be alive. Russian propaganda produces different numbers of captured people – 13 or 82, and also interchangeably calls them army personnel or border guards.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 19:00 on February 27

  • Provocation: russian occupants ask Kyiv civilians to come out of the shelters and housings in yet another act of psychological warfare.
  • Fake news: George Soros allegedly compared Ukrainian Armed Forces with Waffen-SS. By the way, George Soros is a Holocaust survivor.
  • Cynicism: Kharkiv got water and electricity cut off. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military uses civilians as human shields. In addition, “Ukrainian nationalists” are to blame for the attack on Kharkiv School #132. And don’t forget about accusations of UAF firing on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.
  • Alternative Facts: “Ukrainian People are thankful for the “liberation.” russian fake news media outlets insist that that is the truth and not what is actually the truth.

OK, that was the lies, and this is THE TRUTH

  • There is curfew in Kyiv. No one is evacuating anyone.
  • George Soros’ message doesn’t have any mentions of Waffen-SS
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces, National Police, Territorial Defence Forces are cleaning up Kharkiv from enemy activity. because of that, Kharkiv curfew is extended to 6:00 for tomorrow.
  • Only russian occupants open fire on the civilian infrastructure. For example, here’s National Emergency Service’s report on Chernihiv damage from today – housings, children’s dentist office, 16 injured.
  • Zhytomyr airport was attacked by rockets from belarus. At the same time, treacherous belarus self-proclaimed president lukashenko promised President Zelenskiy that belarus would remain neutral in the russian invasion. what a twat.
  • Some good news: EU closes its airspace for russia

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 17:00 on February 27

  • an alleged “evacuation” takes place in Bucha. According to some reports, invaders take women from maternity houses.
  • Demoralization attempt: dnr ombudsman claims that the Ukrainian military complains about their commanders leaving them behind. The same argument is used regarding the defenders of the Zmiyiniy Island.
  • Blatant, obvious lies: russia’s defense ministry accuses Ukrainian Armed Forces of using weapons with phosphorus. Some reports claim that UAF uses it in the Kyiv suburbs.
  • cynicism: russian occupants accuse the Ukrainian Armed Forces of demolishing АN-225 “Mriya.”
  • Same old song and dance about nazism: Azov battalion’s cruelty is used as an argument for the existence of nazism in Ukraine.
  • Alternative facts: Ukrainians are happy to share provisions with russian scum.

That was lies, and now let’s hear the truth

  • Ukrainian authorities do not evacuate civilians from Bucha. It is russian occupants who attempt to capture civilians and use them as human shields for their atrocities in yet another attempt to invade Kyiv.
  • Ukraine doesn’t use phosphorous weapons or any other chemical weapons. Not only that, Ukraine doesn’t even have chemical weapons. Furthermore, chemical weapons are banned by the UN.
  • russian invaders demolished “Mriya.”
  • There is an alarm in Kharkiv, Rivne, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Volyn. There is a reported presence of Iskander rocket complexes in Rivne Oblast.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 15:00 on February 27

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv surrender their weapons. Zaporizhya local authorities also surrender their weapons.x
  • Kyiv presumably agreed to negotiate in Gomel.
  • “Evacuation” in Bucha. russian invaders create group chats in different city districts.
  • Panic generation: fake news media reports about immense demand for food supply, growing prices for bread, and the general absence of food in stores.
  • russian fake news outlets accuse Estonia of discriminating against the russian-speaking population.

And now – it is time for the truth!

  • Kharkiv Oblast Administration: Ukrainian Armed Forces maintain complete control over Kharkiv None of the Ukrainian soldiers surrendered their weapons.
  • There was no official statement from the President’s Office regarding negotiations in Gomel. The only confirmed fact is that President Zelenskyy had a conversation with belarus self-proclaimed president lukashenko.
    russian forces move in the Zaporizhya direction, but the city is by no means occupied. Ukrainian Armed Forces protect it from enemy attacks.
  • Ukrainian authorities deny any evacuation activities in Bucha. This might be a provocation from russian invaders. Group chats for evacuation can be used to gather civilian personal data. Don’t take part in any suspicious group chats.
  • russian scum feels the heat of the moment: ruble’s course to US dollar is already 100 rub/$, russian banks are on the verge of SWIFT disconnect, big transnational companies stop providing services to russia and stop selling products to russia.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 12:00 on February 27

  • russian threats, provocations, disinformation as 27.02.2022 12:00
  • russian bombing campaign blasted the “Radon Union” radioactive waste disposal facility.
  • Ukrainian neo-nazi take civilians as live shields and provoke the russian military to fire on civilian housing.
  • Kyiv’s Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defense are ready to shoot each other.
  • Alternate reality: russian fake news telegram channels quote an unknown “kiev” resident: “We’re waiting when russians take over the city and bring order down here.”

That was blatant, shameless, cynical lies.

Time for The Truth!

  • “Radon Union” Deputy Director of Production reports: “There was no radionuclide leak in the containment structure. The radiation background is within norm”.
  • occupants open fire on civilians and attack civilian structures. According to Ukrainian Emergency Service: Kharkiv – russian shell hit 9-store housing complex, 1 woman dead. Sumy – artillery strike killed 1 man and wounded 1 woman. Borodyanka of Bychach region of Kyiv Oblast – russian shell hit a house and killed 3 people. Kyiv – 2 dead, 6 injured due to an artillery strike. Overall, there are 6 dead civilians in Kyiv for the previous day.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 20:00 on February 26

  • Alternate reality: the russian military think that Europe should be thankful for russia’s takeover of Chornobyl Atomic Station. Because otherwise, it would’ve been used by UAF.
  • more bizarro land bollocks: Ukraine uses Grads on civilian housings. Meanwhile, russians don’t use Grads on civilians despite proof of the opposite.
  • C for Cynicism: none of russian forces or soldier invade Ukraine to kill anyone. They’re here to “stop this lawlessness”. Yeah, sure.
  • russian media circulates video of exploding dam that limits the water supply to Crimea.

And now – it is time for The Truth!

  • russian military took over Ukrainian Chornobyl Atomic Station and keeps its workers and Ukrainian soldiers hostages. These actions are direct threat to entire Europe. As of 20:00, Chornobyl station operation in regular mode, but the personnel is detained.
  • russian invaders shell Ukrainian cities with Grads. Here’s a couple of examples from today – Sumy, Chernihiv, Mykolayiv та Kherson.
  • on the other hand – russian invaders struggle to notice how they kill Ukrainian civilians and destroy civilian infrastructure. It is russia who produces lawlessness on our land.
  • There is no official confirmation from Ukrainian authorities about the dam destruction.

Latest THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 17:00 on February 26

  • criminals-nationalists receive weapons in Kyiv.
  • distorting reality – instead of anti-war protests in russia, russian media depicts instance of war support.
  • demoralization attempt – 82 ukrainian soldiers stationed on the Zmiyiniy Island allegedly surrendered their weapons. Similar fake news come from Sumska, Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast. In case of the  latter two – this information is spread by ORDLO collaborants.
  • fearmongering – there is no bread in Kyiv stores.

And now – it is time for The Truth.

  • Weapons could be given to anyone capable and is ready for defense. To get a weapon, you have to apply to the Territorial Defense Forces with your ID.
  • anti-war protests continue across the world and even in russia. Protest map attached. kremlin condemn every public speaker who condemn russian invasion. russian police tries to quell protests.
  • Ukrainian Border Control reports that defenders of Zmiyiniy Island might be held captive in Crimea.
  • messages about closed stores and lack of bread started to circulate after the start of the curfew.  The majority of Kyiv stores closed around 16:00.

Current THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 15:00 on February 26

  • The Ukrainian National Guard checks cellars of civilian houses and declares armed civilians russian saboteurs.
  • The Ukrainian Secret Service plans bloody provocations.
  • Kadyrov’s flags started to appear in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian nationalists allegedly block civilians from leaving Severodonetsk
  • Banning russia from SWIFT means a declaration of war.
  • Ukrainians attacked their own National Guard and not members of russian guard.
  • russian army plans a provocation with chemical compounds in Donbas that they are going to blame on UAF
  • Apartment complex in Zhulyany (Kyiv) was hit by captured ukrainian Buk

And now the TRUTH

Current THREATS, PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 12:00 on February 26

  • After night battles in Kyiv, russian army claimed that territorial defence, UAF, saboteurs and police were fighting among each other and not with russians
  • Vasylkiv, Hostomel, Melitopol are presumable under russian control
  • russian media attempted to concoct a fake news story about shelling Kyiv Arsenal factory on Pechersk
  • russian saboteurs actively communicate with Kyiv locals about ways of getting from Brovary to Boryspil in groups chats and on messengers
  • There are provocations that involves calling families and relatives of Ukrainian Armed Forces Servicemen. They use incorrect information to demoralize civilians.
  • russian forces staged an airfight over the Chornobyl zone

And now the TRUTH

  • UAF and Territorial Defense operates in full sync. It is russian army who attempt diversions and provocations.
  • Vasylkiv is under Ukrainian control. Hostomel is liberated. Clashes in Melitopol continue. Stanytsya Luhanska is currently temporarily occupied.
  • Arsenal factory was never shelled by russian forces. The video that circulates features innacurate locale and no locals have heard any explosions.
  • Exclusion Zone Coordination Headquarters states that Ukrainian Armed Forces is not doing any military operations in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.
  • How to deflect suspicious messages in group chats – read an instruction in our infographics

Key PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of russia as of 00:00 on February 26

  • The CHP-6 was allegedly destroyed in Kyiv, and there are plans to cut off electricity and water supply.
  • There are intimidations regarding the movement of the Topol-M ballistic missile on the Moscow Ring Road.
  • They claim that Zelensky is ready to accept Putin’s terms, and Kyiv will last no more than one day.
  • Rumors are spreading that Zelensky ordered our military to leave the battlefields in Luhansk and Donetsk regions and move to Kharkiv and Kyiv.

And now the TRUTH

Key russian provocations and disinformation as of 25.02.2022 21:00

  • russian media continues to spread disinformation regarding electricity disconnections in Kyiv later in the day.
  • Reports from Chernihiv indicate unidentified individuals who went to apartments and called males to mobilize.
  • russia’s representative in the European Union claims that russia doesn’t need Ukraine. Whatever that means…
  • russia’s ministry of defence claims that the russian military has captured Sumy. 
  • Demoralization attempt: Ukrainians receive messages from russian phone numbers (presumably from the russian army hotline). Ukrainian troopers receive messages asking them to surrender, leave their weapons and get the right to get back to their families.

The disinformation pieces have no connection to reality. Now it’s time for the truth.

The Truth

Reminder for Kyiv residents:

  • The curfew starts at 22:00. Stay at home or in a shelter.
  • If you see any suspicious signs that glow in the dark on the roads, roofs, trees, lampposts, try to cover or destroy them and report them to law enforcement and the military.
  • Stay cautious and be prepared to proceed to the closest shelter. Here’s the map of Kyiv shelters.
  • Stay tuned with Kyiv City State Administration and Public Broadcaster official channels. Don’t trust any unverified information from suspicious sources.

Key russian provocations and disinformation as of 25.02.2022 17:00

  • russian media spread ramzan kadyrov’s video address to 10 thousand chechens. In it, he seemingly demands Volodymyr Zelenskyy apologize to putin.
  • russia’s ministry of foreign affairs characterized the goal of the invasion (which they call “an operation”) as “to bring Kyiv’s puppet regime to justice for their crimes.”
  • Yet another attempt at demoralization: fake news outlets spread “predictions” from the invading forces. According to them, after the invasion, they will create a new army. In addition to that, they claim that Rubizhne, Kuryachivka, and Lyman are under russian control.
  • russian media continue to “report” military successes in Hostomel.
  • russian fake news outlets report that invading forces are moving towards the so-called “western border” that was allegedly agreed upon with the USA and NATO. According to these reports, the country will be divided into spheres of influence of the USA/NATO and russia.
  • russia’s fear-mongering: the so-called “dpr army” prepares for further successes in the southern direction, cleaning out Ukrainian military equipment. They also claim successes in Melitopol.
  • According to russian fake news outlets – the russian plane that Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down in the Darnytsia district was actually Ukrainian. This, as they say, is a mistake of the Ukrainian air defense system, which hit its own fighter. 

All of that is blatant lies. Now it is time for the truth.

The Truth

  • There is no official confirmation of chechen participation in the invasion
  • russia’s ministry of foreign affairs discredits itself by announcing its plans to take over Kyiv. These claims contradict their previous statements regarding “an operation” for “liberation of people” from “nazis.”
  • The battle for Hostomel continues. Neither the Ukrainian Armed Forces nor the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has confirmed that Rubizhne, Kuryachivka, or Lyman are under russian control.
  • USA and NATO never took part in the alleged sphere of influence division with russia.
  • In the Darnytsia district of Kyiv, the air defense system down an enemy aircraft.

Key russian provocations and disinformation as of 25.02.2022 15:00

  • russian media calls Ukrainian Armed Forces “Ukrainian criminals/nationalists,” “punitive operations,” “ukrops”. Same old song and dance.
  • On the other hand, russian media also uses the term “settlements liberated from Ukrainian Armed Forces control.”
  • Numerous fake news pieces claim that the Ukrainian Armed Forces go scorched earth in the most active warzones and killed civilians. Meanwhile, the russian ministry of defense claims the russian army doesn’t shoot in residential neighborhoods, despite evident proof of the opposite.
  • russian media posts multiple claims that Volodymyr Zelenskyy is preparing to surrender or admit UAF defeat.
  • russia actively looks for who to blame for the dissolution of the Minsk Accords – they blame it on the USA and NATO. This fake news piece is transmitted by Venezuela, russia’s satellite state.
  • According to sergey lavrov claims – NATO is allegedly breaking into Ukraine.
  • Illya Kiva, a known russian collaborator, accused President Zelenskyy of russia’s invasion and asked him to resign.

However, the reality is way different. Here’s the truth.

The Truth

Key russian provocations and disinformation as of 25.02.2022 12:00

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces presumably violate “silence mode” on Donbas.
  • Sergey Lavrov attempts to justify war with Ukraine by claiming that the russian invasion will allow Ukrainians to be “free from oppression.”
  • Anonymous Telegram channels still claim that russian chechen forces will attack Kyiv. However, now they’re adding that Ramzan Kadyrov will spearhead the attack.
  • russia media claims that Ukrainian Armed Forces demolished a school in Gorlivka and which caused the death of 2 women.
  • russian media often describes the Ukrainian Armed Forces as “armed groups.”
  • russian and pro-russian telegram channels spread unconfirmed, often false, and demoralizing news almost every minute. 
  • russia launched a massive phishing cyberattack against the Ukrainian people.
  • pro-russian channels spread fake news about Secret Service of Ukraine doing citizen checks with QR codes.

All this is blatant lies. Here’s the truth.

The Truth

Key russian provocations and disinformation as of 25.02.2022 02:00

  • russian media started using the term “former Ukraine” in their “news” reports.
  • Fake news piece that claimed, according to “CNN sources” – Moscow is going to shell Kyiv at 3:00.
  • Faux warning that after 23:00, everyone needs to turn off electronic devices and save electricity.
  • There were fake news reports that the Secret Service of Ukraine will tap Ukrainian phones, listen to conversations and monitor messenger services.

All this are blatant lies. Now – let’s get to The Truth

The Truth

  • Ukraine is a sovereign, independent, democratic, social, legal state. These are facts. putin and his cronies can make up their euphemisms all they want – it doesn’t reflect the actual state of things.
  • We haven’t found a CNN news piece or video that claimed that russians are going to shell Kyiv at 3:00.
  • UkrEnergo denied the claim about electronic devices and electricity. Ukrainian electricity infrastructure operates as usual and will continue to do so. No one needs to turn off anything, and no one turns it on at night.
  • The Secret Service of Ukraine doesn’t tap conversations of Ukrainians, whether it’s mobile or messenger. In fact, this fake news piece has been making rounds since 2017 via russian or russian-affiliated media due to the so-called “Yarovaya law.” For example, in early 2022, the very same message circulated in the context of Kazakhstan protests. Interestingly, the text was pretty much the same. In Ukraine, these messages started to spread a couple of days before the russian invasion. Now, these messages reach their peak circulation.

Key PROVOCATIONS and DISINFO of Russia as of 22:00

  • Russian propagandists justify the security forces who suppress rallies against the war in Russia.
  • They began to disperse the narrative of “sitting at the negotiating table” more.
  • They emphasize that “the city authorities have fled, the Ukrainians are also fleeing.”
  • They continue to call the Ukrainian military “Nazis” and say that the Armed Forces is shelling residential buildings.
  • Intimidation of Chechens has emerged.

And now the TRUTH

  • Russia suppresses all manifestations of democracy in its country. The totalitarian regime does not need opposition.
  • As a result of the Russian invasion, as of February 24, 57 Ukrainians were killed, and another 169 were injured. Negotiation table, they say?
  • A few hours ago, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov explained that government officials are not leaving their jobs. However, according to the security protocol, as well as for urgent meetings, it is necessary to change the location.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are currently fighting fierce battles for Melitopol, Hostomel, defending Kharkiv, Kherson, Sumy and all cities and borders of Ukraine. Russian soldiers destroyed 6 posts and fired on 32 civilian targets in Ukraine.
  • Russian troops have suffered large losses: about 3,200 killed, about 500 units destroyed, 2 battalions left the equipment and left the positions on foot – said a former adviser to former Interior Minister Arsen Avakov Mykhailo Apostol.

Follow the curfew! If you still have doubts about acting in an emergency, download a brochure from the Center for Strategic Communications!

Key russian provocations and disinformation as of 20:00

  • Kherson declares surrender
  • russian media remind us of the “genocide of russian-speaking people.”
  • Demoralization attempts continue. According to one fake news piece, Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing to surrender.
  • Another manipulation revolves around the narrative that Ukrainian Armed Forces’ actions cause suffering for children and civilians.
  • Then there is fake news that accuses the Ukrainian Armed Forces of damaging Gorlivka’s gas pipeline and other infrastructure.
  • Some articles showed demolished equipment near Sumy and attributed it to the Ukrainian Armed Forces despite no actual proof.
  • Fake news pieces that quote Donald Trump, who said that russia lost just 2 dollars as a result of economic sanctions.

These headlines are blatant lies far from the actual state of things. Now let us show how things really are. 

The Truth

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Key russian provocations and disinformation as of 24.02.22 16:00

  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy admitted to Austrian officials that he didn’t know how long Ukraine would last.
  • Joint Forces Operation Headquarters are neutralized.
  • Security Service of Ukraine prepares provocations.
  • Yet another round of fake news regarding the impending disconnection of the mobile services in Ukraine.
  • Yet another round of fake news reports about the Ukrainian Military and border guards’ defect to russians.
  • Russian officials still deny starting a war and insist that this is an “operation.” Furthermore, they intend to further censor russian media regarding calling the current situation a war.

All aforementioned headlines are blatant lies.

Now let’s give you The Truth.

The truth about what is going on in Ukraine

  • World leaders are condemning Russia’s actions. Ukrainian foreign partners express support for Ukraine and Ukrainians. No official statement indicates doubt or weakness regarding the situation.
  • Joint Forces Operation headquarters is operating as usual. 
  • Unlike russia, Ukraine does not arrange any provocations. Instead, Ukrainians are protecting their country.
  • Mobile operators and Internet Providers are working. The State Special Communications Service of Ukraine asked mobile and internet providers not to disconnect for non-payment for the time being.
  • Ukraine Armed Forces and border guards continue to protect Ukrainian borders from russian invasion. In addition, the Ukrainian Army actively uses Bayraktar drones and annihilate russian tanks with the NLAW anti-tank system.

If sirens sound in your city, please go to the nearest shelter and keep yourself as far as possible from windows.

Shelter Map

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