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Reform Index

We estimate the progress of changes in terms of their quantity. This allows comparing promotion of the reforms in various directions, attempts of the governments and deputies aimed at modernization of Ukraine. Every two weeks more than 40 Ukrainian experts estimate reformist legislative acts in terms of their impact on economy and society. The acceptable tempo is the index exceeding 2. 

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How to use Reform Index?

#1. To monitor

Please read about major changes of the “game rules” in the releases of the index every two weeks. After you find a law or decree in the table, you can open a release that contains summary of the subject document and expert comment to it.

#2. To analyze

Please follow development of the reforms since 2015 by spheres and sectors. Find the most prominent reforms and anti-reforms. Have an idea on where we go and where we slow down.

#3. To investigate

Please check and download the database of the subject reforms, and write a column for mass media or a scientific article based on this data.

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